A0137: Can a soul incarnate instead of an incarnation?

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This is a good question that we will now answer. No, a soul cannot incarnate, especially not on earth. We mean that the soul also has opportunities to experience itself in other ways, but only incarnations can incarnate on earth. This is so wanted because a soul would bring too much energy that a human body could hardly bear. We also mean to say that a soul has an observer role in the cycle of incarnation and should not observe itself, this contradicts the general procedure in this matter. So, a soul cannot incarnate, but there are incarnations that already bring a lot of energy with them, these are mostly higher-ranking beings who do not incarnate for no reason and usually have a special task to do. They, these people, will then find out in the course of their life and usually also do their job, this mostly has something to do with the common good of the people and never anything that should lead to the end of the world or the like, that is superstition and should simply be left be left lying. Nothing would be worse than if the human being would disappear on your planet, where should the incarnations learn something. The earth was created for you to experience a lot of growth as an incarnated being, which is nowhere possible in the universe. We also mean to say that all incarnations will continue to develop, but the earth is special, nowhere is the growth as enormous as with you on the planet. Everything can be experienced elsewhere, but never in the time of an earthly incarnation. Many do not dare because the earth is already quite violent and we would also say that this is feared in the whole universe, but there are always courageous beings who dare. You are these beings and therefore extremely brave. Each of you would incarnate on Earth again, but it is basically only possible once. We basically say because there are always exceptions. We would also like to address the fact that incarnations do not always agree with how their life went, then they have the right to live their life again in a different way, but this rarely occurs because the relief, Having ended life exceeds everything. By this we mean that the incarnations are almost always convinced that life has been successful no matter how it went. The growth of the soul is guaranteed and the incarnation has profited greatly from it. Everything has its purpose, the earth has the purpose of generating great growth for souls. It is something special and unique in the whole universe.

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