A0618: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 5

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When Chamuel insisted a little later that the name for the new Lemuria be chosen, the Lemurians were not sure which name was the right one, because many names were similar and all names had a reference to the previous name Lemuria. Because Chamuel had not considered that this choice would take a long time, Chamuel formed a committee responsible for choosing the name. No matter what this committee decided, it would be binding for all Lemurians, so that this choice of name was very sharply scrutinised. All Lemurians who wanted to remain on Earth had a great interest in what this committee would decide. When the future name was decided, the Lemurians were mostly still on the spaceships of the extraterrestrial species. The appointment of the new Lemuria was then followed by all surviving Lemurians, so that the name Atlantis was solemnly proclaimed. The actual name of the new Lemuria is not Atlantis, but because Atlantis is always spoken of in your present historical context, we will retain that designation, even though the actual name of New Lemuria is actually Archantis. The writer has now asked several times and we find Archantis to be the best description of the committee’s announcement, so that we will continue to choose Atlantis when we are actually speaking of Archantis. When the name was heard by everyone involved, jubilation broke out, because everyone now realised that something new was really going to be created. When the name was decided, many traditions were also determined, which were either adopted or changed or abolished. Some traditions are hardly worth mentioning and some traditions we will describe further in the course of this series, but three traditions are very interesting, so we want to give these new Lemurian traditions our further attention. We deliberately say Lemurian traditions because Lemurian culture produced these traditions, but in Atlantis these traditions were interpreted differently.

Tradition 1
“If you quarrel, you will be a loser, no matter what the object of the quarrel may be. Never will quarrelling parties achieve anything except to steal other people’s time”

What do the Lemurians mean by this, we ask? Every Lemurian had the right to be heard and if two Lemurians argued about something, there was something like an arbitrator who tried to mediate between the Lemurians. If the attempt at arbitration was not successful, a council was elected to decide on the disputes. Many disputes were settled before a council. If New Lemuria was to be successful, those in charge wanted to ensure that there were fewer disputes that consumed a lot of resources, so this tradition was to ensure that the inhabitants of New Lemuria should take care of settling a dispute themselves. Now you must be thinking, what is better about this if there are no arbitrators and councils to settle disputes? If you have a quarrel between friends, either one of the friends will give in, one of the friends will agree or both parties will disagree and the friends may part ways. If you take your dispute to a third person to choose for you who wins the dispute, then one of the friends will always be the loser and if the dispute is important, that person may determine that the third person was biased. If you were to go to court with your dispute, the friendship will certainly lose first and when the verdict is pronounced, there will be a loser again. Lemurians were not more peaceful among themselves than you modern people, but Lemurians were more amenable to good arguments than you are. When the tradition was promulgated, it eliminated many old traditions, so that the effort required to settle a dispute was reduced to a minimum. If a current Lemurian picks a quarrel, he knows very well that many instances will try to resolve it. The new tradition is to prevent this, so that every Lemurian is responsible for resolving the dispute himself. The Lemurians knew very well that this new procedure would save a lot of work, but they also knew what it would mean for every dispute. Individual responsibility was paramount here, and the sovereignty of the individual had a natural meaning again, because each Lemurian was again supposed to mind his own business more before he was too hasty in taking the dispute to other bodies who were then supposed to solve the problem. There were still councils that deliberated disputes, but now in a different way than before. We will address one or two more disputes in the course of the series so that you can internalise the benefits of this new tradition. 

Tradition 2
“Whenever you can, do not help yourselves, but help other Lemurians“

This tradition is meant to strengthen the cohesion between the Lemurians, because we already told you that a Lemurian is absolutely self-sufficient and actually hardly needs any help from other beings. A Lemurian family could decide overnight to live in another country, far away from any civilisation. Nothing would prevent them from doing so, because every Lemurian is absolutely self-reliant and hardly needs any help from Lemurian society to live anywhere. The new tradition should strengthen this cohesion of a society, so that more time should be spent in determining whether the Lemurians in the immediate vicinity also lack nothing. The Lemurians are already solitary people who just do what they feel like doing and no one minds if their own pursuits are not disturbed by it. But if the culture as a whole paid more attention to supporting each other, many problematic situations would be noticed much earlier and that would be a great advantage for a society that is self-contained, so that there is the new Lemuria and outside of it everything else the planet still has to offer. The people in charge wanted to include every single Lemurian in this closed system so that the new Lemuria could keep to itself. Every Lemurian is capable of many things and what they definitely did not want was a second Lemuria where everyone can use their power as they please. If power is managed in society, then the catastrophe of Lemuria cannot happen again, the Lemurians believed. You know that things turned out differently, but we will describe in detail what went wrong, so that you too will know what you had better not do when you start experimenting with the energy currents of your planet.

Tradition 3
“When you use the Force, a certain measure must never be exceeded. If the measure is not sufficient, a council will decide how the experiment may continue. No experiments will be carried out in secret, no matter how insignificant they may be. Experiments are notified so that the Council can determine the nature and manner of an experiment in advance. Once the Council has made a decision, that decision is binding and can only be challenged if new information about the experiment is brought forward.”

This tradition was extremely important to the Lemurians because it prevented a scientist’s personal ambition from escalating into too dangerous experiments. This was also the real reason for the downfall of Lemuria and all involved had a feeling that it was absolutely necessary for this tradition to be meticulously observed at all costs, which it was for a very long time, until scientists again started to outdo each other with the results of their experiments. When many Lemurians received these new traditions, they were aware that things would be different in the new Lemuria than they had been used to, so some Lemurians changed their minds and emigrated to Alpha-Centauri with the rest of the survivors. There were also some Lemurians who also changed their minds and preferred to be on Earth to help build Atlantis. After some time, when the number of Lemurians who remained on Earth was determined, the time came to say goodbye to family and friends, because many communities were now separated, which reached tragic proportions. As the starships of the reptoid species left with the Lemurians for Alpha Centauri, some starships remained in orbit around the planet to help build Atlantis. The New Lemurians were not much in number, but enough to start a new population of Lemurians who will then spread out over planet Earth. Atlantis was not a place, but an amalgamation of city-states that took up many places on Earth, but they were always self-sufficient, so that a city-state could always fully take care of its citizens. It all started with Atlantis because Atlantis was the capital of the New Lemurians, so to speak. You may be surprised that we always speak of New Lemuria but not of Atlantis and this is for the following reason. Atlantis was a city and in this first city lived the Atlantians. All the other city states had other names, so the inhabitants of these city states were not called Atlantians either. We will talk about New Lemuria when we talk about the Lemurians after the fall of Lemuria. We will call the citizens of the city-state of Atlantis Atlantians and we will choose other names when we talk about other city-states in New Lemuria. New Lemuria is all the surviving Lemurians who stayed on Earth and lived under the new statutes Chamuel devised for Atlantis. When we speak of the Lemurians who migrated to Alpha Centauri, we are speaking of Lemurians from the Alpha Centauri system. We know that this sounds a little unusual to you at first, but it is the only way we can tell you about what happened on Earth. Chamuel knew that Atlantis could only be a beginning, but Chamuel first concentrated only on building Atlantis so that the surviving New Lemurians could find a new home in which they could establish a new form of society, which held out for a very long time until this society was also put to a hard test.

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