A0794: Is the chronicle of the Slavic Vedes true? – Part 8

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The future Vedes had to be able to survive in an area on earth where it was too difficult for most human tribes to feed a group of people for a long time. But for this they had the little gods who presented to them how they could feed themselves through subtle energies without having to give up the pleasure of a feast. However, every human being must first have eaten a food on the mundane world in order to be able to accomplish the enjoyment and effect with an equal meal on the astral plane. Only when man has tasted the taste of a food, only then can man’s consciousness create something on the astral plane which produces the same effect in the human body as worldly food can accomplish. The human consciousness is much more than just the personality of a human being, so that you can find many entries from us on the blog of the writer, which illuminate this highly interesting subject of the human consciousness. If the consciousness of a human being acts – unnoticed by the personality consciousness of the human being – then this consciousness will also store much that has to do with the food intake and digestion of the human being. Suppose you were to break down a juicy steak into its components and analyse it, you would get a long list of the basic ingredients. If you were to analyse the basic ingredients further, you would eventually come up with a list of atoms that make up this juicy steak in certain numbers. The heat that the steak radiates is also part of this list. If an atom corresponds only to an atomic shell, then on the astral plane there is an energy fractal that radiates energy, which dictates the corresponding consciousness fractal on the quantum plane. If you have the list of atoms of the steak, then you could apply energies on the astral plane that the steak also has to apply in order to become existent as a juicy steak on the mundane world. The steak was created with energies of the astral plane because the energy fractals received energy to shine through to the mundane world – as an atomic shell of a certain kind. When you consume the steak, in your digestive tract the steak is decomposed and the energy that previously the steak received from the astral plane through its existence will now benefit the eater of the juicy steak. In digesting the steak, the human body extracts the amount of energy that was previously allocated to the steak on the astral plane. This energy is not only subtle because food also regulates biological processes in a body, but you can first assume that through digestion your body energy field is charged by the energy of the food. As there are different food compositions, the forms of energy in the body energy field will vary. Certain foods are made up of certain frequencies, so a hot and juicy steak is identifiable by its energy signature. Your consciousness remembers each type of energy signature, so you can smell and taste the composition of a juicy steak to a small degree, but your consciousness knows the exact composition. If you manage to appear fully conscious on the astral plane, then you can think of a juicy steak and the rest of your consciousness – working in the background on the astral plane – will create something in front of you that corresponds exactly to the energy signature that was previously stored at some time. If you have never eaten meat in your life, then that energy signature has never been stored within you. Now, on the astral plane, if you were attending a banquet where the person sitting next to you was scooping up a juicy steak from their memory, then you could consume it on the astral plane and depending on whether you ate things that corresponded to a subset of the frequencies of the energy signature of the hot and juicy steak, you could taste more or less what a hot and juicy steak would taste like. As you consume the food on the astral plane, you will also absorb the energies that make up the subtle food. As you travel with your partial consciousness on the astral plane, you have a direct connection to your body energy field and the amounts of energy charge this body energy field so that the body takes this energy overload because the human body and its astral energy field correspond to a potential, which is like a potential separation that wants to balance itself. The direction of action is always from the astral plane to the worldly plane. If you eat ordinary food, you will establish an energy bridge that exists during digestion and carries the energy of the food first to the astral plane, where it slowly returns to the human body after digestion. We have described the feedback of energies in detail in the series on the ten information dimensions of your universe. When food is digested, the body does not yet receive the energy of the food, but bodily processes make you feel stronger at first, but this is a misconception because the body needs a lot of energy for digestion, which will weaken the body. It is only when digestive cycles have been completed that the energy returns from the body’s energy field to be of service to the body’s support. Thus, when you fast, you first receive a surplus of energy – when digestion has been completed or when the gastrointestinal tract has been emptied. If you do not have to expend energy on digestion, the surplus energy will strengthen your body so that you think you could pull out whole trees. When the energy overload has passed because you have used up the surplus energy, you first live on the energy reserves in your body. When this amount of energy has been used up, the energy reserve in the incarnation body in the spiritual world is tapped. The special incarnation body that dwells in an incarnation cube for the time of the bodily life is connected through the incarnation tunnel with the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation that generate your body energy field on the astral planes of your earth. We are you and you are us because we are the spiritual being incarnated in your body and we have created out of us your consciousness, which we call the personality consciousness of a person. We form your energy field, which you also call the aura. We are the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation and you are also a part of it. When we make sure that you mature in your life, you receive a lot from us, but no extra energy, so you have to strengthen your body energy field by taking food. The energy reserve from the incarnation body is used up at some point, so you can only recharge yourself through worldly food. But if you consume food on the astral plane, then you can overload your body energy field with energies so that the feedback of energies will support your worldly body. People who have hardly any energy reserves left, but who want to fast, can go through life strengthened by Vedic food intake, whereby fasting will automatically attack the fat reserves, because they can only be created by worldly food. A fasting person who eats a daily feast of subtle food on the astral plane will not feel hungry – he will think he could pull out whole trees and reach his ideal weight in the process, because automatically his fat reserves will be dissolved, regardless of how much energy his body energy field is overloaded with. All advanced civilisations live a Vedic way of life, with feasts being part of this way of life, not only on the mundane world. These civilisations hardly know obesity because they have a very special approach when it comes to food intake and food selection. The Vedes, who were trained by the Apycrians and the little gods to celebrate festivals on the astral plane in order to strengthen their physical bodies through the subtle energies, did not know hunger after a short time – although you are not yet ready to give up worldly food completely. Take some nuts, some water and you will know how much food your body actually needs. If you are under a lot of stress or have to do physically demanding work, you will need more, but every gram of food you don’t need will be put down as body fat. Indulgence is part of your culture and it will take you a very long time to reach an evolutionary stage where you will place less and less emphasis on indulging in food. Until then, you will first celebrate festivals on the astral plane until you consume certain forms of energy directly and then, at the latest, pleasure will only play a subordinate role in your life. When the official first contact starts, the people of Earth will have a heightened consciousness so that you will begin to perceive the astral planes of Earth more and more consciously. If you can perceive the astral planes very well, you can celebrate festivals on the astral plane so that you eat much less solid food. However, do not forget your worldly celebrations or you will lose part of your quality of life, which is not helpful to you. The next entry in this series will be about something that is ostracised in your society, but only because you have not built up any background knowledge about it. Human races are different, there is nothing about that that needs to be outlawed because there are also different human races in your universe. You have Europeans, Asians and black people, and there are even many mixed races on Earth, which is very promising – but that there are different races of people is undisputed and we will tell you in the next entry what information the Vedes received about this from the Apycrians.  

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