A0145: Where’s the amber room?

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The amber room no longer exists and was destroyed during transport. There are many legends about this extraordinary work of art and we also think it is really a shame that this original work of art no longer exists, but the transport has been attacked and everything is largely burned. There are still many small finds, but no large parts that are still intact. Those who believe that the amber room is kept somewhere have a misconception. It is gone and there is no point in looking for it. We also believe that the copy in Saint Petersburg is based almost exactly on the original, so that the splendor of the amber room can still be admired today. Check it out, the trip is worth it for each of you. It is and remains a splendor and we also have to say that many very talented hands have made today’s amber room what it is. We also say that the dexterity to replicate something like this is worthy of a master and nobody can simply replicate it. Be sure to check it out, you will be as enthusiastic as many millions of people in front of you. Have a nice trip and experience something there. You will not only tell every person about it in your life, but after death, you will travel the moments in your inner universes and the inner universes of the other people who were also present, and you will do this your whole existence again and again. Nothing is nicer than experiencing these moments over and over again. This will generate many outstanding inner universes, we are very sure of that. This new amber room is a very good copy, but not all of it has been taken from the original, so it is a little different. The magic is unbroken and no living person would notice it. It is a great work of art to experience.

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