A0545: What does the interface between ‘ethereal’ and ‘material’ world look like?

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When we look at the spiritual world, we see many energy currents in the spiritual world that are very potent. There are major currents of energy that separate the planes of the astral world. When you speak of the astral world, you actually don’t know what it is, so we have to briefly explain to you so that the terminology would be clarified.

The Astral World
The astral world is represented in the being you generally call the Creator. You could also speak of All That Is, so that we don’t make a difference here because there actually isn’t one. The astral world is, so to speak, everything there is in this being. Is the astral world this creator being, the writer asks himself? No, All That Is or the creator being is represented as a great consciousness in the astral world, but by definition it is not the astral world because the astral world has huge amounts of energy that belong to All That Is, but not the consciousness of All That Is, therefore the astral world is represented in the creator being, but it is not the consciousness of All That Is. The energy currents separate many areas, so that there is a fairly large area that represents the spirit world and there is a larger area that represents the as yet untransformed energy of All That Is. We will address this untransformed energy another time so that we can continue with the spiritual world.

The Spiritual World
The spiritual world is the area where all spiritual beings exist, including you, dear readers. The spiritual world continually receives new energy from the astral world, which is again divided into individual main currents in the spiritual world, so that there are exactly twelve main levels in the spiritual world that represent these main energy flows. Each main level has a purpose that we have already described in detail several times. There is still a thirteenth main level, but we do not count it among the main energy levels, so we continue with the twelve main levels.

Each main level corresponds to a certain type of energy and if we look at the first main level, then we clearly say that this main level represents the flow of information for the following main levels. We would say that everything that a physical being experiences is stored and transferred there as an information moment. The second main level is also very interesting because it is where the energy of matter resides, so that everything physical receives its energy there. The next level is also a flow of energy in which all universes are formed. We have already explained many times that the Wingmaker take energy packets from the second main level in order to recombine them and then they actually detonate this energy pack in the third main level in the energy flow, so that a bubble arises in the energy flow, in which a universe is then created forms. Every universe is different, so we would say: if two universes are close to each other, then they are much the same, but if two universes in the energy flow are far apart, then the Wingmaker have used a lot of new combinations for the energy package, so that the laws are very different far from each other. If a new universe unfolds through the infamous Big Bang, then the energy of the second main level will ensure that the resulting forms have a high holding power. What do we mean by that, we ask?

If you close your eyes and you can imagine something in the spirit, then you are conscious with your consciousness on an earthly-astral level, which is ethereal. Your thought power forms a form on this ethereal level and that form is actually existent. You think of something and it appears in the spirit, then you have redirected amounts of energy on the ethereal level through your thoughts, which then gives rise to this form. This is not an imagination and also not a fantasy, but you create a form on this earthly-astral level and since the ethereal levels use a different form of energy than the energy of matter from the second main level, you can also simply create it. Because this form of energy is volatile, such a manifestation can quickly dissolve if it is not thought out in great detail. A fleeting thought manifests a fleeting form with little holding power, but if you strain the form on the earthly-astral level very hard and thus create a lot of detail, then this creation will have a lot of holding power and it will last for a long time.

The forms in your universe were formed from an energy that we call the energy of matter, and that energy is very permanent once it has produced a form. The physical world is a ethereal world that uses an extremely strong energy, which also has a high holding power, so that a thought cannot change this form immediately. If this holding power were not there, then your universe would be transformed immediately when you think about it. Therefore, a universe must have such a great holding power so that the consciousnesses who live in this universe do not change the order in this universe through their thoughts. Let us now come to the earthly-astral levels, which you humans always mistakenly confuse with the spiritual world.

The earthly-astral planes
When you close your eyes and you “see” something, then you are conscious of your personality awareness on the earthly-astral plane. What kind of level is that, you may ask yourself, and we will explain in a shortened form what an earthly-astral level actually is. If a person has an aura, then this so-called aura is an energy field that the person’s body produces. Every living being produces this energy field and the earth also has such an energy field. Since spiritual beings exist in a huge energy field, which we want to call All That Is, the spiritual world will also represent such an energy field. In the spirit world there is a very small area that represents the energy of matter. This energy flow also has an energy field. There are innumerable universes in this energy flow, and each universe in turn generates such an energy field. When we zoom into such a universe, we see a separate energy field around each galaxy. In such a galaxy a star system again has such an energy field and each celestial body in the star system in turn has its own energy field. The living beings on such a celestial body also generate a specific energy field, even every cell of these living beings has an energy field around it. What do we mean by that, we ask? Everything is energy and every energy generates an energy field and since spiritual beings exist in energy fields, we can travel to everything that is in Everything That Is, because we are pure consciousness, which also creates an energy field. You on earth are actually a spiritual being who is currently in a physical body in order to have these experiences. If you are also a spiritual being, then the interface between the ‘material’ and the ‘ethereal’ world is your consciousness, because consciousness connects everything, even if it is difficult for you to imagine at the moment.

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