A0189: What is the general astral plane? – Part 12

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The 13th level
Whenever people connect to the so-called Creator level, either to communicate with the Creator or to heal, they connect to this 13th level. This level has been created especially for you people so that those who want it can get “direct” access to the Creator. Many conversations take place on this level with the “Creator” and healing can be instructed on this level. What exactly is happening at this level? This level includes, among other things, the healing energy that healers use and there are innumerable beings who carry out and supervise the healings. These beings also talk to the people who connect to this level. By this we do not mean “normal” conversations with the creator, but rather questions asked directly on this level, which are then answered by the “creator”. Again and again people from Earth connect to this level and ask many questions. At a time when this level was becoming popular among you humans, this level had always been used for healing, but then there was a rumor that this level was the Creator himself and everything that happens there is done by the Creator. This is absolutely not the case and the writer has always had his doubts because at the time he tried it, nothing could convince him that he was actually talking to the creator. It is well known to beings on this level that their level is thought to be something else, but they have no interest in clearing up this misinterpretation, which is why the level is supposed to help and if some questions can be asked to the “creator” these beings also answer it via collective consciousness. Unlike the Akashic masters, these beings have given priority to healing and questions are not answered as objectively as the Akashic masters. Healing is the main theme on this level. Unlike described, nobody has to follow certain procedures for this, because these healings, no matter which healing method you use on earth, will always take place via this 13th level. Some healing methods are more efficient, but all healers derive their energy from this level and very few practice it without these beings. Every healer is actually trained by these beings and accompanied on their way. Many beings have received healing from it. If someone, other than this writer, pursues his life plan and becomes a healer, these beings will generally not support such persons, but healers who draw their energy from the 8th level will heal differently than the ordinary healers. Stubbornness has really lost great potential here, but the writer decided differently, even if he didn’t know about it at the time. If you think you heal directly with the Creator or you think you speak directly to the Creator, you are wrong, but because we all share a collective consciousness, someone could still say that it is. Let people rest in this belief, at some point they will find out, either they will discover inconsistencies, as this writer was always amazed to see, or they will read it at some point. You weren’t cheated, you just didn’t know better.

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