A0180: What is the general astral plane? – Part 3

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The 4th level
This level deals with the worldly in the sense of: what happens on the planets and other levels, where among other things embodied beings. Nature is the main theme at this level, but since nature always exists with the beings that inhabit these planets, the embodied beings are always existent on these planets and planes. This level is the beginning of the so- called seven levels of existence. This level does not correspond to the first level of the so- called seven levels of existence, but the first level of the seven levels of existence actually starts at the border area to the next level. We do not want to encourage confusion by repeatedly referring to the seven levels of existence in parallel, so we will continue without mentioning the seven levels of existence. All models you know are based in part on truths, unfortunately many people who should make these facts known to the worldly world have always been strongly influenced by their society and their religions. This writer is like an empty jar that we can fill. To this day, he has felt no urge to bind himself religiously, and he did not even want to get any information over the years. In this case, his stubbornness is exceptionally very good and we think that the information can now pass from the spiritual world to the worldly world unfiltered. Much of what we are going to tell is known in one way or another, but it has never been seen in its entirety and most importantly, it has never been viewed objectively, we will now make up for it. Remember, everything we told and telling is considered a piece of the puzzle. The entirety is recognized as what it is when the puzzle is nearing completion. We will only address a lot and deepen it in the course of the next blog entries. The plane mainly deals with worldly things. If there is life on certain levels, we mean physical life on planets and elsewhere, these lives and their environment must be controlled by laws and rules. This level of energy provides everything to enable biological life. The Wingmaker divided many of the energy levels into sub-levels to determine the purpose. Everything is based on the fact that the new has its own area and when biological life was conceived, a sub-area was excluded for this at a higher energy level, which from then on only deals with this type of task. When we speak of an energy level, we always mean the energies that also have consciousness and thus about beings that exist on this spiritual level. Many of these beings have received certain names from you. We are not going to use the terms so as not to promote the earthly narrative and because this writer in this area is also like an unwritten piece of paper. We, as his masters and teachers, can only work with the words that this writer knows. Fortunately, since there is a huge gap in his vocabulary, we do not try to describe these beings. It would seem fun for you to read this, but we also have to be careful that we can carry enough information. Even if it would be fun to see how the writer reaches its limits in this charade. The plane has many beings who are responsible for the existence of biological life and that life is also cultivated. By this we mean your planet is full of life and you will still discover many forms of life, but if you could perceive what 4th level beings exist on your planet who are tirelessly concerned with promoting and promoting biological life maintain, your eyes would literally drop out. Every garden is home to innumerable creatures on this 4th level and many creatures are not even known to you. The writer doesn’t know much about it, but for the “knowledgeable” it should be said that not all stories have a true core and much of what you supposedly know is absolutely wrong. Most beings actually care about nature, but very few are interested in who or what you are. Most beings on Earth see you as a disturbance, but not in the sense that this disturbance must be remedied. Such thoughts are alien to most 4th level beings, but like everywhere, there are exceptions and some beings actually try to displace people. In the past, it was actually possible for them, which is why many of these stories come from, but in our time, when you have no feeling for such things at all, these beings are on lost posts and they prefer to go back to their actual tasks. Their task has always been to maintain the life created by the Wingmaker and to do everything to preserve it, but always within the framework of the rules imposed. The Wingmaker rethink every action and every creation, only if the purpose is given will a blueprint be drawn up. That is why Wingmaker are only contacted very rarely when supposedly a creation would have to be changed. The Wingmaker listens to this change request, but as with this writer, its lack of clarity is very pronounced, so that it is really extremely rare that anything is changed in the respective creation.

We keep coming back to the individual levels to further deepen the extensive knowledge, so that you can assume that the topic will be featured in the blog messages again and again in the next weeks and months. The next level considers the existence of rules and and laws that apply to the upcoming higher levels. This level will also only be addressed next and gradually deepened.

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