A0620: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 7

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    1. If a New Lemurian wishes to build because the housing situation in the city-state no longer permits a New Lemurian to have his own dwelling, consent must be created for this by a council. No New Lemurian may construct a building, no matter how small, without the consent of the council. All building projects must be authorised in advance by the relevant council. Illegally constructed buildings will be disposed of again. If New Lemurians asked for a bigger place to live, then, as in the days of Lemuria, much was done by the society to ensure that every Lemurian would one day get his hut. This was also done in New Lemuria and many things were made possible for the inhabitants so that they could have their own dwelling.
    2. No unauthorised visit could be made to a city-state, so all travel to other city-states had to be declared. A city-state was in fact a closed system that had borders that were also controlled. A resident of the city-state was not easily able to leave the area of a city-state and beings outside the city-state had no way of entering the city-state unless they received authorisation from the city-state council. Any person could make themselves heard at the gates of the city-state, but very few of the modern people were given permission to enter the city-state. The city-state councils were always aware of how many New Lemurians were present in their sphere of influence, so they always knew from a distance how the other city-states in Atlantis were doing. The capital of Atlantis was the city-state of Atlantis and all the information from all the city-states of New Lemuria came together here and was evaluated. The power centre of Atlantis was focused here in the city-state of Atlantis, but each city-state was absolutely autonomous, so the city-state of Atlantis took on more of an administrative role. Since all city-states were structured in the same way, the housing options were always very similar. In the early days of New Lemuria the dwellings were magnificent buildings modelled on the architectural style of Lemuria, but as the centuries passed the architectural style also changed so that the buildings were built more and more in height, but in Atlantis there were no skyscrapers as you build them, but the buildings became more and more refined in their construction. Tall buildings were for work and the rural buildings around them were inhabited by the New Lemurians. The buildings were plain but not ugly to look at, so even these small buildings became more and more developed, but basically most of the residential buildings were similar and the individualism that you celebrate in all areas was hardly known to the New Lemurians. Even today, the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system have hardly deviated from their pragmatic way of doing things, because this individualism has never been a high priority for the Lemurians in society. They are very talented artistically but they hardly decorate themselves with it. When Lemurians wanted to show off, they praised their achievements in their working lives, but they hardly ever dressed ostentatiously and the shape of their hair was never flaunted much either. Lemurians are very authentic and that is what makes them so supremely peaceful. If a Lemurian wanted to prove something, it was always to prove to himself that the Lemurian could achieve the goal, but in the rarest cases the Lemurian wanted to impress another Lemurian, this was not strange to them, but they hardly saw the necessity in doing such a thing. If a Lemurian wanted to start a family, then the Lemurian couple was automatically provided with a larger dwelling by society, which was also the case in New Lemuria, except that in New Lemuria the couple had to declare beforehand that they wanted to start a family. Today, when you perform a marriage ceremony, you usually want to start a family and you receive benefits from your society so that the new family can also flourish. This was also the case in New Lemuria, except that it had to be determined beforehand whether the city-state also had the capacity for this. If too many couples started a family at the same time, there might not be enough space in the city-state, so couples had to be relocated if necessary. This did not happen often because the councils of the city-states did a lot in advance to provide an incentive for couples to express their desire for a family at a certain time, so that the city-states could plan a lot in advance. When the capacities became less and less, the councils recognised the trend years beforehand and gave the go-ahead to build a new city, so that a new city-state was founded in Atlantis. Everything was always geared towards ensuring that the citizens of New Lemuria would want for nothing. No citizen in a city-state ever had to worry about how to clothe or feed themselves because the society provided for everything. No one was condemned to work and all inhabitants of Atlantis were allowed to do whatever they wanted, but since boredom is exceedingly unsatisfying, all inhabitants always did something that added value to Atlantian society. No work was strenuous or frowned upon, because most of the work was always done in company, so that it was mostly a fun affair for everyone present. We will talk about what the residents did, but we will tell you one thing now: they always did something, and it did not always have anything to do with ordinary work.
    3. If Lemuria was attacked, all Lemurians were obliged to defend Lemuria. The same was done in New Lemuria, so that there was a legion of warriors trained especially for the defence of New Lemuria. The warriors were highly respected because they had to endure physical exertions in training that were completely foreign to most New Lemurians. Lemurians are generally not very athletic, but this does not mean that they are physically weak, only that Lemurians did not have to perform physically demanding activities. If a New Lemurian decided to join the Defence Legion, he also knows that this decision cannot be reversed any time soon, so the Defence Legion was only chosen by New Lemurians who had thought it over long beforehand. The Defence Legion was very heavily trained so that they would be well prepared in the event of an attack. Not only did they have to be exceptionally athletic physically, but they were also taught combat techniques and combat strategies. If you now believe that the defence legion possessed many weapons, then we have to disappoint you, because that was not necessary at all, but the defence legion possessed the task of securing the city state externally, so that the danger from modern humans to the city state was minimised. The New Lemurians now lived in areas of the earth that were also inhabited by modern humans, so that conflict situations arose again and again, which were ended by the defence legion. The Defence Legion not only guaranteed the defence of the city-state, but many modern people lived around these Atlantian city-states, so that many trade relations were established, which were also protected by the Defence Legion. However, there were no too close relations with the modern people, because a city-state always had to look after itself first and that mainly within the city-state’s borders. The Defence Legion flew many reconnaissance flights to secure the city-state’s surroundings. We will discuss the defence legion many times because the nature of defence has also undergone more and more changes that we think are worth mentioning. 
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