A0792: Is the chronicle of the Slavic Vedes true? – Part 6

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When the Vedes were living a very comfortable life, because the Apycrians were training them in many areas, their mental faculties kept increasing so that they could become instantly conscious on the astral plane of the earth. What did the Vedes do on the astral plane, we ask? Many things, because there they could not only communicate with their animals, but they were received by the little gods, who now also began to train the Vedes. Spiritual beings have no body and we do not need to eat or sleep, so it was we who taught the Vedes many practices that they did not only use on the astral plane – for above a certain energy level created forms on the astral plane have a direct influence on the physical world. We explained to you in the series on the ten information dimensions of your universe that the astral plane occupies the same space as your physical world, so that when you can see something in your mind’s eye, it is placed exactly where you perceive it on the mundane plane. Take the following example and you will know what we are saying. If you close your eyes and imagine a simple coffee pot, then in your so-called imagination there is a coffee pot in front of you that you can see at some distance. Knowing the size of the coffee pot, you can estimate approximately where the coffee pot is in the room in front of you and how far away it is from you. If we now tell you that this is not imagination, but that through your imagination you have created a form in the three-dimensional space on the astral plane that stands exactly where you perceive it, then this is no longer a new subject for the readers of our revelations. The coffee pot stands in the superimposed space of the astral plane exactly where you see it. On your physical world there is a coffee pot of subtle energies exactly where you perceive it on the astral plane. If you have created a coffee pot on the astral plane because you can see it in your mind before you, then your consciousness on the astral plane before you has created this subtle coffee pot. Since you are very weak mentally at the moment, these created forms of yours have very little holding power, so that they disappear after a short time. We have already discussed what exactly happens to these weak forms on the astral plane, so we will not go into this any further, but we will now explain how your consciousness can create such a coffee pot on the astral plane. But first we want to tell you what the Vedic people drew on the astral plane and what they learned from the little gods as an explanation.

“Today we would like to explain something to you on the astral plane so that you can understand what you can do there”

The Apycrians called the astral plane differently, but as the vocabulary of the Vedes is foreign to the writer, we will adapt the explanations that now follow more to modern times.

“We have already told you that the astral plane is inhabited by the little gods and that we may visit this realm at any time. We have to abide by some rules, but we are otherwise allowed to do everything we can imagine. Today, little gods will also be there because they will be leading the classes there. Now get ready to travel to the realm of the little gods, we will also be received there directly by them. But wait with your questions because they already know all your questions and they will tell you everything in a way that you can understand. Let us now become conscious on the astral plane and remember my words“

No sooner had the Apycrians spoken these words than all the people involved were present on the astral plane. The spiritual beings were also there and they looked very impressive from their appearance to give the inhabitants a sight they should never forget. Tall and powerful apparitions in human form were to be seen and every inhabitant was deeply impressed by these little gods. This was also what the spiritual beings wanted to achieve, as the inhabitants still formed a very archaic society that only gradually developed into something that corresponded to the Vedic culture of life. First, not only the stories of the Apycrians had to be shaped in such a way that the inhabitants were impressed by them in order to pass them on in exactly the same way at the next opportunity, but also the little gods had to appear so imposing that they could also do justice to the impressive stories, otherwise the inhabitants would have lost the motivation to attend the lessons with full attention quite quickly. Everything you assume today about the celestial kingdom – with all its ostentation and splendour – has its origin with the Vedes, because the little gods brought the spiritual world, so to speak, onto the earthly-astral plane. The spiritual world was indeed created as you imagine the heavenly world, because every spiritual being can create in the twinkling of an eye the most beautiful and imposing forms that will last for a long time, so that the heavenly teachers did something that seems perfectly natural to them. They created with a few thoughts a heavenly palace surrounded by ostentation and splendour such as an inhabitant could never have imagined. All the beings involved stood in the forecourt of the palace and this forecourt was also indescribably beautiful, so that the inhabitants were never really able to describe this beauty with words. The little gods introduced themselves, each of them specialised, so that each little god provided special training that corresponded to his speciality. One little god introduced himself as someone who guards the celestial realm, so this little god began to explain to the inhabitants what the creation of astral forms actually represents. Imagine that you have never heard of energies and that the concepts are completely foreign to you. 

“It is nice that you are now ready for me to show you how you can create something without having to take anything in your hands for it. We have many beautiful forms here and some of it you already know from your Earth, but much you have never seen before. If we want to create something new, we just have to think about it. If you know what an apple looks like, then you can create an apple like that here when you think of it. What did your last apple look like before you ate it?”

No sooner did the inhabitants think about what this apple looked like and where they ate it than the first shapes appeared, but still quite faintly. A person could not only make the apple appear in front of him, but also parts of the tree from which he had picked the apple. You will also experience all this if you manage to consciously travel the astral plane. All persons who are not yet capable of this will create such a form on the earthly-astral plane with every thought they think, which will then be transformed very quickly because you cannot yet divert enough energies on the astral plane for your creations to have sufficient holding forces to last long. After the inhabitants had more or less managed to create an apple, the little god took such a created apple and bit into it. Nothing happened because the apple still looked exactly the same as before. Now the little god gave this apple to a resident and asked him to bite into it. The resident did as he was told and bit into the apple he held in his hand. This time, part of the apple was missing.

“Look carefully. When I try to bite off, the apple remains as before, but when you bite into it, a piece is missing. If you look closely, you will see that the apple inside looks different and that is because the created forms are created differently in our realm than with you on earth. With you, a tree grows first, which then bears these apples on its branches. In our realm, no tree has to grow, but we think it – which happens completely differently than with you on earth. When we think an apple, the apple does not grow quickly, as it does with you on a tree, but it is simply there. You can do that too and when you create an apple you know how it feels, how it tastes and how it smells. But if you have never tasted or smelled anything, then the apple doesn’t taste or smell. If you have never bitten into an apple, then you would not know what it feels like and you could not bite into an apple in our realm and smell and taste it. Only something you have tasted and smelled on your world can you taste and smell in our realm. Everything you have never eaten, you cannot eat in our realm. If you have eaten a lot in our realm, you will not go hungry in your world, even though the food in our realm is created differently from yours. If you suffer hunger in your world, come to our realm and imagine what you would like to eat again and when you have consumed it all and you are back in your world, you will no longer be hungry even if your belly has not been filled with the food you ate in our realm. Our forms are created differently, but they can nourish you even if your bellies are not filled with them on your world. You have then been given the power again to accomplish your things. Now please imagine a feast and if you can see it, take it, for you yourselves have created it”

Thus the Vedes began to consume energies of the astral plane, in the form of tasty food, which they stored in their body energy field on the earth-astral plane. We will continue this process of supercharging energy in the next entry to this series, so that you understand that celebrating festivals helps you to enjoyably replenish energy through astral food, because that is exactly what the Vedic culture of life is also about – feeding on what is undoubtedly available without plundering nature. You should not only practise this food intake because then the joy of life is lost, but what you are doing at the moment is not only damaging nature but also your body, so that you will always develop diseases at some point as a result, which do not seem to be necessary at all.

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