A0534: What possibilities does the spiritual world have to bring information to the wordly world?

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When the spiritual world wants information to shine the light of the worldly world, we choose people who can bring that information to you. How is such a person chosen, you might ask, and we will tell you. What do you think the writer is doing, we ask? He brings the information to you that we would like to see spread among the people. The writer doesn’t ask us everything he wants to know because he also knows that we will be testing him all the time, but he has devised a pretty good tactic to get around the testing and it has everything to do with his blog. If he asks us a question that he wants to publish on his blog, he knows very well that we can hardly test him because the information on the blog is read by many people. If we were to report something to him in order to test him, then we would test all of you, so that the writer knows perfectly well that we would never do such a thing for the blog entries, so as not to jeopardise the truthfulness of our statements. If the writer would ask us something without writing a blog entry, then we could test him all the time and we have done that extensively, so that nowadays we are only asked by him for further blog entries. The writer found out that we were constantly testing him, but many of your so-called mediums don’t know that, so today we will explain to you why people come into contact with spiritual beings in the first place. Many people who have such contact will now be amazed to learn why they are actually able to do so. 

If a person seeks contact in the spiritual world, then he will have many possibilities to undertake this and we tell you now plainly, all persons who think they are communicating with Jesus, God or an angel, will always be tested and they usually do not know it, because the so-called God is something else, which you still have not understood. Jesus did exist, but this incarnation goes about its normal activities in the spiritual world, just as you will do when you have died. It is similar with the angels because hardly any of you know what angels, devils and demons actually are so we will now reveal who you are actually talking to and many readers of the blog can already guess because, as is so often the case, a person’s masters and teachers are behind it. In very few exceptions, a spiritual being will be having this conversation that is not one of the accompanying beings of a person. The masters of the Akasha are that exception so this does not apply to those connections, but how many of you really know who or what you are communicating with? The writer doesn’t know either and he also knows we could be anything to him because we can represent anything. He doesn’t care because it’s only the actual information that matters and not the beings that deliver it. If you were to limit all mental conversations to the actual information, then it is not relevant at all which being you are talking to, because here we are already at the first test. Suppose you could talk to spiritual beings, which spiritual being would you choose for such a conversation, we ask you? God? An angel? Why? An angel is little different from any other spiritual being, except that an angel can redirect very large amounts of energy, but what distinguishes an angel from a person’s master and teacher, we ask? The angel does not know you as well as we do and if you are actually able to communicate with an angel, what would you ask him? If you don’t know, then you don’t need to start, because hardly any spiritual being seeks a conversation with a human being out of boredom. 

If you then think you can ask something because you have finally thought of something, then ask yourselves whether this question cannot actually be answered by every spiritual being. If you have special questions, then you also need special beings who can also answer your question, so that your private questions will always be answered by your master and teacher, no matter who you choose as your name when contacting us, it will always be us, because we know you best. When we answer, the information is always the most important thing so we will pretend to be everything just to give the person peace of mind. If you want to talk to Satan, we will not respond, but many spiritual beings around you will take this attempt at contact as an opportunity to teach you something because you are so clueless about it. Then you will receive a lesson that will wash your mind, but in the end it is almost always only mental lessons that will strengthen your belief structure, because you will experience something that will ultimately strengthen you in your imagination. If you want to believe in a Satan, then the spiritual beings around you will see to it that you will strengthen your belief and then you will live in fear and terror, but you will then have little interest in exploring what else there is in the spiritual world. 

