A0140: Does the sigil magic really work better?

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This so-called magic is humbug. If someone wishes something, the person can go to bed to express their wishes. In the evening, the person is level-headed and can perfectly express their wish. We have already pointed out that the intensity with which the wish is expressed increases the likelihood that the wish will be fulfilled in one form or another, if at all possible. The beings around you humans listen carefully when a wish for the heart is expressed in spirit. They then have the opportunity to fulfill this wish. However, it must be noted that the opportunity for fulfillment must also exist. If you want a Ferrari even though you don’t even have a driver’s license, you won’t get it. The creatures could make the connection that someone would like to sell such a Ferrari, but the sender of the request must also be able to pay for it. The situation is different with realistic desires, which are usually fulfilled if the beings are authorized to do so. If someone has an illness that is included in their life plan, this illness cannot be wished for. But otherwise wishes are always accepted and fulfilled in one way or another. But it has to be a heart’s desire, otherwise it won’t work. Think about something and wish it from the heart. Good luck, you will be heard.

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