A0681: Why is there now a pyramid where Atlantis was founded? – Part 4

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When we explain to you today the purpose of the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau, we must also tell you something about the builder, whom you mistakenly assume to be the pharaoh Cheops, because you have found something in the earth near the pyramid that points to this pharaoh. Cheops was not a bad pharaoh, but like all other pharaohs, Cheops also liked to adorn himself with foreign feathers. When they started to build the pyramid 32,472 years ago, there were no pharaohs at all, because the cult of the gods only came to you on earth 10,000 years later. When the Anunnaki began to plunder the gold resources of Earth over 22,000 years ago, they first created societal systems and in those societal systems they reinforced the worship of gods, which then degenerated into a cult of gods, which the Anunnaki gladly took on to appear as the gods that the culture then worshipped. But when the Great Pyramid was built, the Egypt of today did not yet exist in this way and there were always tribes of people who held sway for a time, but pharaohs did not live until many thousands of years later. The Council that decided on a moon of Jupiter more than 37,000 years ago how to proceed with the Earth and modern humans did not want the Earth to undergo an abrupt change, so the decision on how to govern the people of the Earth without depriving them of the opportunity to evolve then dragged on for several thousand years. The decision was made, the people of Earth had to be guided to evolve, but how exactly that was to happen we will reveal in the next part. Today we want to come back to the energetic hemisphere that caused the destruction of this city-state in Atlantis. Since you do not know a lot about energetic hemispheres or energy bubbles, we will explain a few things to you today. Imagine a beam of energy protruding into the planet at the point on Earth where the Great Pyramid of Giza stands. When a main crystal is placed in the energy beam 30 metres below the surface of the Earth, some of the energy entering is used to create an energetic screen because stored energy builds up an energy field around itself. The New Lemurians have constructed a special building over the incoming energy beam that has stabilised the energetic bubble that has spread to the borders of the city-state. This energetic bubble has enveloped the city-state and within the energetic bubble an energy field has been created that is its own astral plane. In this energetic hemisphere, the inhabitants are protected from foreign energies that exist outside this energetic hemisphere. This energetic bubble has other properties, which we will now explain.

  1. An energetic hemisphere is a place that is shaped by many energies that make up this energy bubble. Any frequency pattern that is present in this astral plane will always influence the living beings in the astral plane. If the frequency pattern of cheerfulness were particularly strong in this energy bubble, then all living beings would be very relaxed and we would say that the beings would be ready for jokes that would greatly cheer up their minds. If the frequency pattern of bravery were represented in this energy bubble, then all the inhabitants would be extremely courageous and ready for anything, and if the frequency pattern of so-called love were strongly represented in the energy bubble, then all the inhabitants would have a lot of understanding for the concerns of other beings, so it is extremely important which frequency patterns the creator of the energetic bubble allows to arise in the energy bubble. Many frequency patterns are always strengthened to different degrees, so that the beings in the astral plane also show special behaviour. If the frequency patterns are not very strongly strengthened in the energy bubble, then the inhabitants of the astral plane give the frequency patterns. You humans are on Earth and at the same time on the astral plane that envelops your Earth. So if you influence the frequency patterns of the astral plane of your earth with your frequency patterns, then all spiritual beings also influence your earth-astral plane with their frequency patterns, who have something to do on earth. The interplay of all these frequency patterns determines your behaviour on earth. You cannot help but adopt the general frequency spectrum of your earth-astral plane and only highly evolved individuals are able to resist this frequency spectrum and live their own frequency patterns because that is what you do, you live these frequency patterns because they determine your behaviour. If you have evolved to the point where you live in your own energetic bubble, then foreign energies and therefore other frequency patterns can hardly harm you. A person who can see through society and is not influenced by the goings-on of other people has developed so far that his energy field is so strong that it prevents foreign energies from penetrating this own astral plane. This sounds incredible at the moment, but it is all based on one and the same mechanism. When a highly evolved person creates such a strong energy bubble, the presence of such a person always has a very calming effect on other persons because their energy bubble reaches further than just a few metres and therefore envelops adjacent persons. When the persons are enveloped by the body bubble, then this energy bubble keeps foreign energies from penetrating into this environment of the highly evolved person and since the highly evolved person himself radiates very strong frequency patterns through the second energy body, the persons standing next to him are directly influenced by it. When a person has strongly developed a frequency pattern, the frequency pattern is never weakened again, it is subject to fluctuations, but the basic strength can no longer be weakened. If a person has strongly developed the frequency pattern of so-called love, then this person is very understanding and cannot be less understanding at all. 
  2. Every energetic bubble needs energy to maintain this bubble. A human being generates this bubble by strengthening his body energy field more and more. Among other things, the body energy field is strengthened by the fact that the body is healthy. If the person is ill, the body energy field is weakened. However, the body energy field is also strengthened by consciousness, so that a person with a heightened consciousness usually also hardly need to go to the doctor. If a person has a heightened consciousness, then this person is also a highly developed person. However, highly evolved persons do not have to be the same, nor do they have to be religious, but highly evolved persons recognise the pitfalls of society and because they can see through society, they do not allow themselves to be influenced by the prevailing frequency patterns. If you allow yourself to be driven by the constraints of society, then you are not a highly evolved person. However, highly evolved persons have something else that distinguishes them: Knowledge, around things. If a person has a high level of understanding of what is going on, then that person can also see a lot of things, which automatically makes him or her calmer, because the person knows in advance how a situation is going to change. If there are situations that bring out panic in you, then you cannot accurately assess the situation. If a person is afraid before an examination, it is because he does not know whether he can pass the examination. An evolved person can go to any examination without panicking because the evolved person knows exactly how important an examination is. The examination has no relevance at all because examinations are not very important to evolved persons.
  3. If you want to create an energy field, you need energy. If you have no way of storing energy, then you can use an existing energy store. If you mentally go to a place that has a lot of energy stored, then you could relocate that stored energy, because you can instruct a crystal to take energy from the foreign energy store to store greater amounts of energy in the crystal. The New Lemurians have instructed the crystal consciousness to use some energy from the main energy stream going into the planet and with that energy the crystal consciousness should direct larger amounts of energy to build the energy field for the city-state. An energy stream is subject to fluctuations, so the crystal consciousness had to compensate for these energy fluctuations. There were several energy stores and depending on which energy store had higher tasks to do, the crystal consciousness could help itself to the other energy stores, so to speak. Imagine a transformer station that is always designed to balance energy fluctuations, this is how the main crystal also functioned.
  4. A pyramid is special because the flanks of the pyramid reflect rising energy currents like a mirror. The pyramid was constructed in such a way that inside the pyramid the energy currents accumulate more and more potential by reflecting until very potent energy volleys arrive in the main crystal, which are not reflected back into the pyramid but are stored in the crystal. The energy form is constantly being transformed and the final stored energy form will create your global energetic hemisphere, which has very special properties that we will reveal in the next and final part of this series.
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