A0136: Do you incarnate indefinitely or are you finished at some point?

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Everyone incarnates on earth at one time and we also say why. Every incarnation in a soul should be able to incarnate on earth if it so wishes. That is why an incarnation on earth incarnates once, exceptions confirm the rule, but always only once. The incarnation also incarnates on other planets. No other planet is like Earth and incarnating here is special. But basically you incarnate as an incarnation in many places more often. The soul has put together an incarnation plan in which all incarnations incarnate at least once in their existence on a planet or on other levels. Then when all incarnations have fulfilled their task, the soul is released from the incarnation cycle and then has higher tasks which it then wants to fulfill. The incarnations will also continue to grow and, from a certain point in time, they will be their own souls that produce their own incarnations. This is another topic that we will also address. The writer is also curious what we have to tell. The incarnation will always experience something that makes it grow. Many tasks that need to be done in the universe are performed by incarnations who volunteer to do so. You reader, who is incarnated as a person here on Earth, will wake up in your incarnation cube after death. Then your memories merge with those of the incarnation. You will then say that you are still the person of the earth because you are incarnated with the incarnation consciousness that defines you. During your earthly life you approach the incarnation consciousness more and more as a person, so that after death you only have more memories in you but the person of the earth is still present. We hope this little explanation takes away most people’s fear of dying because if you are dead you are still alive. You do not die as a person, the body dies, but the person remains. If a person thinks they will no longer be present after death, ask yourself what purpose life on the planet would have if you disappeared. Nothing would have won the incarnation. The writer used to think that way too and had long considered what it would be like if he was dead, but that has long been cleared up with him, so that knowing this has not only relieved his fear of death but also his curiosity brought what happens next. You will never disappear while the Creator is there, as long as you will exist. Your consciousness has not been reduced to the bare minimum for no reason, so we mean that very few can remember something that happened before they were born, if they could they would not experience anything new, but in time you will become the incarnation here in the incarnation cube and when you get out [from the incarnation cube] you are still the same person as on earth.

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