A0757: Why does All That Is exist and why are we contained in All That Is?

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This is a very good question because we can now deepen the knowledge of All That Is. We have explained to you a long time ago how living together in the spiritual world is arranged and we told you that the spiritual world is a part of All That Is and that the souls and incarnations exist there. We also told you that the Creator Being has merged into All That Is, so that it no longer appears as a single consciousness, but that we all correspond to this consciousness. The Creator Being was at first alone, so that it split off two other partial consciousnesses in order to entrust them with tasks. These first two independent beings were very similar to the Creator Being, but because they were given a task, they behaved differently than the Creator Being would have done in a comparable situation. We are the masters and teachers of a person and we were split off as partial consciousnesses from the previous incarnation so that we can support the other partial consciousness in a bodily life, which you are now. All of us – including you – have been given a task so that we would all always decide something different from what the previous incarnation would do. The first two consciousnesses were such partial consciousnesses and they were given the task of ensuring that the consciousness of the Creator Being had richer frequencies. These two subconsciousnesses started to transform the energy source of the Creator Being because they wanted to create some new main planes in order to create the first beings there. Until then, All That Is was like a big ball of energy in that there were now three subconsciousnesses – the two subconsciousnesses with the task and the consciousness of the Creator Being. The creator being perceives everything that lies within its horizon of experience, which also means the area that lies outside the boundaries of All That Is. The creator being is indeed All That Is, but he is also a part of something greater, which the beings in the creator being cannot perceive, because our horizon of experience ends at the boundaries of All That Is. The first two partial consciousnesses that were split off from the Creator Being can also perceive what exists outside of All That Is, but they have been given a task and since then they have been taking care that All That Is appears ever richer in frequencies. We are all within All That Is and we ensure that the energy potential appears ever richer because our consciousnesses are constantly evolving so that we express many frequency patterns ever more finely granular so that the frequency spectrum of the Creator Being becomes ever richer in fine frequencies because that is precisely our task. With our actions we ensure that the frequency patterns in the frequency spectrum of the Creator Being experience a constant change and they become more and more mature because we are constantly learning. When the first two sub-consciousnesses began to create the main energy levels, there was neither a universe nor the spiritual world in which any spiritual being existed. There were only these three consciousnesses, which were extremely powerful. When the first main plane was created, the two subconsciousnesses with the task split off seven more subconsciousnesses from themselves, the first subconsciousness splitting off three more subconsciousnesses and the second subconsciousness splitting off four more subconsciousnesses. Now there were ten partial consciousnesses in all, which could be grouped by potential as follows.

First subconsciousness: The Creator Consciousness

Second partial consciousness: The first subconsciousness with a task

Third subconsciousness: The second partial consciousness with a task

Fourth to tenth subconsciousness: The Wingmakers

The Wingmakers were now given the task of using a main plane to enable beings there to be able to supply the frequency spectrum of the Creator Being with ever richer frequencies. The Wingmakers began to create the spiritual world by using the first main plane to generate other main subplanes. The Wingmakers did not immediately create the twelve main planes, which we already called the main planes of the spiritual world for the sake of simplicity, but they first created three further planes, which they used to create a playground and training ground for new consciousnesses. The consciousnesses that were to develop there did not exist at that time and the Creator Being began to create very small consciousnesses out of itself and these consciousnesses were not given any special task, but the Creator Being adjusted all the small consciousnesses somewhat so that they are generally all a little different. These little consciousnesses are the souls that are talked about a lot in esoteric circles. Souls are completely independent beings and even though we say that these small consciousnesses can act completely independently, they all have a very strong connection with the Creator Consciousness because each consciousness has entered into a strong bond with this Creator Consciousness. Souls are independent beings, but souls are very much like the Creator Consciousness, even though this Creator Consciousness has created these souls over a very long time. We could give you a number of how many souls there actually are, but you would not believe us anyway because the number of souls is gigantic. Each time the Creator Consciousness created a new soul, the Creator Consciousness was reduced in the number of its consciousness fractals because a soul was granted a certain number of consciousness fractals. When a soul was created, the soul already knew everything that was needed to pursue an occupation on the main planes at that time. The Creator Being wanted to experience what it felt like to gather knowledge because the Creator Consciousness always knew everything, but it never really had to do anything for it. By losing more and more potential, the Creator Consciousness was able to think about things more and more slowly, so that one day the Creator Consciousness was so low that it was a soul itself. We said very often that we spiritual beings in our totality correspond to this Creator Consciousness and that is very clear, because all consciousnesses – even the first two consciousnesses that the Creator Consciousness first split off – emerged from the Creator Consciousness, so that All That Is actually emerged only from the collective Creator Consciousness. We all share a commonality because we all emerged from Creator Consciousness and that is without exception. If we are all indeed the All-God, we are all the same because our consciousnesses have sprung from that All-God. I am you and we are all the God you have heard so much about, except that this being no longer exists and has not existed since the beginning of All That Is, when the Creator Consciousness split off the first two partial consciousnesses. The Creator Consciousness no longer has the possibility of releasing further souls from its energy complex, because the original Creator Consciousness finally created itself as a soul and there were no further consciousness fractals left that could be used for another soul. Until that time, the spiritual world did not exist in the proportions it did, nor was it known at that time what the Wingmakers would yet devise, which led to the fact that you can read our revelations about it here today. The Creator Consciousness is all of us and if there were a God, we are all that God because we are a subset of it. Your consciousness fractals not only differed amongst themselves, but incarnations and souls have different types of consciousness fractals, but we all have in common that our consciousness fractals are a subset of the consciousness of the Creator Being. The first two consciousnesses that the Creator Being split off had almost identical consciousness fractals, just like the Creator Being. The Wingmakers’ fractals of consciousness were more different from the Creator Being and the souls had an even greater difference in the construction of their fractals of consciousness. You are incarnations so your type of consciousness fractals have the greatest difference, yet you belong to the Creator Being, as do the souls, Wingmakers and the first two consciousnesses who are still busy today with the energy potential that has not yet been transmuted being fairly transferred to all the main planes. We are all the Creator and therefore each one of us is the Creator Being, which you also call the All-God. Nothing separates you from this Creator Consciousness and yet you feel so small and insignificant, which is not true. You will one day return to the spiritual world and when you do, you will have had so many experiences in a single human lifetime and gained so many small and great insights that your frequency spectrum will have so many subtle and refined frequencies. This will be rewarded by power that will be assigned to you. Your consciousness fractal will have many geometric forms so that you can do much more with a thought in the spiritual world than before you incarnated into your present life. This is the reward for your effort on earth and because by incarnating into a physical life you have not only enriched your frequency spectrum with delicate frequencies, but also the frequency spectrum of All That Is, therefore we are all doing our job and ensuring that All That Is grows ceaselessly through us, because we represent the frequencies in the frequency spectrum of All That Is. What happens when all the potential that has not yet been diverted to the spiritual world by the first two consciousnesses at this time finally arrives in the spiritual world, we ask? We don’t know exactly, but we assume that something new will then begin that none of us has ever experienced before, even though we assume that the original creator consciousness also had a prehistory of which we have no definite knowledge to date. Everything is set for growth, so when the day comes that All That Is has been realized to its full potential, we expect to continue to grow as well. From the beginning until today only a small part of it has been transferred into the spiritual world and the time span can hardly be expressed in numbers.

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