A0190: Are a person’s sufferings brought about by masters and teachers?

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No, not all sufferings result from the fact that the masters and teachers bring about these sufferings in one person. If a person is off the path that somehow appears in the life plan, then all masters and teachers will begin to cause suffering to the person. This writer is extremely stubborn and when we have not yet communicated with him, as is the case now, we have tried in vain to lead him on his path. Much of what people experience as strange mostly has something to do with the fact that the masters and teachers try to guide the person on one of their chosen paths. The writer wanted to be a healer, which he chose among other things when he created his life plan as an incarnation. The soul wants to experience some things, but mostly the incarnations determine how a general life should go. The writer wanted to be a healer, there were actually not many optional paths, so we would say the life plan was very one-sided. This is usually not the case and you humans have a variety of options that you can take advantage of. But the writer is also extremely stubborn as an incarnation and the incarnation actually only provided the path for healing. There were some options here that have not been used to date. Since the writer did nothing of what he originally planned, he suffered a lot from it. We were in no other position to make it clear to the writer that he was not on his path. He accepted everything and kept going. The muscles in the neck area are happy to be changed, so that the writer could only turn his head in pain. We tried a lot and it was never successful. Because if the writer had figured out that these sufferings had something to do with how his life was then, he would have quickly figured out that there might be something that did not want him to do what he was doing. Ordinary people, we mean people who do not have this stubbornness have started to question their lives and that is the reason why we masters and teachers of one person cause these sufferings. Not because it is fun for us, but because it is an indication from the spiritual world to people to change something in their life or to find their path. Many of you have not chosen this strict life plan like this stubborn incarnation from this stubborn writer. You are free to do whatever you want. But when your life stands still and you cannot develop, then all masters and teachers start to produce small and then great suffering in one person. The neck muscles are mostly an indication that you wanted to do something completely different. In your time here, the neck muscles are also stressed by your way of life, so that a slight pain should not be immediately blamed on the person’s masters and teachers. The writer spent hours stretching his muscles, which, of course, unsporting as he is, he did it completely wrong, so we had to intervene to show him how to properly work on the tense muscles. He found that extremely interesting, but he didn’t think it was a sign. Now you’re wondering why we didn’t just tell him. It has to be explained that the masters and teachers of a person have no direct contact in the sense of conversations. That is not desirable at all. If we were to tell you to do this or that, then you are just puppets. That is the last thing we want, nothing would be gained, but you would patronize us and live the life of another. But if you come to this yourself through clues, then a knowledge will arise within you that you have found yourself. We only helped how a parent lets his child experience the environment and intervenes here and there to prevent worse things, but the child goes on a discovery tour himself and is not only there. Therefore it must be ensured that the masters and teachers do not maintain direct “verbal” contact. The writer is so stubborn that he experienced many ailments, which were largely withdrawn after his current path was established. You readers should pay attention to whether you have persistent or strange suffering. If you think you have one or more such ailments, look at your life. If there is standstill or boredom, you have no task and if you feel uncomfortable, the way your life goes, you can assume that your masters and teachers have heard it before and they are now starting to draw the person’s attention to it judge. Often a small change in life is enough and the suffering disappears as quickly as it came. You don’t have to pay attention to the lives of others, but look at your life and evaluate it, you are the most important person in it, so do the masters and teachers.

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