A0580: When does a partial consciousness of the incarnation decide to permanently give up fractals of consciousness to the personality consciousness?

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The personality consciousness will receive more and more fractals of consciousness in the course of human life. When a human being is born, the personality consciousness is already defined in its size, so that the first years are the same for almost all human beings. When you reach puberty, many branchings between the fractals of consciousness and the human brain are used, so that more and more areas of the brain are linked to the fractals of personality consciousness. 

The artificial consciousness that is your personality is already there in all its glory and as you develop as a human being, more and more brain areas are linked to this personality consciousness so that you get more and more fractals of consciousness that make you think faster and faster. When, as a young adult, you receive your final links to the remaining consciousness fractals of your artificial personality consciousness, then you have the full human potential at your disposal so that you can begin to tackle your personal development with these consciousness fractals. Unfortunately, your society is shaped in such a way that from that point on, you are only concerned with your physical well-being, because social change is always pushing you to fight for your survival. If you didn’t have so many problems keeping your social life going, then you could think about other things and this is where human consciousness begins.

If you have already experienced such a phase as a child, then it does not mean the end, but this becoming conscious will continue throughout your entire life, so that one day you will be so much more conscious. When a predefined limit has been crossed, the partial consciousnesses are tempted to give up their consciousness fractals. But this process is to be interpreted differently, so we will explain assimilation at the end of the blog entry. If the predefined limit has been reached, then there must also be someone who has defined this limit and that was you. By this we mean the following: The partial consciousnesses have a certain size, by this we do not mean the number of consciousness fractals, but the energy potential to which they correspond. When a partial consciousness has taken on a task, then the partial consciousness of the incarnation is shifted so that its focus is on carrying out the tasks it is supposed to do in an energy body. If the partial consciousnesses were not disguised, then they would not perform their tasks so conscientiously. Since energy bodies perform different tasks, the partial consciousnesses must also be able to do so, so that an earth-astral plane on which a partial consciousness resides has a different energy signature than the rest of the earth-astral planes. If the energy fractal is of a different nature, then the partial consciousnesses will also adapt to the fractal of the energy level, so that the consciousness fractals consist of different energy fractals. These different fractals of consciousness can therefore also divert different energy flows, so that the subconsciousnesses have a different potential which they use to divert the energies on whose energy levels they are present. 

If the defined threshold of consciousness is exceeded, then the artificial personality consciousness will receive varying amounts of fractals of consciousness of incarnation which will form a symbiotic relationship with the personality consciousness. When man proves that he is worthy to receive this power of incarnation, then the next step will see to it that these fractals of consciousness are assimilated by the personality consciousness. Thus, when man has reached a certain stage of development, he first receives this power from the Incarnation only temporarily. When man proves himself worthy, he retains this power. When the personality consciousness receives more fractals of consciousness for its thinking tasks, then this consciousness can think much faster. When a human being can think much faster, then this human being can also do many things that you know only from fairy tales.

When is the limit of consciousness reached, we ask? When the human being’s becoming conscious brings forth frequency patterns in his frequency spectrum that were previously established by the incarnation before the incarnation. Does the limit not have a maximum value, we ask? No, the incarnation is free to set this maximum limit so that the human being goes through different phases of his becoming conscious, which then mean different increases in power. If an incarnation in the spiritual world is of the opinion that the human being should be exceedingly human after all, before it gives up its consciousness fractals for assimilation, then it will set the maximum limit so high that the human being would hardly be able to reach this degree of consciousness. If an incarnation has little concern, then this limit is much lower, so that the human being can achieve a great deal of power at a young age. Depending on how high this limit is set, the later granting of power to the spiritual being will also be. An incarnation that chooses the limit very low will receive much less power than an incarnation that chooses the limit very high. If the boundary is chosen very high, we as the accompanying beings of the person have a lot to do so that the person can also cross these boundaries. If we do not manage it, the granting of power will be less, so that it has already been regulated beforehand how the person’s phases of consciousness are to proceed. When the older person looks back at his or her lived life, he or she will recognise these phases of becoming conscious, so that in young adulthood you will receive the first grant of power in the form of consciousness fractals and the sooner you overcome these limits, the easier you will have it afterwards. 

If there are limits, then there are also a number of phases that are also dictated by the incarnation. If the incarnation already brings a lot of potential with it before it incarnates, then it can also give off more fractals of consciousness during the bodily life and this is because large consciousnesses also always bring more potential with them, so that the shine of a person, which can be perceived by medially gifted persons, always reflects this greater potential. So if you are such a person, your becoming conscious will be quite different than if you have less potential as a spiritual being. Once you have crossed a boundary again, the respective partial consciousness has been given the task of sharing its potential with the artificial personality consciousness, so we will now explain what this artificial personality consciousness actually is and how the consciousness fractals of incarnation are assimilated when you have proven yourself worthy.

