A0525: How do I program a crystal? – Part 10

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Today we want to introduce you to a method by which you are able to use a crystal like an ordinary battery. If you use a crystal instead of a battery, then you can mentally charge this crystal battery at any time, so that it never seems to lose capacity. We will explain to you beforehand what this current of energy actually is, so that you also know how a circuit works and what potentials are that ultimately generate a current flow. When you have studied this blog entry, even people who do not yet know what the flow of electricity actually is will be able to do the most incredible things with it. When you have this knowledge, you will be able to do many things with it that you need complicated equipment for today. 

If we look at a circuit that perhaps makes a small lamp light up, then something flows from a battery into a small lamp. But the lamp also allows the amount of energy that is supplied to pass through, so the energy seems to flow back into the battery. When we explain to you how you can imagine a current flow, we will directly discuss the crystal battery so that you can visualise why a small lamp can be made to glow at all. Once you understand this method, you can use the crystal battery to program many of the devices that you use today in your technological society. You need very little most of the time except a crystal. When we discuss the flow of electricity you will at first only be able to power small devices with this crystal battery because large amounts of energy can cause great harm if not used properly, so the spiritual beings will only provide your crystal battery with little potential. 

Some of you crystal programmers already have high expectations of this crystal battery, but let me tell you, before you are able to equip crystal batteries with such a large amount of potential that you can operate an electric car with it, many years will pass in which you will automatically expand your consciousness when programming the crystals and there must also be groups that scientifically study a crystal battery so that you also collectively build up the knowledge about it. But you will already be able to develop crystal batteries that you can charge mentally and with which you can do many experiments that today you can only do with laboratory set-ups. Imagine you have a crystal battery and connect a small lamp to it. At first, everyone present will look incredulous, but when the lamp turns on and off as if by magic, even though no one is touching the set-up, then no one can deny that a crystal battery really exists and that you can mentally switch the current flow on and off again and again. If you then explain to someone how the person mentally walks into a room and flicks a light switch to make the little lamp light up at his will, then no one will doubt that crystals can indeed be programmed. 

What is a flow of electricity, we ask? When the lamp lights, then something must happen that also works that lamp in such a way that the luminous body in the lamp is stimulated so that the filament begins to glow. If the current is flowing into the lamp, then the current must be responsible for that and that is partly true, but the current flow does much more. When the so-called current flows out of the battery, how does the so-called current know where to flow, we ask? It doesn’t need to at all, because the current is not flowing out of the battery, it is being drawn. Imagine a straw and someone sucks their drink into the roof of their mouth through that straw. If there was a small propeller wheel halfway inside the straw, it would be driven like a turbine when you put the drink in your mouth. The current does not flow, it is pulled, so that the negative pressure in the oral cavity ensures that the drink is sucked through the straw. As the liquid flows through the straw, it will have to pass halfway past the propeller wheel and the flow of liquid will power the turbine. If you take this analogy of a current flow as the basis for how we will proceed, then you have almost understood electrical engineering. 

Suppose you want your energy to flow in the crystal, like a river that flows out of the crystal at the top of the exit and flows back in at the bottom of the entrance to the crystal. If you have marked the entrance and the exit on your crystal from the last exercise, because you have determined the direction of the crystal, then you could place two copper plates there. Depending on how the crystal is shaped there, you can cut out thin copper foil and stick it on the markings. The adhesive layer between the crystal and the copper plate is negligible at first, so it will have little effect on our first experiments. Once you have stuck two copper plates to the crystal, these are your two contacts for the crystal battery. Now all you have to do is get the energy flowing. 

Seventh Exercise
Connect to the crystal and have your spirit lab staff prepare it if it has not already been prepared. Choose a room for your experiments and step inside. You will think of two large vessels that you will fill with two opposite forms of energy. Let them help you by asking for two opposite forms of energy. Your two vessels now have two forms of energy stored in them that will magically attract each other like a magnet. Think of a tap at the bottom of each vessel. If both vessels are opened because you take the lids off, nothing will happen because the energy forms are not allowed to move, but if you were to open the taps, then the energy forms are allowed to flow and now you are probably wondering how this flow of current comes about and we will explain it to you. 

When the taps are opened, the energy forms flow out of the vessels and flood the crystal. When one form of energy attracts the other, a vacuum is created because one form of energy attracts the space in the crystal where the other form of energy is. How can you imagine this, we ask? Take the straw as an example. When you suck something out of the glass, the space must also be filled with air, otherwise the liquid cannot be sucked into the mouth. If the container with the liquid were hermetically sealed, then you would not be able to suck the liquid through the straw, because a negative pressure would be generated in the beaker by the suction, which would act against the suction. So if you want to suck liquid from the airtight container, you have to fill the space in the cup with something that has the same volume so that the liquid can flow. 

If you open the taps on the vessels in the crystal, then the amount of energy in the vessels will flood the crystal and since both amounts of energy attract each other, but they cannot “equalise” in volume, they will remain in areas that will cause them to remain stationary because they will lock each other. They have assumed a state of rigidity. But if someone now wanted to use some of this energy, then a volume balance must take place and then different amounts of energy would cause one form of energy to occupy more space in the crystal than the opposite form of energy. Now, if a volume balance is to be established, how is that practised, we ask? You have to make sure that some of one form of energy is released so that the two areas of energy are unbalanced. How do you do this, we ask? By consuming one form of energy. If you consider that you can mandate the crystal consciousness to use an energy form to do something, then there would be an imbalance in the energy forms so that the energy form with the greater amount of energy would begin to use the freed up space in the crystal to expand. 

