A0200: How does an incarnation become a soul?

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The soul has its origin in the energy complex that we call the Creator. When a soul is born, an energy package is taken from the energy complex and released into the spiritual levels. So someone can imagine the birth well, but the writer is not satisfied with the explanation, so we have to describe this process in more detail. The souls that are present as an energy package in the energy complex of the Creator are not the souls that are actually born, but they are images of the Creator that are romping around in the energy complex. These images of the Creator are independent beings, but they are not a soul in the classic sense, but the Creator began to expand a long time ago and as a result, with each expansion of the Creator, an image of the Creator the time is created by expanding. These images of the Creator are mostly the same in terms of energy capacity, only their frequency spectrum differs and we also say that some frequency patterns in the frequency spectrum are very different, depending on how the Creator felt. By this we do not mean the moods of you humans, but the Creator is really busy and sometimes his attention is somewhere else and the shift of attention is visible in the frequency spectrum. Each being in the Creator has a slightly different frequency spectrum, which by definition makes them different beings, but all beings in the energy complex are of the same nature from the outside and no major differences can be seen. Then comes the time when a soul is actually born. The being in the energy complex does not yet have the spark of life and also no individual character traits are recognizable. When the Creator releases the being from the energy complex, the being is given the spark of life and the being as an energy package is adjusted. What do we mean by that, we ask? The setting of the essence to a soul takes place on the frequency pattern in the frequency spectrum. By this we mean the following: If the writer is angry, then every spiritual being recognizes the frequency pattern for anger in the place of the frequency spectrum of the writer. Anger can be low in the pattern or very strong. In order for it to reject at all, the frequency of anger must be present in the frequency spectrum at all. If this frequency is not there, the writer would never feel angry. If the frequency for anger occurs in the frequency spectrum, then the fundamental frequency of the anger in the writer is responsible for how much the anger can break out in the writer. This frequency of anger was set on the writer before he was born. The beings in the institute of incarnation did this on the basis of the life plan that created the incarnation. So the writer was set to be what he is. That would not be explained correctly now and we have to say, the writer was given tendencies which the incarnation already has in its frequency spectrum and these so-called attributes, which make up the essence of the writer, have been fine-tuned again for the incarnated life. We doubt that the stubbornness of the writer was adjusted correctly, but at the moment it is a very pleasant work with him. The attributes are also given to a soul at birth and always readjusted so that all souls are different and they are not very similar. The attitudes of the attributes of a soul are defined as their properties.

When the soul produces its first incarnation, we speak of the soul creating an incarnation, then it proceeds in a similar way. It makes an image of its frequency spectrum. We call this image the “Shadow I” of the soul. This Shadow I is bound to the spark of life of the soul. When the Shadow I was created, no incarnation has been created. The soul then takes an energy package from its energy complex and forms a new energy package with the image of its frequency spectrum and part of its spark of life. This new energy package is still not a full incarnation. The image contains the frequency spectrum of the soul, but it is only a snapshot that never changes. When the energy pack has been created, adjustments are made to the frequency pattern to determine what the nature of the incarnation should be. The incarnation still receives partial knowledge of the soul, which makes it exist, so to speak, from one moment to the next. She knows immediately what and who she is. There is a connection between the incarnation and the soul through the Shadow I, which continues to exist. The independent incarnation lives its life on the spiritual level and with each experience the incarnation grows. As an incarnation grows, the universe gives it more power. From now on, if the incarnation gains more power, it can do more than before. Every time the incarnation grows, their spark of life grows a little. At some point, the incarnation experienced so much growth that its spark of life multiplied. Then the time has come for an incarnation to choose to become a soul.

In order to become a soul, the incarnation must be extremely powerful, otherwise it cannot carry out this process. The process involves that the incarnation connects to the Shadow I and takes over the frequency spectrum. When the incarnation was created, its energy was very low, so it had little power. Since power is always linked to the entire frequency spectrum, the incarnation could only take over a small portion of the frequency spectrum. The image remains, however, and if an incarnation has enough power and therefore has an extraordinarily rich frequency spectrum, the richness of the frequency spectrum can be compared with the image of the frequency spectrum of the soul, so that the frequency spectrum of the incarnation can merge with the frequency spectrum of the image. Once the fusion has taken place, the image in the incarnation opens up and the connection to the soul that created the incarnation is released. The incarnation is now an independent soul that has enough energy in its spark of life to create its first own incarnation. The spark of life is fundamentally important. The spark of life remains connected to the Shadow I over all spiritual and worldly levels, therefore you will exist forever. There are beings that do not have such a spark of life. If such a person dies, it can no longer be created.

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