A0416: What does water that has been homogenised by a moldavite do?

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When the moldavite rests overnight in a container of pure water, the components in the water are transformed so that the water tastes softer. Not only does the water taste softer, but the energy of the moldavite has entered the water in one way or another. There are two types of moldavites. The discharged kind of a Moldavite and the charged kind of a Moldavite. Both types will do something to the water, which we will now explain. 

The discharged moldavite
When a discharged moldavite is placed in the glass of pure water, atoms in the moldavite will cause their electrons to transfer into the pure water. This transfer of electrons is not all that happens, but the water molecules are otherwise adjusted by this process, so that the water is not only energetically charged, but the water is in a state that can be compared to mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is essential for a newborn child and this milk ensures that the child’s self-healing powers are strengthened. Children can grow excellently without mother’s milk, but should problems arise during this time, the child who receives mother’s milk is much better able to deal with these problems. The discharged or partially discharged Moldavite ensures that the water molecule has similar properties, so that a person always strengthens their self-healing powers through it. This process is very powerful, so we really recommend that every person drink a glass of pure water every day that has been homogenised for several hours by a discharged or partially discharged Moldavite. 

The charged moldavite
When a charged moldavite is placed in a container of pure water, this moldavite also reshapes the water. This time, however, the electrons will enrich the water so that the water seems to be bursting with energy. This glass of water will ensure that your energy reserves are raised. You will simply feel able to do more and you will not tire as quickly. The charged Moldavite will also support your self-healing powers, but not as much as a discharged or partially discharged Moldavite. You can drink a glass of pure water every day and you will notice the difference quite quickly. It does not matter that you leave many or even large moldavites in this glass of pure water, because the water itself determines how much energy it absorbs from the moldavite, so that a tiny moldavite has the same effect on the water as a large moldavite. 

We would like to briefly touch on a few topics in this regard, so that this knowledge is not woven into old and outdated knowledge. 

The moldavite does not cause you to raise your so-called frequency because that is an absolute misunderstanding of what this so-called frequency of a human being is. No one raises any frequency, not now and not at any other time, because you have all the frequencies already, but you can strengthen certain frequency ranges, nothing more. We hope the writer will ask us about it one day, then we can explain it in detail. 

If you replace the moldavite with a crystal of your choice, then the crystal will also have an effect on that water, but non-programmed crystals will never have the effect on the water that a moldavite can have, because the moldavite had vast amounts of energy stored in it when it was created that can now be used. If you have a programmed crystal you can easily fill it with healing energy and the healing effect will be much more effective than a moldavite could ever be. If you do not have such a programmed crystal, then the Moldavite is your first choice. 

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