A0536: Why is the solar plexus the gateway to the astral planes of the earth?

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We start by explaining why you can enter the earthly astral planes at all, and then we reveal something that even the writer does not yet know. If you have attentively followed our explanations of the partial consciousnesses of man, then you are now in a position not only to comprehend the following knowledge, but many riddles are now so clearly laid out before you that you can see through them completely. The partial consciousnesses are of elementary importance for the understanding of the earth-astral planes. 

We have often explained to you how you can imagine a partial consciousness of your own. We have also often referred to the fractals of consciousness that are individually you as a person, only that a single fractal of consciousness can work much more slowly than many of them could. When we look at the single fractal of consciousness, we see in it the personality of a person. When we look at many fractals of consciousness of a person, they have a connection to each other that is stronger when these fractals are close to each other. We deliberately choose three-dimensional space because the fractals of consciousness exist on the level of the consciousnesses and you can first think of this level as a three-dimensional space. We will come back to this later when we discuss higher dimensional constructs. 

When the fractals of consciousness are close to each other, they have a stronger mental bond with each other, so that the mental entanglement of the consciousnesses generates a high electrostatic attraction. Through this electrostatic attraction, the consciousness fractals can exchange a lot of information with each other, so that they can exchange their mental power with each other. When many consciousness fractals think about something together, they do so in unison. Mental entanglement is like a symbiosis that occurs because the fractals of consciousness share the same identifier. If another consciousness fractal with a different identifier joins your consciousness fractals, then it cannot create a strong electrostatic attraction and the connection among these different consciousness fractals is much weaker. If the connection among the consciousness fractals is weaker, then there is not as much information exchanged. If your consciousness fractals are attracted to your body every morning, then you will have a very strong electrostatic field building up around your body. This electrostatic field will establish a strong mental entanglement between the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness. When this electrostatic field is generated, your consciousness fractals exchange a great deal of information so that you can think faster and faster. 

When you as a person think of something, all the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness think of it synchronously. Each individual consciousness fractal has a memory box, so to speak, in which it searches for a memory. Many of these consciousness fractals have stored the same experienced moments in their memory box, so that they synchronously quickly and very consciously simultaneously find the memory as an experienced moment. If only a few of the consciousness fractals find an experienced moment as a frequency packet in the so-called memory box, then these few consciousness fractals send this information to all other consciousness fractals. Since mental entanglement exchanges a lot of information at the same time, the information of the few consciousness fractals has less weight than that of many consciousness fractals that do not find the experienced moment in their memory box. The memory is sent to all fractals of consciousness, but they will hardly deposit something like an experienced moment in their memory box based on the weighting of the information and the person knows that there is something to remember, but the majority of the fractals of consciousness hardly find anything in the so-called memory box, therefore the person does not remember the experienced moment properly. If very many consciousness fractals have deposited an experienced moment in their so-called memory box, then the person can also remember this moment very precisely, because the information sought is supported as a total package by many consciousness fractals. Many experienced moments will make the experienced moment appear clearer than if the experienced moment is only shared by very few fractals of consciousness. 

What does all this have to do with the solar plexus, we ask? The solar plexus is a major energy node of your body and all other energy bodies are connected to this solar plexus so that the subconsciousnesses can share their information with each other. If all the subconsciousnesses exchange their information with each other, how is it that the personality consciousness can only search in the memories of the person and not in the memories of the incarnation, we ask? Hmm, you must be thinking, how can the incarnation be in you as a consciousness, when you are the person who constitutes you? If we now explain to you that the previous incarnation has always been in you, it will certainly surprise some persons now, but your assumption that you are a fragment of a soul is completely far-fetched. You are the personality consciousness, which is de facto an artificial consciousness. This personality consciousness is a part of the sixth subconsciousness, just as the ego consciousness is also a part of the sixth subconsciousness. 

All the partial consciousnesses together, except the personality consciousness, is the previous incarnation with its memories, which it gathered in the spiritual world a long time before incarnating. The incarnation as it was before incarnation is these seven partial consciousnesses inhabiting the seven earth-astral planes. If you could see your aura, you would see the electrostatic attraction of the consciousness fractals of the previous incarnation around you and contained there is the personality consciousness, with all its consciousness fractals. If you were to gaze upon the aura of a small child, it will be predominantly the fractals of consciousness of the incarnation, because the personality consciousness of a child does not yet appear very distinct. As you grow older and older, the personality consciousness will increase more and more because it will assimilate more and more fractals of consciousness of the incarnation. As the personality consciousness receives more and more fractals of consciousness, because it assimilates the fractals of the incarnation, then the partial consciousnesses of the incarnation become less and less, in comparison with the personality consciousness. The consciousness fractals of the incarnation also contain the memories of their previous existence, so you gain access to these memories. When you receive intuitions of something that seems to have happened somewhere, no matter how bizarre the memory may seem, you can assume that you are remembering an event on the astral planes of the spiritual world, because the consciousness fractals of incarnation carry these memories. However, we are already saying that these memories are deeply hidden, so that you cannot access them very easily. 

