A0230: The Moon – Part 1

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The moon did not originate naturally, but many beings were responsible for giving the earth this companion, but why do we say that your moon is artificial? Because the earth had no moon before and since the earth should be life-friendly for the biological life that now exists on the earth, a companion for the young earth had to be brought in to stabilize the earth. This process is not unique and has been done countless times before. What happened when the Earth got its companion? Young Earth had assumed a “stable” orbit around the sun. The angle of the earth’s axis to the sun was unsatisfactory to guarantee the seasons. Many beings have been looking for which planet is suitable as a companion. It is not only the size and density that is important, but also the effect that occurs when a planet is moved in a solar system. Everything had to be taken into account so that this mission was a success. There were some rock worlds between Jupiter and Neptune that could be considered. Today’s moon was a rock world. He was already cold, but still very active. This in turn was decisive for the mission because an inactive celestial body does not build up a sphere that shields the celestial body from external energies. Since this future moon should also provide a home for living beings, the solar winds must be shielded for biological living beings. The moon’s magnetic field is still active, it is not as effective as that of the earth, but it still offers some protection.

How was the future moon brought to earth, we ask? The celestial body already had an orbit around the sun, the beings who were responsible for the transport to earth have previously calculated exactly which force has to act from which direction over a certain period of time so that the celestial body changes its original orbit and due to the effects of force the other celestial body has reached its current position. This was not easy and many readjustments were necessary so that the current moon actually does a bound rotation with the earth. The position and orientation of the moon to Earth has often been changed to achieve the current result. We are not talking about years, but millennia. The transport in the direction of the earth was not easy, but it took a long time for the moon to act on the earth so that it changes its axis angle to the sun. The rotation around the earth was accomplished by the flyby effects and many maneuvers were necessary.

By moving the celestial body, it had many effects on the other celestial bodies in the solar system. Many outposts of different races were present in the solar system and many negotiations were carried out so that the celestial body could be relocated. Some races were against it, but as everywhere, there was advice that ultimately agreed and the move could begin. Some outposts had to be abandoned, including bases that already existed on the current moon. These beings were reluctant to relocate and reluctantly had to give up their bases. Many beings have participated in the transportation of the celestial body and very advanced technology has been used. There are beings in the spiritual world who can do this, but they only intervene when necessary. Many physical beings have come to know how technology can do this, and they are happy to support such efforts. In a council that is responsible for this solar system, many beings of the solar system have decided to make the earth life-friendly, which is why many different beings are always involved in implementing the decisions. Some of the beings of that time no longer exist, but most of the races from this period are still present in this solar system.

When the moon was in place and the Earth’s axis aligned, the moon was slowly being transformed by the beings of the solar system. What do we mean by that, we ask? The moon as you know it now is not the moon that was assigned to the earth as a companion at that time. The moon was smaller and did not have the current appearance. The look back then was much more monotonous than it is now. At that time, a person on earth would only have seen a gray disk in the sky and not the seas and mountain landscapes that can be seen today. At the beginning, many measures were taken to bring certain minerals to the moon. Since the moon should always be inhabited, certain materials had to be present on the moon, which also makes this possible. Many small celestial bodies were directed in the direction of the moon so that it could obtain these raw materials. Why this effort, you might ask yourself? The moon is richly populated, but so that the earth is not populated, an incentive had to be created so that the beings that inhabit the solar system choose the moon for their raw materials and not the earth. This process took some time. The earth had long since cooled down and we would say the flora and fauna began to spread. The moon is not that old in its current position, but it has existed much longer than the earth. The moon has its origin in this solar system, but it originated in a different place in the solar system.

The earth has been through a lot, the current moon has provided some stability, but the moon still has an interesting peculiarity. Whenever the earth’s axis points away from the sun, the moon begins to rotate around its own axis. What do we mean by that, the writer asks? If the axis of the earth points away from the sun, the moon begins to turn towards the earth on its side facing away from the earth, which is why people saw a different moon thousands of years ago than you did today. The writer doesn’t believe us and is currently trying to create models as this can be possible. Yes, it has to do with the weight distribution of the mass in the moon, but we’ll explain exactly what happens there in the next part.

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