A0197: Can faith manifest things?

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es, every thought manifests itself in one form or another. If someone wishes something and that from the whole heart, then the beings around her hear it and on the other hand the wish is a thought. The more intensely and precisely a thought is thought, the more energy the thought attracts from the associated main and sublevels, which in turn becomes existent. If the thought is “weak”, the result is fleeting. If the thought is strong, then the energy that forms the thought and thus pulls into the physical world is also strong. If someone is afraid of something and imagines the most confusing situations in which the fear is addressed, the thought becomes reality, in the intensity in which it was thought. By this we do not mean that when someone is afraid of spiders and is always pursued by spiders in their thoughts, that it also occurs, but the thought is energy, this energy can also manifest itself in the fact that the person’s attention is constantly on spiders environment that most people don’t notice. If someone thinks strongly and precisely of a suitcase full of money, then this thought cannot become reality because only people who have mastered enough virtues can manifest the thoughts. Then they get the power to create complex structures. People who have this power don’t care about a suitcase full of money and they don’t have to prove anything to anyone. The writer could do something like that, but he doesn’t care. He wanted to bend spoons once, by pure will we mean that his wife has forbidden it, but now itches his fingers. If he wants to try, he should let go of all thoughts about it, only then would he be able to do it. The writer thinks constantly and intensely, so it will be a Herculean task that he has to master first. We say the following: If you want to manifest something, think carefully about what the result should look like beforehand. The more precise the preliminary consideration, the more successfully this manifestation will succeed.

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