If the crystal has an entrance and an exit, because a crystal has a direction of action, then the crystal consciousness must ensure that the two forms of energy are separated in these areas. You instruct the crystal consciousness to separate the two energy forms so that one energy form occupies the entrance area as its space in the crystal and the other energy form is to occupy the exit area of the crystal. The crystal consciousness is to use the energy form in the entrance area for this purpose to separate these amounts of energy. If the crystal consciousness uses energy from the entrance area to build this barrier between the energy forms, then the entrance area has lost some of its energy and the energy form from the exit area immediately wants to occupy the vacated space in the entrance area. But it cannot, because the crystal consciousness prevents this. The writer is thinking that the entrance energy can be entered through the outer area because the surplus in the exit area could now spread out to flow to the entrance area, which would be partially possible, but the crystal consciousness prevents it because it knows what you are up to. The crystal consciousness works with your consciousness so that it always knows what you are up to. It knows through reading this text what your consciousness wants to do now, so there is so much going on in the background that you are not aware of. If the crystal is limited by its outer shell, then like a magnet there are field lines that could create the flow of energy from the end to the beginning of the crystal, but the crystal consciousness stops these field lines so that you can create your crystal battery. 

Now, if there is less energy at the beginning of your crystal than there is at the end of the crystal, then the energy form at the end of the crystal tries to get into the area of the other energy form to fill that area. But it does not get there because it is prevented from doing so by the crystal consciousness. If you were to lay a cable from the beginning of the crystal to the end of the crystal, what would happen, we ask? A short circuit is what those in the know would suspect, but that doesn’t answer the question. What happens to the amounts of energy, we ask? They try to reach each other because some space has now been added, which is this cable. The output is now trying to occupy the space in the wire and the energy form at the input is trying to do the same. Because the input energy is less, it will also occupy less space in the wire than the energy form in the output. What else happens, we ask? Nothing, because no consumer has been connected. These forms of energy do not now cause the crystal to heat up, nor does the line get hot because the amounts of energy can still not flow. What then is the difference between a short circuit in a conventional battery and our crystal battery, we ask? A conventional battery has substances that will heat up, this does not happen in a crystal battery because the forms of energy go back into a rigidity that makes them appear motionless. The crystal battery will never allow a short circuit as you know it from the conventional types of batteries. 

A crystal battery is very safe and so effective that this technology is a quantum leap unlike anything you have ever experienced in your society. The crystal battery is extremely efficient because hardly any of the energy is consumed. The energy once stored will never disappear unless it is to leave the crystal and very little of the energy is used because the crystal consciousness can influence many forms of energy that you do not know about at this time. 

Now, when the energy forms have occupied the space in the cable, they are in a resting position, so nothing else happens. If you cut the cable, the area in each end of the cable is still occupied, because this cable can be seen as an extension of the areas in the crystal that the energy forms occupy. If you now place a small light bulb between the ends of the cable, as you know it from the electronics kit, then a balance is created by this light bulb, because the energy forms again want to divide the space in the cable and the light bulb, so that the amount of energy from the end of the crystal flows briefly towards the beginning of the crystal. Before, the space in the cable was divided equally, but the light bulb will use some of a quantity of energy because the energy has to flow through the small cross-section of the filament so that the balance can take place. 

What is being used there and how, you are probably asking yourselves now? Let us first clarify what these forms of energy actually are, then you can also understand what happens in the small filament so that the lamp starts to glow. 

Positive energy is a type of energy that is used a lot because positive polarity is something that you can perceive everywhere. All types of energy are generally positive by nature. If there are only positive types of energy, where did the opposite form of energy in the crystal come from, we ask? This energy form was created by a spiritual being because it wanted you to be able to experiment. The writer is not satisfied with this explanation, so we will briefly explain how the opposite energy is formed. 

When you use a form of energy, it is neutral among all other forms of energy, only when this form of energy is transformed can it become a negative form of energy. A spiritual being redirects quantities of energy at every moment. The spiritual being can only accomplish this if the consciousness of the being is capable of directing potentials. Every form of energy is to be evaluated as a potential and a potential arises when a quantity of energy has a certain size. However, the quantity of energy also corresponds to a form of energy, so that this form of energy in connection with the quantity of energy represents the potential. If the energy form is very potent, then a small amount of it is sufficient to do a certain amount of work with it. If you use a less potent form of energy, then you have to increase the amount of energy so that you can do the same amount of work. Now you know that the potential of an energy depends directly on the magnitude of the amount of energy and the form of energy. Now, if you want to get an opposite potential, you have to change something in the energy and you can only do that by transforming the form of the energy. The transformation again consumes energy, so for a negative amount of energy you have to transform the positive amount of energy, which always consumes energy. The reshaped energy will then be opposite so that one form of energy in the crystal corresponds to a positive form of energy and the opposite form of energy in the crystal is reshaped by the spiritual being from the first form of energy so that you now know that any form of energy can be used to flow through the filament. When the energy form reaches the filament, both energy potentials want to occupy the space in the filament at the same time, so both energy forms interact there, causing the filament to heat up until it glows. We will come back to this energy flow and its effects in other blog entries, so we will not go into it further today. 

Now we want to explain how you can mentally switch the lamp on and off again. Imagine you can programme a switch. By this we mean a conventional light switch in your experiment room in the crystal. When you have prepared everything so far, because the taps are open and the crystal consciousness has been instructed to separate the two forms of energy, so that one form of energy remains at the beginning of the crystal and the other form of energy at the end of the crystal, then you also instruct that at the end of the crystal the energy may only flow when the light switch is actuated. If the light switch is pressed again, the energy form must not leave the end of the crystal. How you design the light switch is up to you, but the crystal consciousness always knows what you mean. 

Now you are able to programme a crystal battery. If you can do this, then all the following experiments will be very easy for you because they will always be based on the crystal battery. Good luck and practise diligently. We have so much more to tell you so that you can become real crystal experts in a short time. 

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