A0619: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 6

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If Atlantis actually represents a consortium of city states, why didn’t Atlantis get another name, we ask? Because Chamuel knew that the consortium of city-states would come into being, but at first he wanted to concentrate on only one city. You must remember that Chamuel was faced with a Herculean task that came about overnight, so to speak, and Chamuel concentrated all his capacities on ensuring that the first city of New Lemuria could also come into being as he had imagined. New Lemuria is Atlantis and Atlantis is a union of city-states in which New Lemurians live, who were to be subordinated to certain rules that did not exist in this form in Lemuria before, because Lemurians lived a very advanced form of society, but each individual could do as he pleased. The Atlantean form of society was meant to end this, so that Atlantean society was subject to strict rules that were meant to improve the Lemurian social system and prevent New Lemurians from starting to use their power as the Lemurian scientists once did, which led to the downfall of the Lemurian continent. All the achievements of Lemuria disappeared, so Chamuel saw it as his task to build the achievements in an improved form in New Lemuria. Chamuel was blessed with great wisdom, so that Chamuel foresaw many situations that he did not want to arise in the first place. Chamuel could raise his consciousness in a way that hardly any other Lemurian could, so that he could approach a problem in his mind from many positions at the same time in order to work out the most clever way of solving it. His fellow scientists did the same, so that they worked out the cornerstones for Atlantis quite quickly. They were not perfect at it, but in the short time they worked extraordinarily effectively. When Chamuel presented his model of the city-states, most Lemurians did not yet know what drastic effects it would have on their everyday lives, because most Lemurians did not quite understand the system behind it either. What makes such an Atlantean city-state, we ask?

  1. Each city state is an autonomous system that can satisfy all the needs of its inhabitants on its own. Food and all products of daily life must be able to be produced in sufficient quantities in a city state. If the city-state is no longer able to do this because the number of citizens increases excessively or because resources dry up, then the city-state must take measures to remedy the problem on its own. What this means exactly, we will explain in more detail later.
  2. A city-state is allowed to import products for its own needs, which must not guarantee the city-state’s existence. All products that are imported must be chosen in such a way that either they cannot be produced promptly by the city state itself or that the resources are not available in sufficient quantities at the moment. If something happens to a city-state which results in the city-state no longer appearing to be able to produce products in sufficient quantities, then the city-state is allowed to import such products as appear necessary to maintain social order for a limited period of time. If the city-state appears to be disrupted to the point that the survival of its citizens is at stake, then all the other city-states of Atlantis must step in to support the city-state. If the city-state is beyond saving, the citizens are divided among all the remaining city-states and the damaged city-state is disposed of so that no further citizens are tempted to reactivate that city-state, which will always result in the damaged and reactivated city-state having to be supported by the remaining city-states. This rule has often been applied so that the remaining city-states are not weakened for too long. All city states were created according to the same basic principle, so all city states of Atlantis are very similar. If a city-state was abandoned, it was very easy for the emigrating citizens to gain a foothold in another city-state. This approach is very promising and many extraterrestrial cultures have exactly the same principle, even if they are not quite as strict as the New Lemurians did.
  3. If a New Lemurian did not abide by the rules, there were special penalties, which were administered up to and including deprivation of liberty. There was no police force as you know it, but many Lemurians had taken it upon themselves to police the rules. This often resulted in quarrels because many New Lemurians were upset about how they were policed by their peers, but Lemurians are not very vindictive, which hardly resulted in New Lemurians escalating as you modern humans do all the time. If a major rule-breaking was reported by a New Lemurian, then the rule-breaker had to appear before a tribunal where the rule-breaker and the reporter of the rule-breaking were heard. The tribunal was elected and thus it was implemented by the citizens of the city-state itself, so we can say that the rule-breakers actually always accepted the punishments and it was very rare that something out of the ordinary happened in a city-state when it came to the generally applicable rules. All city-states implemented the same rules and the variance in how to interpret and apply the rules was very low, so emigrating citizens did not have to adjust.  
  4. New Lemurians who want to change their city state permanently are allowed to do so if the desired city state has the capacity to accept a new citizen. Whenever the capacities of all city-states were exhausted, a new city-state was founded, built by all other city-states. A city-state may only be created if there is a reason for it. When the population of New Lemurians exceeded a certain limit, a new city-state was built by all the city-states, so that there was a higher authority that regulated all affairs among the city-states of Atlantis, so that the system of Atlantis could also prosper and no New Lemurian could escape it. New Lemurians were allowed to change city-states, but they were not allowed to leave the closed system of Atlantis. Now if you think that seems unfair, you are not entirely wrong, but we are talking about New Lemurians, who are a distinct race of people that you can hardly compare with modern humans and their forms of society here on Earth. New Lemurians differed from the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system because they gave up many things that the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system still live in this form today, but the New Lemurians also gained many things that the Lemurians of the Alpha Centauri system developed much later. We will also go into this again, but for today we will end this list in order to continue it in the next blog entry.
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