A0793: Is the chronicle of the Slavic Vedes true? – Part 7

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When a Vede became fully conscious on the astral plane, he usually did not see the palace of the little gods, because there is still something to be cleared up, which we have only ever touched upon in our revelations, but never discussed in depth. We told you again and again that when you dream or meditate, you become conscious on the dream or meditation stage, both of which are domiciled on the astral plane. These training realms are created by us – the Masters and Teachers of a person – and we determine what the dreamer or meditator will see there. The person is supposed to learn something in these special states of consciousness, even though most dreamers or meditators can hardly believe it, but whenever you remember something after a dream or meditation, you are supposed to and then the action in the dream or meditation had a special meaning that you are supposed to think about in order to learn something from it. We are spiritual beings and we are all very powerful compared to a living being. Not only can we create impressive palaces in the blink of an eye where you can discover something new forever, but with a single thought we can create whole landscapes where you could experience the craziest adventures. We can create cities that are full of people doing some kind of activity. We could create complex holographic film productions in which you play a leading role and which adapts to your actions. We do all this every night when you are asleep. When your body is resting and doing many of the things we have talked about before, a portion of your personality consciousness becomes conscious on a dream stage. But it must be only a portion of your personality consciousness, because otherwise the curious situations on the dream stage may seem strange to you and you may become aware in the dream that you are dreaming. If you become aware, the actual training is ruined and you want to experience something else. We have told you that every training on the dream stage matures you as human beings, just as if you were experiencing these situations in the physical world. You learn from it and it does not matter whether you have experienced it in a dream or in your daily life. Even if you don’t remember the dream, if the training is successful, there will be a change in your nature. That is the purpose of dreams, and for us spiritual beings it is great fun because we can give free rein to our creativity. We can make you relive everyday situations until you have learned how to behave better towards your fellow human beings. We can let you have wild adventures on spaceships or experience your most secret desires, because for us these are just some thoughts we have to think and the dream stage is already prepared. Where exactly is this dream stage, we ask? The dream or meditation stage is within you, or more precisely, in your body energy field. There we will set up the stages that you can only reach if you manage to uncouple a subconsciousness of your personality consciousness. When you are asleep, the body consciousness has disengaged the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness so that they now roam freely. We can then collect some of your personality consciousness fractals and make them conscious in your body energy field. Your body energy field is on the astral planes of the earth because the partial consciousnesses of incarnation generate this body energy field. So, strictly speaking, you have become conscious on the astral plane of the earth and that is in the realm of your body. We are the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation and we will create a limited area in your body energy field where the personality consciousness can become conscious. The more fractals of consciousness we use of the personality consciousness, the more conscious you become. The dream always has a beginning and an end. If the dreamer is to remember the dream later, we will collect more fractals of consciousness from the personality consciousness towards the end of the dream so that the dreamer wakes up with the memories of the dream. If we want to make the dreamer or meditator curious, we will use more consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness at the beginning of the training, and then gradually release some, so the person still knows the beginning of the dream or meditation, but not the rest. We have many possibilities, so that even during the training the human being should become more and more conscious, therefore a state of consciousness can be raised at will. Why do we enlighten you about this now, we ask? Because it is now time for the readers of our revelations not only to receive the theory behind becoming conscious on the earth-astral plane, but also to be able to apply it practically. We ask the Masters and Teachers of the readers of our revelations to make this more and more possible now. We may instruct this because we belong to the group of sages who are increasingly replacing the ascended masters so that realism can replace occultism and religions. You don’t have to believe anything any more, but you should experience and know how things are meant to be. We are these little gods that the Apycrians spoke of, even though we, as a group of sages, did not do any training at that time. Today the time is different and as your official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species is imminent, you will now be a specially sponsored group where we are now allowing this to happen. As you are now able to experience more and more consciously the astral plane, you are still in your body energy field and no matter how vast the landscape seems to you, you are only experiencing the earth-astral plane to a very limited area that does not reveal what there actually is to discover on the earth-astral planes. People who can induce a dissociative state actually experience the earth-astral planes of the earth as they are really designed. But again, not everything is shaped as you perceive it, because no spiritual being misses the opportunity to train a human consciousness on the astral plane, so that really almost all situations that the so-called astral travellers or people with assumed dissociative states somehow represent a training. Very few people are capable of perceiving the earthly-astral planes for what they represent. The inhabitants who were trained by the Apycrians also visited only the delimited area of their body energy field for quite a while and only when the small gods began to train the inhabitants, only then were they also allowed to travel the astral planes of the earth. When several inhabitants met on the astral plane, they again met in a demarcated area, because no human being – on the astral plane or on the mundane world – is unobserved. Imagine another plane from which you are observed by innumerable consciousnesses. These consciousnesses are not only spiritual beings, but a multitude of extraterrestrial beings are mentally very advanced and they observe very closely how human beings or groups of human beings develop. You readers of our revelations also represent such a group, just like the folk group of the later Vedes. When a Vede became conscious on the astral plane and saw a landscape before him, this landscape was created in the Vede’s body energy field by spiritual beings. There the Vede can feel quite unobserved, but in fact he is constantly observed so that the purpose of the astral plane is also maintained, because the astral plane was created to connect the realms. The physical universe is to be regarded as a separate realm in the spiritual world and the astral plane of your universe is the interface between your universe and the spiritual world. There on the astral plane a meeting place for the consciousnesses of the realms has been installed and as you are constantly being trained there, this meeting place also fulfils its task. We have talked a lot about the astral plane today, although we wanted to address the overloading of your body energy field by the subtle energies of the astral plane, so the next entry will take up this overloading once again.

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