A0535: Are all people on Earth inhabited by an incarnation or are there also the so-called extras?

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All human beings on every planet in your universe are inhabited by incarnations because there is no other way. When we explain to you why every human being must be inhabited by an incarnation, then you will understand why the theory of the so-called non-inhabited human being is untenable. We will now explain to you why a body must always be inhabited by a consciousness and what the so-called spark of life has to do with it. We will also talk again about the astral planes so that astral travellers can also understand what they can actually experience on this plane and we will explain in outline what constitutes the consciousness that you are as beings. Your body is unique, but if that body is not inhabited by a higher consciousness, then it dies instantly. 

The human being consists of a physical body and a consciousness that was split into many sub-consciousnesses when incarnating, because the human being has taken over the astral planes of your home world. The earth at present consists of seven astral planes and these planes are to be regarded as layers in which the corporeal body wanders. If you could perceive these astral planes through a device, then you would be able to switch through these seven astral planes as in a television set. You would then perceive the area around you through this device. On each of these planes you are represented by a partial consciousness of your total consciousness, because each astral plane houses a partial consciousness of you. Each subconsciousness is to be regarded as a subtle envelope that surrounds your body. All seven subconsciousnesses together envelop the human body and gifted people can feel or even see this envelope. What they perceive is the respective partial consciousness, which consists of innumerable fractals of consciousness. But you also consist of an artificial partial consciousness, which we call the personality consciousness, and which you did not take over into human life as an incarnation. This personality consciousness usually does not know that the total consciousness appears much larger because there are many other sub-consciousnesses of the incarnation. Every thought you think does not always originate in the personality consciousness, but all the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation always want to have some say, so that you are often undecided when you have to make a decision. In the course of human life, the subconsciousnesses of the incarnation will cede more and more fractals of consciousness of their subconsciousnesses to the personality consciousness, so that the personality consciousness in a human being becomes larger and larger. 

You are becoming more and more in the course of your life from the behaviour to the incarnation that once incarnated into the human body and something else is happening. The actual incarnation is becoming more and more the personality consciousness that you now represent. You know nothing of the original incarnation, but all that you are now you will still be when you step out of the incarnational cube after death in the spiritual world. The person you were at the time of your passing will be the new incarnation in the spiritual world, only with many more memories and power. As the severing of consciousness from the body means that you will no longer feel any physical concerns, you will already change a little because you will no longer have any of the cravings that your human body gives you today. Sex, fear, hunger and thirst are only a few of these concerns, but all these concerns will no longer bother you because they are controlled by the human body. As you mature more and more in the course of human life into the incarnation that slumbers within you, you will assimilate in your artificial personality consciousness the consciousness fractals of the incarnation, so that this process also cannot be reversed. As you grow older, you become calmer and wiser. Of course, this also has to do with experience, but it is also due to the consciousness fractals of the incarnation, because the incarnation has already existed for a very long time and has therefore already attained the calmness and wisdom that you radiate more and more with advancing age. 

What does this have to do with the actual question, you may ask? Everything! Because you as beings are this consciousness that gathers around your bodily body with each awakening from a sleep. If a single fractal of consciousness is you just as many of these fractals of consciousness are of you, then many fractals of consciousness can think about something faster than just a single fractal of consciousness of you. So in the morning, when the consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness gather around your physical body, you become more and more conscious around or in the body because you are awakening. As more and more fractals of consciousness of the incarnation are assimilated by the personality consciousness over the years, then also over the years more and more fractals of consciousness gather around your body each morning as you awaken and the personality consciousness can think much faster because of the increased number of fractals of consciousness. That is why adults can analyse complex situations that would overwhelm a child. As you grow older, the growth of your personality consciousness also leads you to become more aware of the subtle astral planes. When you begin to meditate you will be amazed at what you can all see. 

The astral planes have a purpose, which we will discuss in a moment, but first we would like to tell you why you actually awaken every morning. When you awaken, who do you think makes sure that the fractals of consciousness are drawn up around your body? It is the body that decides it is time for the consciousness to awaken. When the incarnation with its consciousness incarnated into this body, it entered into a firm connection with the physical body and the human body provides a consciousness of its own that only controls the physical concerns but does not represent a higher being as you are. The body knows when to send impulses of pain or when the desire for affection or food should drive you to an action. The body consciousness controls all actions, but it cannot inhabit the body and give it the life energy that the body needs. 

The incarnation consciousness offers this possibility because it has the energy for it. You always speak of the so-called spark of life and there is truth in that, but it only describes one aspect of it. When the incarnation incarnates, it will flood human life with its energy so that every cell in the body is connected to that energy stream. When an incarnation incarnates, it will provide for it a certain amount of energy that will be used up during the bodily life. If the amount of energy is used up, the possibilities of self-healing of the body cells can hardly function and the body slowly passes away. However, there is still life energy until bodily death, which the body uses, among other things, to gather the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness around the body so that you become conscious. When the energy is depleted and/or the human body is irreparably damaged, the energy flow will dry up and the body will no longer be able to attract the consciousness fractals. You lose consciousness and once the energy flow from the incarnation body to the bodily body has been interrupted, this energy flow will not be restored. The personality consciousness decouples completely from the physical body and the next process begins. 

