A0533: How does humanity present itself in beings?

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If a being appears human, then the being has done a great deal to be human. No being is very human by nature, but the humanity shown to another being has been worked for beforehand, so that humanity is a virtue that each of you readers will one day master. Some sooner and some a little later, but all are becoming more and more human and this is for the following reason. Whenever human beings perform an inhuman act, the human being does not immediately become aware that the act is inhuman, so there must be something that shows the human being that he has acted inhumanly and that is experience. There are non-human species that will seem so vile to you, but who act much more humanly than the most human person on earth ever could. Humanity is an attribute that not only human beings can claim, but every species that receives the spark of life has also always received some humanity that each species will continue to build upon. Your environment does not promote humanity and that is why human beings on earth will have to go the hardest way to become more and more human. We will now explain why this is so. 

Humanity is a synonym for many attributes that human beings and every being will also develop more and more. Someone who lives humanity cannot act more inhumanly, no matter what, because only human beings also understand what constitutes humanity. When a human being acts humanly, it is not necessarily out of deepest conviction, but because the human being expects something from his or her actions. A human action that is carried out for personal gain is not the humanity we are talking about, but that is only calculating egoism that looks like humanity on the outside, but is not. If all beings are becoming more and more human, what is this humanity by definition, we ask? If a being unconditionally helps another being, then this help is done out of pure humanity, it does not matter whether a human being performs a human act on another human being or on a flower. If the action has no advantage for the being, but is a help for another being, then the action was of a human nature. Why then do earthly people become more and more human when they only ever have their own advantage in mind, we ask? Because earthly people look less and less to their own advantage. When a person is doing well, then a person can be much more human than when a person is compelled by sorrow and worry. 

A person who does not have to fight for his social status can also act more humanly than a person who first has to make ends meet for himself. If you are absolutely independent and sovereign, then you can develop your humanity very far. Humanity is a virtue, and as you grow older and older, you also become calmer and wiser. As you become calmer and wiser, you will automatically act more and more humanly for the following reason. You understand society and you understand the beings who live in that society because they all still have a lot to learn that a calm and wise person no longer has to. When a person acts humanly, it is out of absolute conviction. If a person is convinced of something, then the person has worked on this deep conviction for a long time, otherwise he or she would not be so convinced, but still sceptical. If a being is convinced of humanity, then the being has seen through all facets of social life and they can see behind all the reasons that drive people to do something, so that the social game is laid out openly before them and they understand why a person acts as they do. Once the human being has realised this, they can also react to beings in a much more human way because the more human being understands why the being acts the way they do. If the more human being knows why the being acts the way it does, then the more human being already has the solution ready, because it already knows all the reasons for the being’s inhuman actions. If the more human being has understood all this, then it can unconditionally help the not so human being without expecting anything in return.

The not-so-human being will gratefully accept the help because it helps the not-so-human being on. How does the not-so-human being become more and more human, we ask? By learning from it. When someone is helped without expecting anything in return, then the person who has been helped becomes aware in time of why he has been helped. This is not apparent to the person at first, but the more he or she thinks about it, the more the person realises that the help was out of pure charity. If a person realises that he or she was helped out of pure charity, then this will trigger something in the person that promotes humanity in the person because he or she has also recognised the act of charity for what it is. It is human and all beings become more and more human over time because they themselves become better and better at overlooking the social system in which they live. They become better and better at predicting how a person is going to act and when persons are that far along, they can also very humanly be a support to those persons. These persons understand very well why the person to be helped reacts in this way. If a person is very human, then this person has already experienced all facets of human life and the person has learned a lot from these experiences, so that the person immediately sees through the behaviour patterns in other people. If the human being knows why people act inhumanely, then the more human person can show the more inhuman person the right way without the person gaining any advantage from it, but the more human person takes pleasure in showing the more inhuman person the right way, so that one day this inhuman person realises why he was helped at that time. Once this now more human person has understood the reason for the help, he or she will also act in such a human way out of deepest conviction. That is the humanity we mean. 

You have already become more human as a society and you will become even more human in the next few years because you are about to have your official first contact with an intelligent alien species. If first contact starts before the end of this decade, all of you on Earth will become more and more human in a very short time, because you will suddenly be able to see behind the façade of social life and you will be amazed to find that you do not have to act so inhumanly at all. This will take some time, but when the first spaceships of every human being on Earth are to be glimpsed, then you will only talk about it and you will no longer care at all about political things, because they will seem absolutely secondary. When this process starts, every human being will think about why your society actually lets you act so inhumanely. You will become more and more human, so that this humanity will sweep across your planet like wildfire, and after a while you will want to help everyone in need, because you will all be able to see better and better behind the façade of your society. Then you will attain true humanity and when a planet as a whole system has mastered the virtue of humanity, then at the same time spaceships of the extraterrestrial species will land everywhere in front of your government buildings and you will celebrate as a planet because you seal the humanity you have won with the official first contact.

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