A0617: How was Atlantis founded and how did Atlantis perish? – Part 4

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When the Lemurian continent sank, most of the inhabitants of Lemuria were saved and the extraterrestrial species, who had been around for some time with their very large spaceships, flew most of the Lemurians to a distant star system where the Lemurian human race still lives today. They have found a new home in the star system Alpha-Centauri and they have been accepted into the community of interstellar travelling species, so that they already populate many galaxies. Now we will tell the story of Chamuel and his followers who actually laid the foundation of Atlantis. Many Lemurians emigrated to the star system Alpha-Centauri and some Lemurians did not want to leave Earth. Chamuel and his faithful fellow scientists were so shaken by the sinking of Lemuria that, as the main perpetrators of the sinking, they didn’t dare emigrate to Alpha-Centauri with the other survivors at all, so they devised a plan to do better this time on Earth. They gathered around them many Lemurians who wanted to stay on Earth and they had the power to establish a new home. When Chamuel took the sceptre for this new beginning, he could not have known that this new beginning would end in a similar way to what happened with Lemuria, but many hundreds of thousands of years passed before this happened. Chamuel was very highly respected among the Lemurians and hardly anyone really questioned why Lemuria was going down, even though the holy Lemurian men had long predicted it. There was such a thing as blame, but basically Lemurians were very pragmatically inclined, so the Lemurians on Earth simply started to rebuild their culture. When Chamuel explained how he envisioned the new social order, a murmur went through the remaining Lemurians, so we will now give a first-hand account of this moment.

“Friends, today a new beginning of our traditions is at hand, because today we are able to reshape our beloved culture. We will keep what has always stood the test of time and we will make changes where we all collectively feel that tradition no longer suits us. We have been through terrible times now and we are ready to start afresh in the way that would be best for all of us. When we start again, let us not create a second Lemuria, but let us create an improved Lemuria that has even more to offer to society than our beloved Lemuria already provided for us. We have inherited the historical legacy of Lemuria, but today we are able to take that legacy to a higher level to create something new. People, today we are going to lay the foundation for it and as with any new beginning, we need to think about what this new Lemuria should look like. We should choose another name because Lemuria sank and now we want to create something new. We have already thought about some changes in a small circle and now we want to present them to you so that we can work on them together. I am so happy that we want to continue to live here on this planet because this planet has supported us for so long so that we could become so advanced. Now we are going to help the planet so that we can atone for what we are responsible for. We now know that we must not take it too far when we use our experiments and this will be something that we have put in the new statutes that will then apply to all of us. We have a duty to take better care this time and that is what we will practice so that the new Lemuria will manage the reserves better than we did. All of us together will agree on the new course of action so that we can create a bright future for all of us. Let us start by giving the new Lemuria a new name and when we have done that, let us find a new place where we can create the new Lemuria. We have already put our proposals on file so that everyone can look at the proposals thoroughly.“

Chamuel finished his address to the rest of the Lemurians and he ended the connection to his crystal. Now you may wonder why Chamuel was connected to a crystal, but as readers of the series on Lemuria already know, the Lemurians really did everything with crystals, so a conference on an astral plane or in centrally located crystals was only natural for the Lemurians. When Chamuel ended the connection, he was on one of the huge spaceships of the non-human extraterrestrial species, which was asked for help by the spiritual world because the spiritual beings had known for a very long time exactly what was going to happen to the Lemurian continent. The extraterrestrial species rescued many Lemurians so that the continuation of this highly developed human race seemed assured. The non-human extraterrestrial species had been known to the Lemurians for a long time because the earthly population had already had many encounters with this species, so that it was always very exciting to come face to face with a reptoid being, but panic never broke out because the reptoid species is capable of influencing the mind of another being, so that a living human being today who suddenly came face to face with a reptoid being would hardly show any panic. On the contrary, the person would appear very curious because all fears in the person are suppressed by the reptoid being. This reptoid race, which is still very active in your star system today, is exceedingly human and very special when it comes to what kind of spiritual beings inhabit such a reptoid being. At the time of the fall of Lemuria, humans knew of this extraterrestrial species because even then they were always observing the goings-on on Earth. When they offered many of the surviving Lemurians to resettle them on another planet so that the Lemurian race could make a fresh start, they also wanted to resettle many modern humans who had survived the catastrophe first hand. Many modern humans have returned to the surface, but very few of these modern humans have made a fresh start in the Alpha Centauri star system with the surviving Lemurians, so there is actually a genetic proportion of these few humans that has spread with the Lemurian human race from the Alpha Centauri star system to very many galaxies. The Lemurian human race is genetically descended from the primordial Anunnaki, although the primordial Anunnaki interbred with modern humans on Earth, resulting in the Lemurian human race of Earth. The few modern humans that were relocated with the Lemurians ensured over time that the genetic material of the Lemurians from the Alpha Centauri star system underwent another small change, but basically it can be said that the Earth Lemurian human race lives on in the Alpha Centauri star system. The Lemurians, who did not want to be resettled, remained on Earth, but they did not interbreed with the modern humans, because they first remained among themselves for a long time before they opened up as a culture to the modern humans of Earth, but we will discuss this much later.

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