A0544: Why does feeling the eyes help to increase the ability to visualize?

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When the person’s eyes are felt, something is triggered which we will now describe. If you start to feel your eyeballs in a meditation, then many processes in your body will ensure that on the one hand you do not think so much about useless things and on the other hand you become aware of your body. Whenever you feel into your body, you become aware that the body is there. Whenever you feel a body part intensely, then your consciousness fractals, which surround your body, are brought together at this sensed body part. What do we mean by that, we ask?

Your body is enveloped by many fractals of consciousness. If you consist of several subconsciousnesses, then the accumulation of the subconsciousness in the respective energy body is drawn together around your physical body and together all of your energy bodies with their subconsciousnesses form your human aura, which we would rather call your energy field. Your energy field contains innumerable consciousness fractals and a partial consciousness of it is your personality consciousness with its consciousness fractals. You are this personality consciousness as a person, so that feeling a part of the body there focuses the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness. Figuratively speaking, your consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness migrate to where you are focusing your attention. You concentrate on a certain finger and all of a sudden you feel a whirring and tingling sensation there. If you can concentrate hard, the tingling sensation turns into a feeling of pressure. If you could even concentrate very consciously and highly concentrated on this finger, then you are more conscious in the finger than in the entire body. You will feel like you are just the finger. You are then not a human body, but actually just a finger. This experience will enrich you because from this moment you will understand that you do not need a body as consciousness.

If you now try to feel your eyeballs in meditations, then you will concentrate the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness in this area and since the energy node of the sixth subconsciousness is located on the forehead, you automatically become more conscious on the sixth astral level. We have told many times that, as the masters and teachers of a person, we create the meditation stages for the meditators on the sixth astral plane, on which we let you experience a lot.

Everything you see with the spiritual eye, whether in meditations or in reflections, is real in the sense of: the spiritual world consists of forms in which we live and someone who has an imagination will form forms on this astral level that he then perceives in the spirit. Regardless of whether you are dreaming, meditating or thinking about something in a concentrated manner so that it appears in your mind’s eye, there are always real forms on this sixth astral plane. We are there teaching you. If you concentrate on the eyeballs, then you are more conscious there, so that after a while you can also let your focus wander directly to your sixth energy node on the forehead. If you then perceive a feeling of pressure on the forehead, the awareness on the sixth astral level of your earth is not far and we can truly do something with you, which you then perceive and generally call visualization.

Visualizing is not an imagination, but the conscious perception of forms on the earthly-astral level. If you concentrate on another energy node, then you become conscious of another earthly-astral level, on which another energy body of yours is at home, so that you can perceive many different positions of your earthly energy field. We advise the sixth astral plane because the sixth astral plane is a superposition of all other earthly-astral planes. Since every earthly-astral plane has a task, you can observe disturbing as well as confusing situations if you do not know which task this particular earthly-astral plane has. So, have fun exploring the earthly-astral planes, but inquire about the tasks of these planes beforehand, not that you are astonished and start to write scary stories about them.

If you don’t know why the partial consciousnesses of the people react so strangely, then you could think that these beings on the plane are not sentient beings because they behave so strangely. If you know the tasks of the earthly-astral planes, then you would not be astonished either and you would say that the beings on the plane carry out their tasks exactly. If you do not know all of this, then you should avoid this level, because then you would only return disturbed. Everything has a purpose and you must first know the purpose of the earthly-astral planes so that you also understand why there is some to be seen there that you would not understand at all at first. Once you have gotten a wrong picture about it, then you will definitely be the next horror story teller, who spreads fear with his experiences, just because he has never understood the purpose of the earthly-astral planes. We’ve already announced a lot about it so you can keep an eye out for it on the blog. Then this information will not make you a new horror story teller if you concentrate your consciousness fractals on a certain energy node.

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