A0147: How does the Incarnate Institute work? – Part 2

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Many beings make sure that you can become the incarnation that you wanted to become. Don’t worry, we all take care of it and many of these beings who have been exiled have not done good things on earth. These beings were marked, this was done against their will, but only in this way could the situation be brought under control. They are unhappy about it, but that is the price of their actions, and we think we have to say that these beings are excluded from many actions in the spiritual world, so that they have received a new punishment that is even worse than that Banishment from earth.

Many beings in the institute deal with different things. We would like to give a list:

  • Beings who deal with the coordination of the branch offices. This always includes visits to the branch offices to check whether everything is still going as planned. Something is discovered again and again, which must then be corrected immediately. Many of these beings are very impressive, they really all have a lot of respect for them.
  • Beings who are responsible for transporting the incarnation into the desired body. This process has its own department and we would say that they deal a lot with human bodies. We mean human because human-like beings exist in the whole universe. These beings oversee the transfer of incarnations and are responsible for the incarnation. These beings monitor the incarnation cube and the incarnation throughout the incarnation period. The “machine” that is responsible for it is extremely complex and we would say that only the specialists in the spiritual world really work on it. The incarnation does not notice anything of this and that is how it should be. No incarnation has ever been harmed, there have been problems, but they have never harmed the incarnation.
  • Beings who are responsible for controlling how the person’s development proceeds. To do this, they look at all of the person’s parameters at regular intervals. By this we mean the physical body, the energy body and the psyche of an incarnated person. If deviations from the norm are found, these beings know what to do to counteract them. By this we mean that they contact the person responsible and let them regulate, in order to ultimately restore the necessary mental and physical state. Usually, a person’s responsible beings anticipate a potential problem, but it is always necessary that the course of human existence be controlled, even by beings who do not have such a close relationship with the person as, for example, the spirit guide or the Master and Teacher. That is why something like this is monitored again and again. These beings can also cause special events in a person’s life because of many factors. By this we mean situations in a person’s life that would be beneficial to the common good. If an incarnated person makes more of their life than was planned, that person could also have a positive impact on the environment, so that other people who may not get any further are supported by this person. It always works very well and we would say that many lives have been managed more successfully than we thought without help. You see, not everything is written down and many beings are considering how living in a world can be structured without obviously intervening. Many people’s experiences can also be traced back to this and many may well consider why they acted in a certain situation as they did. A lot is connected and only a few can figure it out.
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