If you could access the memories of the incarnation, you would change humanly in a very short time, because you would find in your memories moments that the incarnation experienced in the spiritual world and that made the incarnation a very calm and wise being. We told you in the series on death that the person who has died, as the person from earth, rises from the incarnational cube and that over a short period of time he or she gains more and more new insights that occur like great aha effects in the person. We said then that many things become clear to the person in the spiritual world that generate these gains of knowledge. Not only is your bodily life then revealed to you like an open book, but the memories of the previous incarnation are also exchanged more and more efficiently by the consciousness fractals, so that you constantly remember the existence of the incarnation. Your artificial consciousness has grown so far by the time you die that the fractals of consciousness of the incarnation in your personality also reflect the incarnation you mature into in the course of life, because in terms of personality you are that incarnation which shines through human consciousness more and more. 

After death you are the person from the earth and at the same time the incarnation that has always stayed with you with its seven partial consciousnesses. Your soul is an independent being with whom you are related, so to speak, but nothing more. You would not claim that a child and its mother represent a single being, would you? No, they are two completely separate beings and no one will doubt this, why do you still believe that you are the soul that wants to experience itself as a human being, when a soul cannot incarnate into a human body at all? The writer notes that this is only our view and that we can’t prove it any more than we can prove any of our other stories. He is right, of course, but we have explained the concepts behind it in detail and we will reproduce all the concepts in such a way that you humans can also grasp them with your level of knowledge and your Zeitgeist without falsifying them religiously. Your so-called knowledge about the soul and incarnation are absolutely falsified, so that we come back to this again and again, so that these misunderstandings can be cleared up. Compare our statements with all other statements about this that have been circulating among you for centuries and begin to evaluate them according to how religiously watered down the statements are. Once you have done that, then you can extract the non-religious information. When you have the basic information, compare it with our statements. You will be amazed to find that these fragments of information fit very well into our detailed statements and they are even explained in depth by us, which is not the case with your diluted and religious information. 

Now we come back to the solar plexus so that we can also explain why you can mentally travel through the solar plexus to all earthly-astral planes. These astral planes are not the spiritual world, as many astral travellers like to claim, but they are partial consciousnesses generated by a soul that inhabits your earth. Yes, that’s right, you are an incarnation and you inhabit a human body with your incarnation consciousness. The incarnation consciousness has been split into seven subconsciousnesses and these subconsciousnesses generate an electrostatic field around your body that you call the aura. The soul of the earth inhabits this planet and it had split its consciousness into three sub-consciousnesses which are an electrostatic field that envelops the planet earth and which we call the terrestrial-astral planes. Each partial consciousness of the earthly soul generates a so-called astral plane of your planet. 

When the Middle Ages became too cruel, it was decided that Earthly humans should experience first contact with an intelligent alien species so that humans could be pacified. All of Earth’s humanity must be pacified for this to happen, so the planet was given what is called the Matrix, which is given to each species on its homeworld that will make official first contact. The soul of the Earth divided its existing three partial consciousnesses once again, so that seven partial consciousnesses now form seven astral planes of the Earth. Since each subconsciousness has fewer fractals of consciousness after the division, it will also be able to think more slowly. Since the earth changed the astral planes, all humans also now have seven partial consciousnesses instead of three. Since the number of consciousness fractals in human beings remains the same, each subconsciousness has many fewer consciousness fractals with seven subconsciousnesses than with only three subconsciousnesses. The personality consciousness is also affected by the number of consciousness fractals, so that although you appear very technologically advanced today, you can only think very slowly. If you are very slow in thinking, then the few fractals of your personality consciousness are hardly aware of the astral planes and that is why the seven astral planes were conceived. You are mentally quite underdeveloped and this was set up so that you could be guided through the spiritual world. 

All of you who are reading this today will experience a shift in consciousness in a few years time because you are part of the official first contact and this shift in consciousness will sweep across your planet like wildfire and all humans will appear much more human in a very short time. All humans will be part of it and no one will be able to escape this shift in consciousness. Then earthly humanity will be pacified and the soul of the earth will unite the seven partial consciousnesses into three partial consciousnesses again and all future generations will also only have three instead of seven partial consciousnesses. They will be able to think very quickly and they will travel around astrally with a naturalness that still seems strange to you today. They will be allowed to do so because the future human beings will grow up in a very peaceful environment. This process is the official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species, and all your reports about the ascension of groups of peoples who are to experience this ascension as the chosen ones is precisely this change of consciousness just described. Humanity’s ascension will begin when in a few years time you will see gigantic spaceships hovering in the firmament. When the official first contact is made a few years later, then every living human being will have experienced this leap in consciousness and the human being will then be much more human than before. 

The solar plexus of the human being connects all the partial consciousnesses of the human being. The solar plexus of the human being is also connected with the solar plexus of the earthly soul, so that all the partial consciousnesses of you are directly connected with the earthly-astral planes. If you concentrate on the solar plexus in a meditation, then you can switch between the different astral planes more easily than if you concentrate on another energy node. If you choose the solar plexus, then your view of the astral world could change very quickly, because as you travel through the various astral planes you become more and more aware of what they are actually for. Your subconsciousnesses of incarnation know this because they have taken over the purpose, so that each subconsciousness pursues a task that the earthly-astral plane prescribes. We have already described these tasks in rudimentary form, so that astral travellers or persons practising dissociation should not be surprised at the experiences there. If you did not know all this, you would certainly make spectacular assumptions that could somehow describe the experience. If you read what we have said, many things will seem clearer to you. You will be enlightened by this information and not entertained, as many clever authors are able to do when they wrap their spectacular assumptions in exciting stories. These spectacular stories frighten you and you no longer know what is most likely to be true. We only report how things are, we don’t have to entertain you, that’s not our job. 

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