A0138: How big is the incarnation hall for the earth?

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The hall is not big and we would say you are amazed how small it is. Because the hall is not a hall, but in many areas on other levels, centers have been created for it, the soul goes there and then later the incarnations to talk about and decide everything for the incarnation. Many beings there were also incarnated on Earth and can advise the beings well. The hall is rather small because the beings take care of every incarnation during the incarnation. The incarnation lies there in an incarnation cube and we would also say that this cube is a machine that must also be looked after. That is why there are no large halls, but rather many small halls that are responsible for the earth. The soul does not decide which of these places to visit alone, but is informed at one of these places where it should send which incarnation. Everything has to be planned in advance, you cannot imagine what it is like to coordinate everything and also to take care of the incarnated people. It is not the case that an incarnated person is left alone, but should, if possible, experience his life plan on the planet, that is the purpose of incarnating. If only one person thinks he lives his life against the life plan, it has a huge impact on all other life plans. This is something that we will look at again separately because many people simply do not understand their existence on the planet. Once this has been understood, every person can understand why strange things keep happening to them that they cannot currently attribute. Everything has its reasons and you should understand why you are here. The writer must now have some idea what he might ask us next. We hope that those present will gain more and more knowledge and pass it on.

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