A0538: Why is it that information is always disseminated in spiritual contacts that reports a repeated incarnation of the persons?

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Because they simply cannot explain it any better. Let’s take the writer, until we had trained him so far that he could actually accept our concepts on the subject, a long time passed in which we had to explain a lot until he was able to fully grasp the information. For their communication with a spiritual being, every medium is given emotional packages by the spiritual being, in which the information is contained that is to reach the worldly world. If we look at such an information package, we recognise frequency ranges in it that correspond to earthly information. If we hand such an emotional package to a person, then the information as an emotion will evoke memories in the person, which should ultimately reflect the information. The writer is just wondering how entirely new information is transmitted that the medium does not yet know at all? Not at all. A medium who contacts a spiritual being can only receive information that he already knows. If you are now astonished because you don’t understand how the writer could receive all this information from us, some of which was completely foreign to him, then you should now carefully read the rest of the blog entry, because then you can understand why many mediums seem to receive the same basic information, which nevertheless does not reflect reality. 

If we want to train the writer in a subject, then we can only transmit packages of feelings that an already existing information brings forth in the writer. The writer asks us something and we create emotional packages that bring out existing knowledge in the writer and we take great care that only information that makes sense is used. The order of the feeling packets is as important as the memory they evoke. If we were to simply use our own phrases, the person writing would get a terrible gibberish, so that we would only be able to speak as the person writing could. We would hardly be able to formulate differently than the writer could, because every sentence that the writer “hears” from us in these sessions, he will formulate almost exactly the same himself, because our emotional packages can only produce something that is already deposited in the writer. Unfortunately, if a feeling package brings up a memory in the writer, that is not the end of the story, because the writer also has expectations, so that although we allow the information to rise in the writer, the writer’s mind wants to complete the information that arises, so that much of it is automatically replaced. 

Here there is a danger for each person to distort the original information, which in fact happens all the time. If the writer receives the emotional packages in a very concentrated way, then the writer hears our information as his own voice in his mind. This can also only be his own voice, because what is “spoken” is a string of memories that he has heard or spoken in this way at some time. When you read a book, you will perceive your voice in the spirit as you speak line by line in the spirit. In the same way, the writer hears our information, only he writes it down and does not read it out. If the writer is bored, it is difficult for our information to get through to him and much could be distorted by his consciousness. If, on the other hand, the writer is very excited about the information we present to him, then he will decode almost all the emotional packages exactly as we have intended. 

When a medium communicates with a spiritual being, the being will only be able to draw on the medium’s memories. If the medium has read a lot about a subject and has formed a strong opinion about it, then the spiritual being will hardly be able to produce contrary information about the subject in the medium, as a memory. Even if the spiritual being can play the right memories in the medium, the strong belief on a subject will eventually distort the information. When we train the writer to work on a new topic, we must first take into account his own belief, so that the original information in many blog posts gradually matures into the actual information we want to convey. If we address a subject of which the writer has no understanding at all, then we can much more easily string together the right memories so that they form a new concept. When the writer receives the new concept, we will always control the transmission of the information so that it can be understood by the writer as a whole. We train him to understand even the most complex information. If the writer would not understand the received information, we will train him in so many blog entries on the topic until he has understood what we wanted to make him understand. Look at all the blog entries like a school lesson and you can tell when the writer has learnt something new. 

Now when we come to reincarnation, we must confess that it was the negligence of the spiritual world to convey the information properly to the persons. Not only must the person be trained to decode the information correctly, but the persons must also be taught in such a way that their own belief patterns do not distort the original information. If all we have is the ability to recombine a person’s memories so that the resulting memory is not distorted by the person’s expectations, then that is a long process that has to be lived. Many mediums will not want to do this, so many spiritual beings will try to embed new information into existing belief structures, which then later triggers something in the medium that could lead to the hoped-for change in thinking. A medium who has a strong ego will never be able to decode information in such a way that the original information sees the worldly light. 

We have been training the writer for a long time, so that our information comes to you almost unadulterated, but even the writer has his quirks, which we will also get under control with much teaching. If you compare our information with the information of other mediums and you find differences, then you now know where the falsification of information began. Every human being incarnates only once, at the request of the soul, so you are also very happy never to undertake such a thing again. The stories about countless incarnations as a human being or an animal are false, because the spiritual world has hardly any possibilities to train people correctly. 

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