A0131: Are there demons that threaten people?

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No, this is superstition just like the devil is always evil and the angel is always good. Much is due to misinterpretation and much to the fact that most people do not have the knowledge about it. We will close this knowledge gap and each person will decide for themselves what they see as the truth or their reality. We will add one more thing: whenever there is talk of devils or demons, fear is very great, but many terrible acts were mostly done by angels. Where is the fairness here that people usually call their own. We ourselves are neutral, we have to be, otherwise we could not be the masters and teachers of this writer, but we do not see the situation through a factions glasses and therefore we can also say that nothing is as it seems. Everything has its infinite delusions in the superstition of people and we want to provide clarity. So no, demons are just like beings like angels and devils. If these beings mean to test someone, they do it, but it is not the demon’s job alone to be a threat to humans.

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