A0146: How does the Incarnate Institute work? – Part 1

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This institute has many branch offices and is present in the entire universe. Nothing remains hidden from the institute and many beings work there. If a being wants to incarnate, it always turns to a branch of the institute to discuss the incarnation in detail. We also say these outposts are everywhere in the universe and some are specifically Earth-only. Earth plays a separate role and we would say it is the top tier when it comes to which place to choose to incarnate. It is possible that an incarnation would want to incarnate in a special place on its own without the soul asking for it, but this happens extremely rarely. Mostly the outposts are visited by embodied souls who want to plan the cycle of incarnation. They are embodied to make better contact with the beings there. Most places are used by embodied souls or incarnations, which has happened over time because many things also seem physical so to say. That is why the beings found it practical to exist physically. Their matter is nowhere near as compact as yours on Earth, but already physically in the sense of they have a shape. The institute regulates not only the incarnation cycles of the souls for the earth, but also for other planets, stars and planes where the incarnations can incarnate. This is truly a daunting task and we say with respect that they are very good at it and have done so for a long time. Many beings disagree with the strict rules of incarnation on some worlds, so they try to mix with the beings on their own to experience something there. Most of the time, these nerds are quickly unmasked and expelled from the world. However, some have made it their life’s work to infiltrate worlds undetected in order to advance their own agenda there. This is always a problem, but your world is now freed from it. Those who wanted to enforce their own agenda are finally banished and we would say the great security mechanism around your earth has been increased again.

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