A0540: Who or what is the Galactic Federation (of Light)?

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We can answer that quickly because all your channellings with spiritual beings are to train you as human beings so that in doing so the ego consciousnesses of the persons who want to believe in it are strengthened. There is no Galactic Federation and there is no Galactic Federation of Light. All the information you receive in these contacts is to teach you to react more calmly and prudently, because none of these transmissions are serious. Do you not wonder why this information that is received hardly produces anything that you can really use, we ask? Do you not wonder that year in and year out the same thing is claimed again and again by these beings, without you receiving even a hint of use from this transmitted information, we ask? How long are you going to be lulled by this before you actually realize what these transmissions are actually made for? We will now explain to you why you are receiving this information and then you will see the deeper meaning. 

When we look at human beings, we see from the human frequency patterns that people almost always live in fear. Every human being is afraid of someone and something and the frequency patterns that reflect fear are very strongly formed by a human being. You simply cannot help but be afraid of something all the time. If you did not feel fear, then you would lack the inner drive to go on and on. What do we mean by that, we ask? If you were not only not afraid of death, but you were not afraid of the process of dying, then the human species would not be so successful and we do not think the human species would exist at all. If you are faced with a problem that is really a great challenge, then you could immediately decide to leave this life without fear. How often have you wished that a challenge would just go away, we ask? Many times? Then, without fear or anxiety, you would have single-handedly made sure that you left life in one way or another. But you are still alive and that is only because you are afraid of dying. This fear is perfectly normal for physical beings and you humans fear constantly in your degenerated society. 

If you now consider a great potential for fear to be completely normal, what would happen if suddenly gigantic spaceships were to be seen in the firmament, we ask you? What would happen to very frightened people facing an overwhelming fear of cruel extinction? What do you think such a person would do who truly believed that Armageddon was just around the corner? These people would be so overwhelmed by their unfounded fear that death would scare them much less than the so-called impending Armageddon. 

Now, if you put one and one together, you will realise that this benevolent news is meant only for this group of deeply frightened people, so that they will assume that the Federation of Light has triumphed and that people will now be liberated. We have said many times, we spiritual beings can pretend to be anything and we will do anything to ensure that the basic information reaches the mundane world. Those who willingly distribute these messages will be trained, because no spiritual being will miss the chance to teach a human being. Many of these lessons only come into effect when the persons who pass on these messages realise themselves that this information is only meant to reassure the persons. When the person has realised that all this information is not genuine, then the great testing begins, so that the future medium must first prove whether he is worthy of receiving information from the spiritual world. 

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