A0179: What is the general astral plane? – Part 2

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The 3rd level
This level deals with the matter as you know it. This level is constantly used by the Wingmaker to create new planets and stars. The levels always consist of different forms of energy and frequency patterns. The level of matter is above average compact, so we think that there is not much life here, although life also exists on this level. We tell you, this level has nothing in common with earthly life and the consciousness in the life forms is very slow, but it lives. This level is also used by the spiritual world when conceiving static forms. We said before that when a spiritual being thinks something, the thought becomes existent. By this we mean that when the idea creates a building block, the energy from the level of matter is used, among other things, to ultimately create the shape of a building block in a certain compactness. Spiritual beings can do this on almost any of the astral planes. There are certain exceptions that we will address another time. When the building block is conceived, the form of energy is transferred from the level of matter to the desired astral level. The idea determines the sustainability of the form. If the thought is not thought precisely, the form is fleeting. If the thought is precise, the shape will last forever. This explains the work of the wing makers. When creating suns and planets, these thoughts must be extremely precise and, above all, well thought out, otherwise matter would not exist. When a wing maker creates something, it is almost the same as creation itself. When the Creator existed, he started out small before he invented the universe. This act of first creation had no life as you know it, but everything was consciousness. This extremely powerful consciousness devised much that had to do with energies and the division of the Creator into individual souls. By this we do not mean that the Creator has shared, but he devised individual energy packages that were blessed with a great deal of awareness. These first souls then began to transform the universe at that time, so that the Creator thought up even more. Some of the following souls were, among others, the Wingmaker, who were created so that they had the power to recombine all available energies to create other things that did not exist until now. Again and again they experimented with the existing energies. First, different dimensions were conceived, which followed different laws. Then the Wingmaker set about imagining the stars and planets. Much was conceived in such a way that celestial mechanics started the formation of the stars and planets as a natural process. These were actually the first forms of life that were compact in the sense of solid matter. This continued to spur Wingmaker on because they had discovered a key that started all of these processes. The stars and planets are alive and conscious, but the evolution in this area is very sluggish and the Wingmaker wanted to be more creative, so that they continued to carry out energy experiments in which the first biological organisms emerged, similar to what you know them. The evolution in this area was fast and crowned with many successes. They invented the most diverse forms of life and again and again they had to use the energy of the level of matter for this. We would like to give a brief explanation of the Wingmaker:

The Wingmaker were and still are very successful in creating life forms. At some point in their history, there were Wingmaker who overshot the longed-for goal and they came up with the most bizarre worlds and ways of life that were extremely interesting but had no long-term survival value. By this we mean that they were only temporary forms of life that had no chance of survival. When they noticed their mistake, their concern for these beings was great and they watched their creation go down miserably. The suffering among the Wingmaker was great and so they decided not only to experiment, but also to create living creatures that can live in harmony with their environment. Therefore, the blueprint of humans was conceived as the crowning glory of embodied living beings. The process until this blueprint came about was very long and eventful, but this blueprint is used almost everywhere in the universe. We have already said that all human-like beings are more closely related to each other than to the respective living creatures on a planet, where the blueprint was used to produce the human species on a planet. We also want to emphasize that there is a blueprint for everything and everyone, but the human blueprint is the crowning glory of creation and the masterpiece of Wingmaker for embodied beings. This does not only mean humanity on planet Earth, no, there are so many planets on which human-like beings live, which are actually very advanced and which exist in harmony with their environment. You on earth have to develop there first, but you are human beings and of course also spiritual beings. We now proceed to explain the final information for the level of matter. The plane can be used by any spiritual being, including you humans. By this we do not mean the processing of raw materials on your planet, but the manipulation of the energy of matter. A stone is energy, we also say, a very compact energy or a compact energy package. If people could better control their thoughts and also have knowledge of this level of matter, they could transform the stone through thoughts. In theory it is very simple, practically almost impossible. We say almost impossible if a person would have to earn power to shape the environment according to his thoughts. Then a person from Earth would also be able to do this. Other human species on foreign planets are able to do this and we must also admit that humans from Earth are inferior to other human species in almost all abilities. But the earth has also been redesigned to produce other things for living things. Great growth should be experienced here, such skills would not be helpful for such an aggressive type of people. Therefore, you actually can’t. We actually say that on a small scale some people are able to use the energies of the level of matter.

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