A0130: Is the heart the center of the soul?

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No, the heart is an organ and like every organ it has a specific purpose. The heart is only close to a special chakra node. We will not use the terms like chakras because the misunderstandings are too great. The energy node on the heart is the energetic “main artery” in a body, hence the reference to the heart. The soul energy is distributed throughout the body and also passed through the energy nodes, so that the soul energy has entry and exit points. As long as the flesh of the body is souled, these energy points are not used as an outlet, but energy flows are distributed through these nodes in the body. The energy reserves that most people have left in their incarnation cube can be tapped through these nodes. We mean that every person is able to redistribute energy potential in the body. Energy can also be absorbed through these nodes. This writer always imagines how energy is sucked in through these knots when inhaled. This is not wrong, but if he were to think about how to tap the energy from the incarnation cube, it would be even more effective. He’ll give it a try. We also say that these energy reserves are larger for some people and no longer available for some, because these people have suffered a lot in their lives and have therefore automatically resorted to these energy reserves. Not all people need this reserve and those who have no reserve do not suffer from it, but a lot of energy reserves testify to a powerful spirit being who has tirelessly gone his way to grow so much. The soul is in the whole body and we would not say it has a center in the body, but the energy nodes exist and so someone else would suspect the center near the heart. 

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