A0188: What is the general astral plane? – Part 11

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The 12th level
This level is not the so-called creator level, but a level where the beings are at home who take care of the connections to the creator being. By this we mean the following: If a being wants to ask a direct question to the creator in order to receive individual answers, we always mean personal answers, then the beings connect with this energy level. The Creator represents all levels, but this level has direct access to the consciousness of the Creator. When someone connects to this level, the being always connects to the collective consciousness of all beings. The Creator is everything, you too, and that is why the Creator has a collective consciousness. We also mean that in the beginning the Creator was a great consciousness, little by little the Creator created the first souls and multiplied his cells of consciousness. With this, the Creator did not share his consciousness, but rather expanded it. Since all beings are connected to this being, it is de facto a collective consciousness. When you experience growth as a person, your soul automatically experiences growth. When your soul experiences growth, the collective consciousness of the Creator also experiences growth. But the Creator is also a consciousness as you humans would define it and at the same time it is also the collective consciousness consisting of all of us. If the Creator has a thought, then all other beings have it too. If the Creator was in a bad mood, everyone would feel it, because as a collective we are all interconnected in the Creator. So that not everyone hears every thought of the Creator, so to speak, filters are built in, the deeper a being stays on the levels, the more the thoughts and emotions of the collective consciousness are filtered out. You as human beings are very far from the Creator and hear little of this flow of information. Therefore, you do not have a direct connection to the creator. We often change the description from the creator to the creator being, there is a reason for that. The creator differs from the creator being in his thought pattern. The original creator is still present in the collective consciousness, but when we describe the collective consciousness we are talking about the creator being. For you humans, this should be a new perspective that describes the Creator better than anything you could ever read from theological essays. The writer likes this description because he has never read the Bible and had no other value in any religious worldview. He will now slowly understand that theoretically, if he had really kicked the Creator in his astral butt, he would actually have kicked in and out of every being as well. The idea should suffice that the writer refrains from further attempts in this way. Knowing all beings against you is not a nice idea, not even for this writer. The 12th level is used by the beings to access this collective consciousness. The actual creator is included in this collective, but every being knows that the answer comes from all beings, so there is also a lot of knowledge and wisdom in the answer. You Earth people have no access to this collective consciousness, but when Wingmaker’ were invented the blueprint for mankind at the time, they were wise enough to create some level on the top, and the 12 main levels then became 13 main levels. The 13th main level corresponds to the level at which people also have access to the collective consciousness, but not in the way that you might think. This will be the last part of this series, in which we discuss the 13th level and tell what it actually stands for. At this level, too, the information provided is new to those who know and many will not be happy with what they will read there. But we are not here to confirm the old knowledge, but to give you a new and correct view of things. We aim to provide you with the knowledge that best and most accurately describes the spiritual world.

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