A0621: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 8

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  1. When a city-state is created, the raw materials to build the city-state are contributed by all the other city-states. No city-state of New Lemuria has founded or built itself, except for the city-state of Atlantis, which started it all. All the remaining city-states were built out of necessity to guarantee a home for New Lemurians. When a new city-state is built, each city-state already knows what that city-state must contribute. This is not only about building materials, but also about workers who can build the city-state. Lemurians have always been very talented in crafts, so there were many Lemurians who always built or repaired something at the behest of the councils. When the city-state is built, this city-state occupies a footprint comparable to a medium-sized European city with several thousand inhabitants. The city-state was constructed very compactly because all the installations were known beforehand. City states had a certain size and they were very similar, so it can also be said: There was a blueprint for a city-state in New Lemuria that hardly changed in its foundations over the millennia of Atlantis. The city-state system is something that you will soon adopt, because every advanced civilisation that has experienced its first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species will adopt the city-state system. You will then be absolutely self-sufficient as a household through the little self-sufficient electricity generators that seem to produce electricity out of thin air that never runs dry, and so it is with the city-states. The inhabitants of a city-state have everything they need and nothing they need they have to import from outside the city limits. This self-sufficient city offers so many advantages that you will soon be insisting on founding such a city-state when we are finished with this series on Atlantis. All building projects involving a city-state are coordinated from the capital of Atlantis, because all the information arrives in this capital, so the Atlantians have already decided which city-state has to contribute what long before the so-called ground-breaking ceremony. If several thousand New Lemurians are to live and work in such a city, then not only a few buildings are needed, but a sewage system had to be built as well as wells to provide fresh water. A city-state produces little waste, so that such a city-state is the most environmentally friendly structure in which masses of people can be together. Your cities are pure pollution and you will quickly form communes where you will be self-sufficient in food when the process of first contact starts in a few years. When Lemurians had to go to the toilet, they actually processed their faeces because very potent fertiliser could be made from it. Today you already know how to do it, but your omnipresent chemical companies will do anything to make sure you don’t start. The Lemurians recycled everything and if they had to use building materials, they mostly used raw materials from the immediate surroundings. If the building material could be found far away, they used their flying machines, which were also powered by crystals in the time of Atlantis. All materials cannot be compared with the materials of your present time, because Lemurians have always researched new materials, so that there were buildings which no structural engineer would consider sustainable today, but which actually received sophisticated properties through the building materials of the Lemurians. We have already said that disused city-states were disposed of and we mean that exactly. Each city-state could be built relatively quickly and the city-state could also be disposed of quickly. Around the city-state there was a fence similar to your fences, but it was not only more resistant, but it could also indicate when the fence was being climbed. Fences about ten metres high could be climbed, but they sent out energy pulses where the fence was climbed, so that animals and modern humans were prevented from climbing the fence. We repeat: there were no walls around the city-state, as you would assume, but city-states were enclosed by a fence about ten metres high, through which it was possible to look, but from outside the city there was hardly anything interesting to see inside the fence. The New Lemurians knew full well that modern people were only too keen to know what was going on inside the city but there really wasn’t much to see. On certain occasions, the city-states opened their gates to residents outside the city, but this was rare. We will describe in detail what was celebrated. Where was such a city-state built, you may ask? City states were preferentially established where strong energy currents flowed into the planet. The New Lemurians could use these energy currents very well to conduct their research. At the time of Atlantis, the Earth had three main astral planes and thus three energy nodes through which large amounts of energy flowed. The three energy nodes are distributed around the Earth, so that one main energy node exists on the ocean floor where the continent of Lemuria sank and another energy node is found where the Great Pyramid of Giza stands. We also think that the Great Pyramid of Giza stands directly where the energy flows of the energy node flow into the earth. Today you have seven energy bodies because the earth at this time consists of seven astral planes. Because there are more than three energy nodes of the earth at present, there is also much less energy flowing through each energy node than at the time of Atlantis. There is currently a flow of energy through the Great Pyramid of Giza that will increase with the appearance of the gigantic spaceships for your upcoming First Contact, but which will only unfold its full potential when, shortly after the official First Contact, Earth once again has three astral planes. Earth’s third energy node is located on the South American continent, in the middle of the jungle. You have not yet discovered it because the pyramid that stands on the energy node has not yet been discovered either. Each energy node also received a city-state, with the main energy node of Lemuria sinking into the sea. However, there are many other energy streams that flow into or out of the planet. These energy streams are not main energy streams, but they have a lot of potential, so that city states have also been created there. Now you must be asking yourselves excitedly where the first city state of Atlantis was founded and you must be guessing Giza and it was. The first city-state of New Lemuria was founded where the Great Pyramid of Giza stands today. City states do not include pyramids in the form that stands there today, so the pyramid of Giza was built much later, when Atlantis and New Lemuria no longer existed. We will explain how the first city of Atlantis was built in the next blog entry, as this also reveals the general structure of a city-state in New Lemuria and we have important things to tell you about it that will interest you. 
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