Now that you are no longer bound to the bodily body, all the fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness will contract because they have an identifier that makes this possible. When suddenly all the fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness contract, you become very conscious on the sixth astral plane of the earth. You will then be able to perceive this astral plane much better than any astral traveller ever could, because you will now have all the fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness at your disposal and this will make you think very quickly. You will be very conscious of this astral plane. Then when you are in front of the incarnational tunnel and beings are trying to persuade you to step through, then the next process starts. 

Some call it the light trap and they are right, for it is indeed a trap that you are to step into. Everything that has been described about it is true, no matter how curious the descriptions, but all the people who have reported it have come back, otherwise you would not have these reports. It is true that many spiritual beings take on any form to convince you to go through this tunnel. Oha, you will think, then we have to incarnate again because the so-called matrix enslaves you. No, this is where the assumptions start, which good story writers like to expand on more and more, because only an exciting story is read with pleasure. The truth is not so exciting, but that is why we will tell it anyway. 

When you step through the so-called light trap, all the consciousness fractals of your partial consciousnesses gather around you and what began in the course of earthly life with the assimilation of the consciousness fractals of incarnation is now brought to completion as a process. When the total consciousness travels through this incarnation tunnel back into the incarnation body, then you are still the same person from the earth who, in the course of life, corresponds more and more to the incarnation that once incarnated, but you have now assimilated so many consciousness fractals that you can think as quickly as any spiritual being, because as a human being you are then a spiritual being again. No one is forcing you to incarnate again, because usually all incarnations live a bodily life only once in their existence. They do not want to live a second life either, because in a human life you experience all aspects of a human life. It makes no sense at all for an incarnation to incarnate a second time. 

There are very few species in your universe that are not inhabited by any incarnation because they have modified their blueprint to exist for thousands of years. The Anunnaki are one of these species and we have revealed much in the separate blog on the Anunnaki by the writer that explains exactly how they are nevertheless able to produce human-like beings that have a consciousness of their own. We have also revealed how they get the spark of life necessary to do so. Read this blog about the Anunnaki and you will learn many things about them that are not yet known. 

Let us now return to the questions about the so-called extras. First of all, we would boldly say that you are all extras, because none of you know who you really are and what the Earth actually represents. You are currently living in the so-called matrix, but this matrix is also something completely different, which most people still haven’t figured out. The writer forbids us to go on about the matrix now, because we have already revealed so much about it in other blog entries, but this much we have to say about it: The matrix exists just like the so-called light trap, but you do not understand the meaning behind it, so you perceive something and form exciting stories from these observations, which find more and more readers the more exciting the stories become. The so-called matrix is meant for humanity to be pacified on Earth, because the official first contact with an intelligent alien species will be completed within this decade, and you are all a part of it. In a few years time, when first contact has been made, the matrix as you currently perceive it will disappear, as the matrix will be installed on all planets that are to experience first contact with an intelligent alien species. If you are interested in this, search for it on the blog of the writer, we have written all about it in great detail. 

If you are all extras, however, we need to lay out what that actually means. First, the most important thing: you are all extras inhabited by an incarnation. If the consciousness were to travel through the incarnation tunnel, the body dies. When the body dies, the coupling of the consciousnesses to the body ceases. What has this to do with the extras, we ask? There can be no extras on earth because every human being dies without consciousness. If a pregnant woman has a “natural” stillbirth, then the incarnation was so afraid of life that the incarnation decided before birth not to inhabit the body. If no replacement incarnation is found before birth, the human life remains without consciousness and dies. When the human being is born, the incarnation consciousness is firmly attached to that body. When you dream or make an astral journey, consciousnesses of the personality consciousness will detach around your bodily body and you become conscious on the sixth astral plane, but you do not detach from the bodily body because you cannot do that at all. No matter what you do when you travel astrally, you can never sever that connection and no spiritual being will do that. All stories about this are fictitious, they are of course exciting, but they are false. 

When you incarnate on Earth you also want to experience something, so much has been planned in advance so that you also experience what you had planned. That is why we can also say that you are all extras who, for the most part, unconsciously play your roles, which as an overall situation contain moments that you have thought up beforehand. The spiritual world tries to coordinate everything, but each individual human being is inhabited, otherwise the body would not be viable at all. 

If persons among you claim that there are extras among you that are not inhabited by incarnations, then let them explain to you exactly how they arrive at this. If they use the method of dissociation, then also read our explanation of dissociation, then you can compare both explanations and form your own opinion. We also emphasise that what people experience in dissociation is completely real, but unfortunately they do not yet understand the connections, otherwise they would not come to the obvious assumption that there are extras among you who are not inhabited by an incarnation. If you have further questions about this, write to the writer about it, he is always happy to receive new questions. 

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