A0195: Is exorcism real?

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Yes, exorcism actually exists and people can be obsessed. But we also think that people who are obsessed do not pose a danger, as you see in your films. When a person is possessed, he has a strong and mental bond with another person. This amazes you now, but is easy to explain. If a person desires another person, the person is theoretically no longer accountable, because all decisions that are made in the direction of the person to be desired are guided by lower instincts. This connection also exists in the spiritual world. If a person consciously or unconsciously desires a spiritual being, all subsequent decisions are no longer relevant, because the person acts out of their lower instincts. When the person desires the “devil”, this desire manifests within the person. The so-called devil does not exist in the person, but the thought manifests this expression within the person. The person goes nuts and performs irrational acts that, viewed from the outside, would give the impression of an obsession. This obsession only takes place in the “head”, but since we know that precisely thought thoughts can manifest, the person will do terrible things that will not stop at abuse of their own bodies.

Every person who desires another person is in fact obsessed with him. When people have strong religious beliefs, this obsession takes on unusual forms. If you research where this obsession occurs most often, you will find common ground with the religious beliefs of the population. So what does this so-called exorcist actually do, we ask? He convinces the “possessed” person and their surroundings that the so-called devil has been driven out. If the so-called obsession is strong, then the so-called exorcist needs a large stage to convincingly perform the so-called expulsion. People in love who act irrationally and actors who put on a “special” performance it is just that and not more, and you will know the answer whether someone has really been “healed” if you have ever been in love or if you ever desired another person.

There are people who are occupied by another being, someone can imagine that the person carries another being without them knowing about it. The beings like to look at people’s lives and would always like to be there when something happens. They know a person’s signature and link to that person, so to speak. Most of the time, the person doesn’t notice anything and only a few notice it. They feel a loss of energy, rather low to evaluate, which stems from the fact that the spiritual being uses energy of the person for the connection. It can happen that the person is indirectly influenced by the thoughts of the spiritual being, but the person would never act as crazy and irrational as a person in love or “possessed” sometimes does. These occupations don’t last long since most people tend to live boring lives. The spiritual beings can also only link to the person who at least temporarily has a similar frequency spectrum. Are you depressed, angry, jealous or do you have other low frequency patterns, then beings who share similar frequency patterns can link to you until you raise your frequency spectrum again with fun, joy and love. Highly vibrating beings also connect with you, there the energy exchange takes place from the spiritual being to the person, so that such a connection is described as pleasant.

There are different beings that have a different frequency pattern to each other, whether a frequency is low-frequency compared to another being, has no meaningfulness whether a being is bad or good. The different vibration does not characterize the beings in good or bad, but the individual actions of the beings decide about them. If there are people among you who think that you have to look down on low-vibrating beings and assume that they have malicious intentions, then such a person should think carefully about what kind of “vibration” you humans have compared to other beings. Then the humans of the earth would be called the scum of the galaxy because you earth humans are very low vibrating beings compared to all other beings in the universe. So who of you presumes to judge low- level beings if you hardly differ from these “low-level” beings compared to the rest of the universe. With you on earth, there is an overwhelming number of honest and loving people, just as there are so-called low-vibrating beings, honest and loving beings, but like on earth, there are exceptions, which can be seen as negligible to the total number.

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