A0232: The Moon – Part 3

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The moon is inhabited by many different beings and they all have one thing in common, they are extremely progressive in their approach. By that we mean they have developed technology that not only brought them to your moon, but they also have the ability to stay there. Your astronauts were only briefly on the moon because the technology did not allow you to spend a long time. The lunar inhabitants do not have this problem and we also believe that beings that are so advanced will have already settled other celestial bodies. To do this, however, they need a lot of tools that let them do it. Let us assume that the beings want to create a basis, how do they proceed, we ask? First you choose a suitable place, this place should be provided with moon rock, which we would like to compare with granite. Granite is not only hard, but many of the harmful energies are largely prevented. Granite can also be shaped wonderfully and we tell you, in the past people could soften the granite with thoughts, the soft material could be transformed into any shape. Today you need equipment for it, but not to melt the granite, but to change its texture temporarily. The granite will regain its natural properties after a short time. To do this, someone has to determine the natural frequency of granite and develop a device that can change this frequency. He will quickly notice that the frequency change makes the granite malleable. If you think that such a frequency change can be caused by music, you are not so wrong, but the frequencies are very special, so that someone first has to distinguish rocks based on their natural frequency. Once this has been done and understood, this frequency can also be generated and changed. Here, the granite becomes something different and many of these conditions make the hard rock appear soft, so that applying a different frequency to the rock causes the rock to be shaped with bare hands. It sounds crazy to you, but most beings master this technology. Many beings can also convert the rock into energy. To do this, they in turn point a “frequency cannon” at an area in the rock and the frequencies make the rock seem to disappear, but it is only converted into energy. The process is simple and harmless. If a being got between the “frequency cannon” and the rock, the being would only burn the hair because they come closest to the frequencies. Hair is special and lasts a long time, although we don’t want to compare hair with rock, but the hair is closer to the body than bones or even teeth. This type of cavity creation requires a huge amount of energy that is extracted directly from the universe. The universe has a huge amount of energy, this energy does not disappear either, but is constantly being converted.

But it would be better if the rock can be used for other purposes, and so do the beings. These underground bases are very large and there are many monuments. Every base makes it its business to stand out from buildings and many of these bases are known in your solar system. These monuments are also positioned on the surface so that strangers can see from a distance what a great group their base has built there. Much of what you know from the ancient Egyptians is also represented there, both on the surface and in the base. Your space agencies have always been amazed at what can be seen there and they still don’t understand much today. See it as something the group would like to show, a lot is very large so that it is not overlooked. Many craters have such monuments on their slopes and many drawings and ornaments can be seen there. Surface activities are extremely rare and we believe that when a hobby astronomer sees something like this, he is very lucky. Many missions to the moon were undertaken only to find out this secret. The earthly authorities are still in the dark and no one really knows how to deal with it, but the creatures in the moon see it very calmly because humanity is so technologically backward that it poses no danger.

Many beings live a fulfilled existence. We would compare it to a Mediterranean life where there is no stress or pressure on the beings. We say Mediterranean life because many bases are just that. A base is not a building complex as you imagine, but a base has buildings in its landscape. Many bases have lakes or rivers. The light is manufactured technologically, although we have to say that it is mostly static and does not form the course of the sun, but everything is illuminated and warm. Many beings are like humans and it is easy to live and work in such an environment. Most researchers are unfamiliar with physical labor and much is done by technology, so we think there is no physically demanding work, but not all groups are designed in this way, but we also believe that no one is forced to live with a group. Many of the beings also change their location, by that we mean the following: There are many specialists and when their work is done they go where they are needed. Many beings belong to different races and we think many stay among themselves but when they work it doesn’t matter which race they belong to. There is hostility, but with so many different races, it’s not uncommon. There are people there too, not all of them came from Earth, but some did. Many contacts that are made with certain people on earth often result in people wanting to live permanently on the moon. What can a man do on the moon, we ask? The earthly person is special because man carries many strong emotions that most beings are not familiar with or cannot understand how a being with such strong emotions can live. Most beings feel these emotions from afar, so people are welcome because the beings can experience how a person deals with them. A simple task can overwhelm or inspire a person, most beings do not know that. Many people worry about beings that are closest to them, this applies to Earth as well as to other planets. People from Earth can deal with other races quite well because people can be very warm, but not everyone can be taken for that, so we say that only the good-natured people among the contacts have any opportunity to come to the moon . Those who were there usually don’t want to go back. Those who stay there have a long and healthy life because there is no pollution on the bases and medical care can do more than would be possible on earth.

What else do the beings do on the moon, we ask? Many beings enjoy themselves with music and other leisure activities. Many couples will start a family there and many friendships will be made. The beings travel a lot to see the achievements of the other groups. Much is also done at work, which fulfills most beings, so we would say that work is in the foreground and a lot is done with the work colleagues. However, flights to Earth are not included in these activities because moon inhabitants have to give a reason to visit Earth. But you also travel to other celestial bodies to relax or work there. The moon has many water resources, so the lakes and rivers are always visited with pleasure. There are animals there, but they are only selected specimens, which means that the animal world is under supervision and cannot develop freely. A day on or in the lake is often used to make contact with other beings. Many couples are not always of one race, so much can be seen that is rare even on other planets. Many of these couples have offspring who are celebrated as real moon dwellers. All races like to celebrate and many celebrations are taken over by other races, so that many celebrations seem very miraculous and most moon inhabitants do not know what exactly is celebrated. Everything that is eaten or drunk is grown exclusively in the bases. Many bases trade among themselves with their grown food. There are many markets, but the markets do not only trade in food, but other products are also offered.

In the next part, we will talk about the connections between the lunar inhabitants and humans on earth. Many of you who want to connect with a spiritual being often connect with the inhabitants of the moon who like to have a conversation with a human.

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