If you are a medium because you think you are in contact with many other kinds of beings, then it is similar, although not all contacts are false. There are few persons who actually communicate mentally and sometimes physically with other-like beings, so we cannot always say that all contacts are us as the masters and teachers of a person. Occasionally extraterrestrial beings are also allowed to have a contact with humans, so that many channellings are actually a communication with extraterrestrial beings and only a few of these channellings are serious, however, because many extraterrestrial beings initiate such a contact for research purposes. When such a contact is made, the extraterrestrial researchers test many things that you may call pre-cognitive investigations, but there are many other things that these researchers test on a human being. We hope the writer will ask us about it one day, then we can report on it extensively. When an extraterrestrial being talks to you, it has also received permission to do so, because many councils must first agree before a person may be contacted. We, as the spiritual representatives of the person, have to agree just as much as physical beings who are responsible for the Earth realm, and by this we mean exclusively extraterrestrial beings who are represented in the councils of your solar system. When contact has been made with a human being, the extraterrestrial researchers begin by determining how much the person can concentrate mentally, so that the person always suffers from small lapses of concentration, and not only during the actual session, but in everyday life. These tests are not only done during contact, but the extraterrestrial beings mentally accompany the person to investigate them, so many of your so-called occupations are these extraterrestrial investigators. These mental investigations do not last long, so it is only ever noticed sporadically. When the extraterrestrial being communicates with the person, the person receives information that is meant to trigger something so that the researcher can determine what information, what traits in the person strengthen or weaken. You can imagine this as a conversation with a psychologist who tries to analyse you with specific question-answer games. You will be amazed at what these analyses reveal. The information given by the researcher is usually not very meaningful, so many people expand these question-answer games into something that was not intended at all. 

When we pass on information to the writer, we know that the writer very conscientiously writes everything down like this without changing anything, even if he has his problems with the actual information. That’s why we can reveal a lot of things that would immediately be passed on in a distorted form to very religious people. This is also the reason why the information in occasional channellings should be taken with caution. Only when the so-called medium has been sufficiently tested, only then will important information be passed on. If a medium keeps receiving contradictory information, then that person is still being tested and will receive information that is partly true and partly lies in order to test the person. What are these tests that the spiritual world performs on a so-called medium, we ask? 

When a person is tested, he is also taught at the same time, because no person is so consolidated that he can carry out such a communication with a spiritual being according to the rules, but the persons are trained to handle a communication properly. If the person is religious, then the rules of the faith are used so that we present ourselves as superior beings who evoke the awe of the medium. If the religious medium surrenders fully and submits unconditionally, then the person has passed the test and is provided with information that corresponds to the faith, so that the actual information is incorporated into that faith information. If a person does not exhibit faith, then they will be tested differently and we have done that for years with the writer because the writer does not want to believe at all. If a person has no religious reference, then the person does not believe in angels, devils or demons. For the writer it was all humbug, so it is very amazing that he maintains this kind of communication today. The writer has passed his tests, even if he has not found out everything that we have done to him, but unlike a religious person, the writer has no humility before the spiritual world, because he understood early on that really no one can do anything to him, because we are not allowed to do that at all. But we are allowed to test him mentally and we have done that extensively. Whenever he trained an ability, we took it away from him shortly afterwards to see how he reacted to it. At first he did not have contact with us, so he was surprised and frustrated when his trained abilities disappeared within days. Then, when he sought contact with the spiritual world to see if there was any truth in it, we made him suffer many things, but this did not stop him from starting the Akashic consultations. When we also sabotaged these questionings, he slowly found out what it was all about and he continued anyway. 

When a person evolves, the experience has caused his consciousness to change. A religious person who has passed the religious tests has undergone such a change of consciousness just as the writer has, but both persons will interpret the information they receive differently. The writer in his usual sober way and a religious person in a very spiritual way, and here we come to the great difference between people who communicate with the spiritual world. There are persons who will always receive spiritually blackened information because they are religious in one way or another and there are persons who do not receive the information blackened. The writer is not spiritual, therefore his information is not flowery and benevolent, but rather cold and informal. We don’t have to consider any faith, so we can share our information unfiltered. With every blog entry, the writer learns something and you can almost be there live, because most of the information is also new to the writer. We train him with every blog entry and we also test him from time to time, that is why you will not be able to read many passages from us in this blog entry because we have fed the ego of the writer, but he has almost always gone against it because he constantly forbids us to report anything about him. 

Every person who has verbal or non-verbal contact with spiritual beings is always, we stress again, always tested and trained by the spiritual beings. If, from a certain point on, the information from the spiritual world is free of contradictions, then the so-called medium has proven that he can follow the rules and the great tests end. If the person continues to maintain contact with the spiritual world, he will always be taught with every contact, because no being lets such an opportunity slip by, especially not the person’s masters and teachers, because only in this way can they bring about great growth of consciousness in the person in a really short time. Every conversation has a purpose, but it is never something that is meant to entertain you, rather you are meant to receive added value from these contacts, which always seems very laborious at the beginning. 

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