A0187: What is the general astral plane? – Part 10

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The 11th level
At the 11th level the energies are in the foreground, which make all beings and every consciousness what they represent at this time. You are a being with consciousness. You could just be consciousness, but you chose to be a being too. Right now you are something else, so to speak, namely a person who has embodied himself strongly in order to gain certain experiences. However, a being cannot collect these experiences so easily. For these experiences, regularities have to be formulated, some of which not only include the legalities of the 5th level, but also greatly expand them, so that we have to say the legalities of the 5th level are contained to a small extent in the 11th level. What new laws are we talking about? Here, for example, the law of righteousness is meant. If someone is righteous, behaves fairly, so to speak, no matter how the norms of society are interpreted, it is righteous in the cosmic sense. On Earth, the law of righteousness is interpreted differently, but when a person creates hands through his work, it is de facto his creation. If someone else claims this creation for himself without providing a fair compensation, it is unfair and not righteous. The writer is extremely righteous and can understand the reasoning. The writer has always been very righteous, which has led to the fact that the energy of righteousness is strongly represented in his frequency pattern. If a being consciously or unconsciously fulfills the requirements for an energy of the 11th level, it is automatically adopted into the frequency pattern of the being. When this happens, the being has experienced growth, it now has a higher frequency, and the level of power will give it more power from a certain point in time. Many of these virtues are formulated on the 11th level and depending on what kind of being you are, these frequency patterns that you then receive are formulated. An earthly being must fulfill other requirements to fulfill the virtue of righteousness than an incarnation in the spiritual world. If you have mastered a virtue on earth, then you have fulfilled the most difficult requirements that apply in the universe. That is why we emphasize again and again that you as a person, that is, as an incarnation embodied, were extremely courageous when you chose the earth for a physical life. We said before, mostly your soul asks if you want to take on this task, but you can always choose not to live on earth. It is never the case that an incarnation is forced to do so, not unconsciously, but that it has all options:

  • To reject life
  • To change life
  • To incarnate on another planet where living conditions are not that difficult

Most incarnations in the spiritual world have never experienced a physical life in their existence. Some will certainly be asked to do so by their soul, but it must also be said that most souls are afraid to plan and carry out an incarnation cycle. We’ll tell you a lot more about it, but let me tell you, no matter how your life is going or how powerful or small you feel, nobody in the spiritual world doubts your courage, which you demonstrated before the birth because you wanted to start this life. The energies of the 9th level were strongly represented in you at this time and yet you were ready to start this adventure. Now you are on earth and you have mastered many virtues that have changed your frequency pattern and you have gained more power. When a person masters more and more virtues, the person is usually perceived by other people as calmer. If you think older gentlemen are calm and wise, it is not just about the experience, but the experience ensured that the virtues were mastered and this has created new frequency patterns in the entire frequency spectrum. As a result, the frequency spectrum is harmonized. The writer mastered many of the virtues and when the writer threatened the creator with rage and he wanted to kick his astral butt, the frequency spectrum got mixed up and all beings could perceive this turmoil in the frequency of the writer. Anger always has a negative effect on the frequency band, much is then difficult to interpret and the writer has influenced not only his frequency band, but also that of the accompanying and present beings. When people feel deep love, all beings can feel it, whether embodied or mentally does not play a decisive role. When a person feels anger, it is precisely the spiritual beings that can hardly protect themselves from it, because spiritual beings are extremely sensitive. The writer is also extremely sensitive and extremely stubborn. When he was so upset and threatened the Creator, it was like a shock wave for us and we had extremely difficult times to appease the writer. When the martyrdom entered the second phase, it was like a frequency earthquake for the writer. He was promoted from an extreme high to an extreme low because the beings literally wanted to break him. By this we mean that when a being’s frequency is so affected that the frequency band for embodied beings gets out of joint, a person experiences a nervous and physical breakdown. The beings wanted to bring this about to the writer. He would have kept his virtues and experiences, but everything that would have corresponded to his ideas would no longer have existed. He would be like a boy who could be reshaped. The beings would then have taught him humility and made him someone else. He owes his stubbornness to the fact that he is still what he was before and his frequency band could never be lifted in time. On the contrary, he realized what kind of person he wanted to be. Indirectly the beings strengthened him, some virtues were mastered by him during this time and instead of continuing to negatively influence his frequency band, the beings unintentionally caused the writer to influence positively his frequency band by mastering the virtues. In retrospect, the writer emerged stronger from this fight after almost 2 years. The beings had imagined it differently, but they could not prevent it. The example of the writer is not to be regarded as standard for you humans, but he has to answer for it with his stubbornness himself. All beings were in a turmoil during this time because nobody could guess what the writer would do next. He still has a lot to learn, as do you. Every person on earth will learn for life and very few of you will master all virtues. That would be desirable, but it is never a goal in the life plan, but the incarnation itself knows what virtue it would like to master. Humility is actually at the top of the list for the writer because his previous incarnation could never master humility and therefore always had problems with it. The incarnation literally gave this aspect to the cradle. Many incarnations give the person many aspects of the being along the way and we would say that the writer has come very close to the original incarnation. Much of what you humans will still experience will make you grow and you will master many virtues. Many energies on the 11th level also have other functions, but the energies of virtues are high on the list of energies on the 11th level.

The next level deals with the interaction with the creator. Almost all beings have a direct connection to the creator being and only embodied beings mostly do not have this direct connection. We will report a lot about the creator being and also about the mighty beings that are directly with the creator at this level.

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