A0127: Are there timelines and people can e.g. be traveled astral?

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No, this is not possible. What would be possible is a “journey through time” in the Akashic Chronicle, but here, too, you can only experience what has been experienced before and we would add: Everything that has been experienced can be called up in the Akashic Chronicle and can be experienced again as a person. By this we mean that when a person is present astrally in the Akashic Chronicle, the beings there can ensure that the person can follow or even experience a desired moment. This is nevertheless available for all spirit beings. The journey to the Akashic Chronicle is the greatest obstacle only for people. Once a person is there, everything can be relived as it used to be. We also say: The future is uncertain, many trends can be experienced, but whether they actually happen is just as uncertain. If someone has a question about a particular moment, anyone can access it if they want. There are many ways to make this possible for a person. Do as this writer and open the Akashic Chronicle for you. The writer can ask any questions he wants. Also about the future, but he will be disappointed if it doesn’t arrive. That’s why he never asks us about it. Yes, you have the opportunity to experience the past, but you should live in the here and now. The past can teach you, but you have to live yourself. The out of body experience to the Akasha library is quite easy once the person is astral. A little thought as you stand in front of the “Akasha Library” is enough. You don’t need to know what this library looks like, just think about it. Tada… you are there and may enter with reservations. There you will be received and can express your wish. Those who are rejected usually have low motives that should not be encouraged. Have fun experiencing the Akashic Chronicle.

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