A0539: Why do the seven subconsciousnesses become three again when the first contact has taken place?

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This is a very exciting story, because the writer’s attention has already been drawn by a reader to the fact that the seven chakras were described in ancient writings, although we said that a few thousand years ago the three partial consciousnesses of the Earth were divided up, because in the Middle Ages it was decided that Earthly humanity should be pacified and this is always celebrated at the end with the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species. You will experience this first contact within this decade and it all began when the three earthly astral planes were reconfigured so that there are now these seven astral planes, which you also mistakenly call the infamous matrix. We will explain again why these astral planes have been multiplied and why human beings previously had three partial consciousnesses and what the partial consciousnesses of the earth have to do with the so-called chakras of human beings. When you have read this blog entry, then you will gain a deep understanding because we will again reveal some things that you have not yet understood. 

At the moment, the human being consists of seven partial consciousnesses, because the earth also has seven astral planes. Man has seven energy nodes, which you usually call chakras. Earth also has seven main energy nodes, with the sixth main energy node being special. All the astral planes are connected through the Earth’s main solar plexus energy node and this main solar plexus energy node is connected to the main solar plexus energy node of each human being. These seven astral planes of the Earth are inhabited by seven partial consciousnesses of the Earth. Your seven partial consciousnesses of incarnation also each inhabit the corresponding astral plane of the earth. You see, the planet and the human being do not differ because the human body belongs to the earth and the separate body consciousness corresponds to a partial consciousness of the soul of the earth, which has split off a separate mass consciousness for each species, so that the soul provides a body consciousness for each human being. The body consciousness regulates all earthly needs that the body produces. If the body consciousness does not belong to you as a spiritual being, what else does it do that you can hardly influence, we ask? 

It deals with all the sense impressions you constantly receive, and it is subject to the care of the earthly soul which controls it. When the Earth Soul decided to divide its original three subconsciousnesses so that each subconsciousness would be smaller in the number of consciousness fractals, since then each subconsciousness can also think much more slowly. If a subconsciousness thinks more slowly, it can process all the incoming information much more poorly. Each subconsciousness has a task, which we have discussed in previous blog posts, so four new Australian levels also received four new tasks. If your body consciousness comes from the earthly soul and the human body is a product of your planet, then all changes made by the soul inhabiting the earth are automatically adopted by every human being. More than that, any extraterrestrial being that comes into Earth’s sphere of influence will automatically adopt that configuration. When an extraterrestrial being comes to Earth, how can it suddenly have seven partial consciousnesses when it usually has only three partial consciousnesses, we ask? Because every human being has the seven main energy nodes, but not every main energy node is coupled with a partial consciousness. If you were to study the human body, you would see that the human body is made up of innumerable energy nodes, which you call chakras, and which do not correspond to an inhabited energy body. 

Extraterrestrial beings also have innumerable energy nodes, but only three of them are connected to the partial consciousnesses. The seven main energy nodes, which are well known to you, are also all currently inhabited by the partial consciousnesses of your incarnation. The sixth main energy node is also home to your artificial personality consciousness, which is constantly growing because year after year you are taking more and more fractals of consciousness of incarnation into this personality consciousness. 

The Earth is free to generate as many sub-consciousnesses as it wishes, but usually it splits its consciousness exactly three times and each body consciousness will take on these attitudes. What exactly happens in this process we will explain another time, but we want to give the sceptics one more piece of information to ponder over for a while. If a partial consciousness is coupled to an astral plane of the earth, why are you able to perceive the astral planes as one consciousness. When you have understood this question, then you will also find out the secret of the partial consciousnesses. 

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