A0129: What must be fulfilled for a person to experience astral travel?

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We would first counter this question with a counter-question: “Why would a person want to experience conscious astral travel?”. If we answer this question first, the answer to the previously asked question will be more than understandable to everyone present.

Question: Why does a person want to experience conscious astral travel?
Many persons are fascinated by the possibility of experiencing themselves out of body. By this we mean that the person only knows life on earth from the point of view of their body and someone who has meditated before is quickly aware that there are other forms of conscious experience. These people already have a sense that there must be more. Not all in this group of people try to have an out-of-body experience, but some do. Why don’t they just leave it at the knowledge of it, we ask? Anything that could be experienced gives every being a certain attraction to try it. This is also the case with humans. If the human is willing to have an out-of-body experience, there is nothing to be said against it at first. Many beings will pay attention to what a person does in the astral world. These beings can also ensure that this human has experienced his or her last astral journey if they are convinced that this person’s actions do not correspond to the guidelines of the astral world. That is why some people do not have many astral journeys and some may not have any. It always depends on whether a person can also process the impressions correctly. Imagine that you are travelling in the astral world and suddenly a being stands in front of you that you would call a being of devilish origin. What would you do? You would probably immediately change to a defensive position or even go on the attack. Imagine that you have never seen a person with dark skin. Yes, you do not even know that there are persons with dark skin. Now you go on a trip to another country and you happen to meet a person with dark skin. Would you immediately attack this person? What would all the other people who witness this incident think? They would expel you from the country and would not let you in again. This also happens on the astral plane, although here the beings know beforehand how the person might react. That is why some people have never experienced astral travel, although they try tirelessly. Other reasons lie in a person’s faction identification. The few demons on your planet are not allowed to experience astral travel easily because the power they would have there is unpredictable. Demons are real stubborn people who would be difficult to tame. That is why the few demons on earth, compared to the souls on earth, are usually not allowed to experience astral travel. The angels and devils among the inhabitants of the earth have a similar situation, although there is not such a strict regulation here. They are occasionally also very stubborn, but not so difficult to tame, as these persons are easier to regulate. The demons are very impulsive in their approach and therefore difficult to assess. Not every human who appears stubborn and impulsive is therefore a demon. It is rather the case that demons do not stand out as humans at all and these persons are usually quiet, thoughtful contemporaries. You see, to derive a direct connection of demonic origin here is a futile effort. Back to the subject: The astral plane is protected by many beings so that no great mischief is done there. If you are people who do not take the outward appearance of beings as a reason to attack them, you have already taken the first hurdle. So what should you bring with you to consciously experience astral travel? Let’s start with how you should behave once you have come this far.

  • When you meet beings on the astral plane, you greet each other, just as you would on earth.
  • Every being has a reason for being where it is. Suppose someone asks you what you are doing at work or at the cinema, there is always a reason. That’s why most of the time the second question is “Why are you here?”. If you don’t have an answer to that, you shouldn’t be there. What we mean is that a person should be aware beforehand of exactly what he or she wants to do or experience on the astral plane. Nothing would be worse than the person standing before a being who is responsible for making the astral plane safe and shrugging his shoulders at the question. This person would be under the closest scrutiny and would probably also be quickly banished from the astral plane. People who want to go on an astral journey can prepare for it beforehand by choosing a place to visit. This is the perfect reason for an astral journey.
  • The person should always react prudently, no matter what happens there. Very few people will experience something traumatic, but many situations can disturb a person. It also happens that lower beings feel called upon to test that person. Many things are perceived as some kind of attack or occupation, but fundamentally this is not the case and we would say many things only happen in the minds of the persons, which can then manifest even though they never happened. Many of the alleged occupations are not real and are either self-manifested or beings who think it would be instructive for the person initiate such a thing.
  • Persons who are settled and do not wish to do strange or questionable acts in the astral world have, so to speak, cleared the next hurdle. If this person is now willing to visit, for example, a place in the universe on the astral plane, the person only has to initiate the astral journey. We cannot leave the statement “only initiate” as it is and begin to explain the exit symptoms. When the symptoms are understood, it is easier to initiate the transition or exit.

Exit symptoms

  • Rattling and shaking of the body, even though the corporeal body is not moving, is a sure sign of impending exit.
  • Loud noises are also a good indicator. Here, the person’s anatomy is always responsible for what these sounds actually sound like. Some hear loud honking or engine noises and others perceive wave or surf sounds. Some hear banging or loud creaking. Many of these sounds are very loud, making the person think they are on a motorway or on a coast with squalls. Many sounds come so quickly that the person is catapulted out of this state of shock and thus has to start again. Once one has perceived such a sound, one quickly notices the further exit symptoms.
  • The person no longer perceives their body in the way they are used to. Many people who meditate are familiar with these feelings of numbness when the arm or legs are perceived in a completely different way. This feeling of numbness sets in quite quickly when someone is meditating or preparing for an astral journey.
  • The person experiences the detachment from the bodily body, by this we mean the temporary separation of the astral body from the bodily body. The temporary separation is not complete and only a certain portion of the energy body actually separates. Each energy body has its own function and the astral body enables the person to travel with a part of the consciousness. By this we mean a journey in an inner universe of a person. All persons have these inner universes and most inner universes are intertwined. Travelling in an inner universe always includes travelling in the general astral world. Much of this is not yet understood by you because this scribbler has not asked us further about it, but wait, soon he surely will. The journey begins there in the inner universes and will then culminate in the general astral plane. By this we mean it is a smooth transition from the inner universes to the astral plane. We also deliberately say “general” astral plane because it becomes more and more complex the deeper you look at something. That’s why we will have to say a lot more about it without going deeper into it now.

What happens on the journey? The traveller starts in his or her inner universe or in the inner universe of another person, because many inner universes are intertwined and the person possibly experiences situations that are not alien to him or her. What is experienced there is a snapshot of a person. So we say it is a memory of that person or another person. That is why the appearance of the room in which the person is lying is usually similar, but not identical. As the journey continues, the person can travel quite quickly through the inner universes and arrive in the general astral plane. This plane is constructed from the thoughts of the beings and we also say: you can also date other people there and experience the same situations. Nothing is impossible and that is why you are always observed on an astral journey. We know many people want to experience this, but frankly, life as a person is much more exciting and fulfilling than astral travel. We will come back to the astral plane again and again, but be aware, the general astral plane is far from the only plane. The astral planes will be addressed by us again and again, because this is where the greatest gaps in knowledge are among you humans. Be curious about what else will be written about this.

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