The artificial personality consciousness
When we will now explain to you what exactly the artificial personality consciousness is, you will rub your eyes in amazement, but everything has its purpose, so also this artificial personality consciousness, which you are as a person without any manipulation from the accompanying beings. You often behave strangely and in most cases this is because you are very much manipulated by us and the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation so that you can progress in your consciousness. We, as the masters and teachers of a person, hold up a mirror to you every day so that you finally realise that your behaviour does not support consciousness. When we do this we have not only manipulated you mentally but often physically so that you experience stressful situations to remind you that this is not how you want to act. Once you have recognised that in a stressful situation, you will work against that mood and recognising and fighting against that is the awareness we keep telling you about. 

What has this to do with the artificial personality consciousness, we ask? This artificial personality consciousness is not new, so that we should not really speak of an artificial consciousness, but this personality consciousness consists of fractals of consciousness of the incarnation that have been changed so much that there are hardly any memories left in the so-called memory. Everything that constitutes the incarnation is contained in the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness, so that we can also say that you have basically always been the incarnation that incarnated into this body at that time in order to lead a bodily life. You are the incarnation and you have all adopted the behaviour of that incarnation, but you have no memory of it. That is why you will find yourselves in the course of human life, so that the aberrations of your personality will be revised in time and you will become something that reflects the behaviour of the incarnation, with a huge portion of the knowledge that you have been able to gather in human life. You will develop as a human being so many facets of humanity that the original incarnation could hardly, if at all, develop in this diversity in the spiritual world. 

You have always been this incarnation and only because you can no longer remember it, are you in essence this incarnation, which at that time chose this body for incarnation. Now what happens when the partial consciousnesses provide fractals of consciousness that are assimilated by the personality consciousness? When something is assimilated, usually a foreign organism is integrated into another organism, so that the newly formed organism is neither the organism to be assimilated nor an organism composed of two different organisms, but the new organism represents something entirely new. When the partial consciousnesses make their consciousness fractals available, the personality consciousness is enriched with the power of the new consciousness fractals, so that the consciousness fractals undergo a change. If you could gaze at the consciousness fractals before and after assimilation, you would see a significant change in the structure of the consciousness fractals. The consciousness fractal represents something new that has more potential and is much more “visually” structured. The number of consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness remains the same, but the potential of each consciousness fractal changes so that you are capable of more than you were before. 

The writer is just wondering if it doesn’t work the other way round? Yes, it is possible and we have often made use of it to stress the writer so that he can expand his humanity. If the consciousness fractals can enter into a temporary symbiosis, which in fact happens all the time, then we can also influence the potential of the writer by temporarily initiating a symbiosis of his personality consciousness with a subconsciousness in an energy body, except that the potential is transferred to a subconsciousness that is not the personality consciousness. If you are constantly doing many things at the same time, then the personality consciousness will split into several subconsciousnesses and each subconsciousness will have only a share of the total potential, so that it will be slower and slower to accomplish the task if there are other things being accomplished by the person at the same time than if the person focuses on only one thing, which he can then accomplish much more quickly. This example is just to illustrate, so we will keep bringing up the subject of the consciousnesses so that you also understand what makes you tick.

Question: When the incarnation gives potential to the person permanently, what percentage is that?
This is difficult to quantify, but let us assume that all the consciousnesses together equal 100% and that your personality consciousness has been habitually enriched over the years, then the distribution of potential would be as follows:

  • The personality consciousness 43%
  • All other subconsciousnesses 57%

This distribution would seem realistic at the death of the person, so that the personality consciousness will have a great influence on the incarnation. They are almost equally weighted, so we can claim: When the person matures into the new incarnation in the spiritual world, he is the person from earth who no longer feels any physical concerns and who now receives the memories of the incarnation. Since the person as a person of the earth thinks like the incarnation as a being, hardly anything will change when he returns to the spiritual world. 

What about persons who have developed their humanity much further during their lifetime than would be the case on average, we ask? 

  • The personality consciousness 73%
  • All other subconsciousnesses 27%

That would be a great result, but it will only be achieved by very few people who have had to face the task of increasing their humanity beyond measure. We have already said that before incarnation, the goals of human life are already fixed, so that these people, as if driven, have to keep expanding their humanity. When the person advances into this region, he is mentally capable of many things which at present you can only guess at. Among you present readers there is no one who is so far, but in the future many people will develop this humanity, even though they will have a much easier time of it, because at present you live in an epoch that can hardly make it more difficult for someone to get so far.

The present people who have developed their humanity above the average will also be rewarded for it, even if the writer once again does not believe us. The final reckoning will come after the death of the human body, so you can already rejoice in that, because the readers of the blog have long since developed their humanity above the average value, otherwise they would not be interested in these topics either.

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