A0603: What are the so-called Orbs? – Part 3

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When a surveillance drone is sent out by an extraterrestrial scientist, these alien drones always fly off together because the drones don’t necessarily travel the universe alone either, they like to do a job together so they enjoy doing a job together. Are these surveillance drones living beings, we ask? They could be classified as a life form, but we would not go that far because you do not yet know something that we are about to reveal to you. These surveillance drones are equal in nature to their creator because the extraterrestrial scientist will do something to make that drone listen to what the scientist asks of the drone. The scientist will transfer something of himself into this drone, so that the drone has a small partial consciousness of the scientist. This partial consciousness is low in potential, but it corresponds to the nature of the scientist, so that this low potential is sufficient to carry out the tasks that the scientist commands. Extraterrestrial scientists who use such surveillance drones have a very large consciousness compared to you earthly humans and if we compare the consciousnesses of the interstellar travelling species with the consciousness of the average earthly human, then you are the tail end in this comparison. This sub-consciousness is given a task and this task is carried out very conscientiously by a consciousness in such a surveillance drone. If the drone should be destroyed, then the small partial consciousness from the destroyed surveillance drone automatically returns to the creator consciousness of this drone. The extraterrestrial scientist will store all the recorded data from the surveillance drone externally when it arrives, so that the memory in the drone can be refilled. The instruments in the drone are very simply constructed and we also think that the partial consciousness collects a lot of data that is stored on an astral plane. Any ordinary crystal can hold vast amounts of information and an extraterrestrial surveillance drone is always connected to such a crystal, so something crystalline in an extraterrestrial surveillance drone not only stores the data, but the small subconsciousness of the scientist also inhabits this crystalline mass in the surveillance drone. Nothing is easier than programming a conventional crystal, but before you are ready to permanently deposit a small partial consciousness in a crystal, it still takes time, so that the forthcoming first contact with an intelligent alien species must be over, so that you have even acquired the basic requirements for this. When an extraterrestrial scientist sends his surveillance drones to Earth, the surveillance drone knows exactly what to investigate. If there are glowing balls of energy over land or in the water, then it will mostly be one of these surveillance drones that not only examines the flora, but also the living beings, so that these surveillance drones are also able to influence the environmental conditions. If they can influence the environment, they can influence all the creatures in that environment, so we are now announcing who is responsible for your cattle mutilations. Many surveillance drones can influence space-time so that a three-dimensional space as you experience it can be altered. If a small surveillance drone is to look at how the environment is doing, these drones will look to see what creatures are living in the area and they will collect soil and tissue samples for the extraterrestrial scientists to study. When a surveillance drone affects space-time, it creates a kind of hole in a very small “space” that leads to a “space” that can be much larger in nature so that the collected soil and tissue samples can be stored there. Extraterrestrial species will always temporarily activate larger spaces that they can use in many ways by influencing the structure of space in this way. What happens to a human being who enters such a space, we ask? Nothing, the human being will behold a large space, nothing more. When the person enters the room and the energy for influencing the room subsides, everything from the room will appear where the influenced room existed before. If such a space is established in a solid wall and the energy for influencing decreases, all things from the influenced space will be enclosed in the wall because the influenced space now occupies the space in the wall. If you find a secret space in solid walls but there is no access, these are influenced spaces that someone had created to hide something. If a highly evolved consciousness weakens the holding energy of the solid wall in an area in front of the influenced space, then that being could go through the wall into the influenced space and then out again. You see, we still have much to tell you about this so that you can understand the basics of it properly. The surveillance drone will thus carry with it an influenced space that can accommodate much. This surveillance drone is apparently very brutal with lower life forms, but let us tell you, these life forms will not feel it. When it comes to higher life forms such as humans, it’s a different story, because not only are tissue samples taken from humans, but the social behaviour of humans is extremely interesting to extraterrestrial scientists, so humans are tested a lot by these surveillance drones. Now it is also clear to you why it was absolutely necessary for a small partial consciousness of an extraterrestrial scientist to inhabit this surveillance drone, because much knowledge is already contained in the small partial consciousness, so that this surveillance drone can judge many things independently. If the consciousness in the surveillance drone thinks it has to be able to tell if a person is jumpy, then it will have plenty of opportunities to test this because even such a small partial consciousness has enough potential to be able to do something that can give a person a good scare. Of course, a drone does not fly around scaring people, but this gives you an idea of what such a small drone is capable of. The size of drones can vary, but for the most part they are very small. Their power source is on an astral plane so you should not think that the drone will run out of power quickly, but actually such a small drone can travel your galaxy, which they do because the scientists do not have to be directly in your star system. This was a small glimpse of what non-natural orbs are capable of and now we want to continue our categorisation.

The Orb that has nothing to do
If a surveillance drone has nothing to do because the extraterrestrial scientist does not need a drone at the moment, then such a consciousness in a drone will certainly not linger idly in a laboratory because the scientist’s spirit of research is represented in this consciousness, so that these drones fly around and marvel at everything that these drones have not experienced before. The small partial consciousness is partly like a small child that wants to try out many things, but the scientist always takes safety precautions beforehand so that the drone does not damage itself or otherwise cause harm.

The next blog entry will describe some of the special features of this surveillance drone before we discuss the final category of non-natural orbs. If you don’t know what the last category might be, wait, you didn’t expect it because the last category is something you didn’t understand until today.

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