A0196: Are spiritual beings also only people?

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Yes, every spiritual being is only a human being. Why is that, we ask? Because every spiritual being has the same sensations as people, only some sensations are stronger and others are weaker. Everyone has felt hate before. The writer has often felt hatred, especially against the Windows operating system. He was often annoyed that an operating system is so complicated and not intuitive to use. This hatred has often mapped into a frequency pattern at a certain point in its frequency spectrum. If he got upset about it again and rejected this frequency pattern, we always had to appease him, so that he didn’t hate his computer for what he actually did because he was so hateful. This hatred has subsided, the writer still works professionally with this operating system today, but whenever he does not know why the computer responds as he does, the frequency pattern no longer peaks so strongly at this point in the frequency spectrum and we would say he is annoyed normally without wanting to dismantle his office into small parts. We are spiritual beings, we are also annoyed, but we could never feel this hatred like the writer with the Windows operating system. He works privately on an Apple computer and in recent years he has also been annoyed by this operating system. We get off the topic. We are annoyed, we laugh a lot, we covet no other being. This is a difference between the incarnated beings and a spiritual being. We don’t have to reproduce and that’s why we don’t need a partner. Sex life is strange to us too, but otherwise we would say that we are all the same with a few exceptions. The sensations are different in a spiritual being, but we like to laugh and are also fascinated by things, just like you humans. Therefore, we say that we are all the same, only temporarily different, just like the writer when he gets the next hate attack on his Windows computer.

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