A0139: What is the reason for our existence on earth?

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We say the following: If people think they are out of place and just bored, then they have done everything wrong at that moment. You as people wanted to experience something as an incarnation here on the planet, by that we mean a huge list of moments to be experienced. This list flows into your life plan and we think it is very extensive and very different for each of you. Nowhere on this list is there that the incarnation as a person on earth should feel the sense of uselessness or should be bored constantly. Nobody would be on the list and we also say that most incarnations fear such moments because it is wasted time. You will only incarnate on earth once, never again will you be able to relive such a life on earth. That is why the incarnation wants to experience many beautiful moments. The incarnation wants to use the time to do something useful. You are this incarnation, you have not yet reached full incarnation consciousness, but the older you get, the more the incarnation you become before it is incarnated as the person you are.

If you step out of the incarnation cube because you died shortly before, then the incarnation that you are then as a person from earth with the memories of the incarnation do not want to say “How boring my life was, everything for the cat. If only I could overcome my boredom and do something meaningful ”. You were all very afraid of that. If a life goes that way, it is truly unsuccessful. So think carefully about what your life looks like. If you have yawning boredom, do something about it. Comes up off the couch and does something. You can also go inside and search for what you actually wanted to do on Earth. Very few wanted to look after the couch or save the world, but wanted to live, love and enjoy. Many just want to experience the earth and as many facets as possible, to remember all these experiences after death and just to be happy that they had such a beautiful and eventful time. That is the meaning of your existence, when you are your incarnation again, you will be happy about the moments that you did not sit on the couch, but experienced something new somewhere on the planet. Nothing is worse than doing nothing. Take a look around, everything is in motion, everything and everyone experiences something, do it that way. You will be happy when you meet new people or find new places. Everything is recorded as a moment in your inner universes and you can experience everything again and again later as an incarnation. We must emphasize that you can also experience the moments from the perspective of all the people who were present at that moment. You will travel through other people’s inner universes and not only see the moment from their perspective, but also feel it. It is worth striving for everyone and we also think that you will experience your whole life over and over again. Now imagine a bored person who only lived in pity on the couch. Which inner universes will this person travel to later, the couch will certainly not be. You see, everything has its meaning and purpose, a couch should certainly not fulfill this purpose. That’s why it comes up from the couch and ensures that you can experience many nice moments again and again later.

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