A0186: What is the general astral plane? – Part 9

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The 10th level
At this level we have to briefly explain what kind of beings in the spiritual world are assigned to special tasks. You are familiar with many of the names, but what they really represent is not known to many. The list cannot be exhaustive at all and we think we will talk about many beings because most people are not aware of what and what these beings stand for and what powers they have.

  1. Beings that are powerful and that you generally call angels. These so-called angels do not exist. They are members of a main faction that would represent you as a political party. These beings have a lot of power, but they do not guide the fortunes of the people on earth.
  2. Devils are equated with you with satanic and malicious beings, that is not true and these so-called evil beings are to be equated with the angels from point 1. Nothing, almost nothing, distinguishes the angels from the devils. If these two beings changed to their forms of struggle, they would be alike except for the color. No one is better or worse.
  3. Demons are created beings that correspond to the third main faction. They are to be equated with the angels and devils, because like the angels and devils they provide the necessary security on the spiritual level. They differ from the devils and angels only in their form of struggle and in their general way of dealing. No one is better or worse.
  4. The patron saint of a person. We have never addressed this being before, but it is one of the accompanying beings of a person. We could also call this being “Guardian Angel”, but as we explained earlier, an angel is something completely different that you humans never really understood.
  5. The masters and teachers of one person. We are the masters and teachers of this writer. Every person has at least one master. This master is connected to the person from the beginning of life. Until the death of the body, a master will be with the person to support them in the form of help, tests and tips. Masters can do a lot to support the protégé. Most of the time they have ways to use the dream stage for their training and advice, but there are other ways that we will address. Many people always talk about a spirit guide or a spiritual teacher, so are we and even the writer hears it for the first time today.
  6. Beings who are in the worldly realms to monitor the process of life. This means beings that exist around you all the time and try to ensure balance in your world. They are beings who monitor and control the natural processes. They are beings that are there especially for you humans, for example to accept wishes. We will still address many beings and we will give them names that correspond more to their nature. Many beings have no names because names have no meaning in the spiritual world. This group of beings is very large, so we keep coming back to it.
  7. Beings who are responsible for the transfer of energy on the 10th level. As with the other levels, the energy has to be redirected to the sub-levels. Some beings are tasked with directly energizing some beings at this level to ensure that their tasks are performed. The so-called Akasha library, which we call the institute of incarnation, requires a huge amount of energy to be able to fulfill its task.
  8. The beings commonly referred to as the Masters of the Akashic Chronicle. These special beings are extremely patient and especially there for beings who try to get information about the spiritual world. Whenever a being tries to question the Akashic Chronicle, it is assigned a being for the first time, which then represents the interface to the information. Many of these beings do nothing other than answer the requests. Some of these beings still have special tasks that we will address another time. When you ask a question as a person, these beings will answer the question as objectively as possible and they will only answer questions that are for the good of the questioner. Something like the next lottery numbers or when a person will die are not for the good of the person. People have several ways to connect with these beings, but it is always the will of the person who makes the connection. If someone thinks that information is being leaked out of nowhere, it is never these beings.
  9. Beings that guarantee the cohesion of the spiritual levels. We have already talked about the main factions. The main factions are assigned beings who have the power to control the main factions if they believe that the main factions are not acting for the common good. These can be far-reaching decisions or very individual decisions that are even directed against individual group members. These beings are very powerful and there are only a few of them. If the beings discover something that displeases them, they call the top councils of the main factions and advise the solution. Many of the beings are only present at this level and they always check the action of the main factions very meticulously.
  10. Beings who care about the appearance of the layers. By that we mean the look in general. If you travel to the 9th level, you will find that there are different forms of representation of “nature” as such, but in many of these forms of representation there are patterns that keep recurring. These beings have set themselves the task of directing the levels accordingly.

All beings have in common, they monitor the processes at all levels. There are more beings on the 10th level doing different tasks, but everyone follows the events on the spiritual as well as the worldly level in order to be able to intervene before worse things can happen. Next we will address energies that make spiritual beings what they are, and there are no major differences in how you perceive these energies. Everything is formulated there, which is very important for beings. Let yourself be surprised.

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