A0148: How does the Incarnate Institute work? – Part 3

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  • Beings who take care of the coexistence between the incarnated beings. Before incarnation, many incarnations are very surprised at how the interaction between the individual people takes place. These beings have the big plan, so to speak, and can use the vast amount of information to determine how the individual résumés are best integrated in this interaction so that each life plan can also be followed. Many of these beings are always looking for a mistake that could happen to act against it beforehand. We mean that all life plans for longer than a lifespan are precisely defined beforehand, so that everyone on the planet benefits from it because nothing unexpected should actually happen. We actually say because every person has free will on the one hand and, on the other hand, situations can arise that are difficult or impossible to predict. Then a lot happens in this department because, on the one hand, the effects on the people involved and the environment will have to be determined, and on the other hand, the next steps are being considered, which should ensure that the people can still pursue their life plans. You see, this department is busy right now. They work tirelessly and we also say they do a perfect job.
  • Now we come to a department that is a headache for most beings in the universe. Here in this department all beings are determined. By this we mean that many different forms of beings populate the spiritual levels and here, of course, a distinction is made between who belongs to which category of beings. We had previously addressed the demons, devils and angels, but there are so many more so we keep talking about them. However, many beings do not want to be categorized and are still listed as one or the other kind of beings on a list. Some are very unhappy with it and object to being reclassified. Most beings fail with this, but there have actually been cases where a being was right and reclassified. Many of the beings are not interested in it at all, but some attach great importance to it and that is why such objections are always received. We also say: nothing is less important than a title or category that one belongs to, beings are always measured by how they behave towards other beings.
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