A0128: Is it correct that a soul can get its first faction identifier before it is actually born?

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Indeed it is. If a soul wants to experience itself and leaves the Creator for it, it can join a faction beforehand. Therefore, souls are released from the Creator who e.g. belong to the angelic faction. On the other hand, there are also souls who do not carry a faction identifier when they are released into the universe. This neutrality manifests itself in an observer status, which the soul assumes. Later, she can choose a “main fraction”. It does not matter whether a soul receives its faction identifier in the creator or only later when the soul has actually been born. Many beings come into the universe as angels, devils or even demons to work according to the will of their faction. If the soul decides to accept its faction identifier in the Creator, it is given many possibilities that we want to address another time. The demons have their own role here, which distinguishes them from the angelic fraction and the devil fraction. When a demon is “created,” the process is done differently. There is a reason for this change. You humans are not aware of much of this at all, but we will gradually close this knowledge gap. We also want to emphasize again: Which faction a being belongs to does not mean that this spirit being acts exactly as you are always taught. Much is perceived differently in the spiritual world than with you on earth. Angel doesn’t always mean “good” and “devil” or “demon” doesn’t always mean “bad”. The relativity between these worlds [spiritual world and worldly world] is great and we would like to provide clarity, even if this could be disturbing for many of you, but if the basic knowledge is there and understood, a lot will be cleared up by itself. The demon really isn’t as terrible as you might think. Nothing distinguishes angel, devil or demon in the impact of his faction actions. But the demon is “created” differently and this is extremely interesting. At times we hope that the writer will ask us about it, then we could deepen the topic, even if the information will lead to a stir in your beliefs. However, we hope that everyone present will understand that everything is not as it is always indoctrinated. We are excited to see what your reactions will be.

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